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Jasper's Perspective

I didn't question it at the time, taking Alice's hand and following her out of that diner. The reason why is simple, if you really think about it. It was because I DIDN'T think, COULDN'T think. I felt Alice's joy, her hope, enveloping me and I let it in. Followed my heart instead of my head I guess you might say. On some level I must have realized how out of character that was for me, but I didn't let it stop me. It wasn't until we were settling in with the Cullens and Emmet asked me how I had ended up with someone like Alice that I realized just how strange, how unbelievable it all sounded to someone who wasn't there. Hell, if any of the humans in that diner had known the whole story, had known what was really going on, they would have thought it was pretty unbelievable to.

There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not grateful that Alice waited for me. It couldn't have been easy for her. Like she said when we first met, I kept her waiting a long time. Someone else might have easily given up on me, deciding that I wasn't worth the wait. But Alice believed in me, in us. And she continued to believe even on those dark days when I didn't believe in myself, days when I felt that I would never conquer my thirst, days when Alice's hopes for us and her visions of our future seemed, to me at least, like a wonderful but impossible dream.

Another thing I'm grateful for is that Alice let me find her on my own. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we had met sooner, and then I shudder thinking what could have happened to Alice if she had come looking for me. I know that Maria and an army of newborn vampires wouldn't have been the only dangers, that I myself might have posed a threat. I know what I was then, and I can't say for sure that I would have been willing to listen if Alice had come to me.

I've been rescued twice in my immortal life. Peter and Charlotte saved me from the endless war in the south, but it was Alice who saved me from the depression and the loneliness that threatened to consume me. Her love chased away the shadows of the past and became my guiding light to the future, as trite as that sounds. She made my life worthwhile, just by being a part of it. As long as I have Alice by my side I can look forward to eternity.

I know it's cliché, but before I met Alice I truly was…incomplete. Joining my life to hers has made me whole in a way that nothing else ever has and I literally can't imagine my life without her. She is everything to me, and I love everything about her: her grace, her unconventional beauty, her naturally cheerful personality. Yes, even her shopping fixation. But I think what touches my unbeating heart the most is her acceptance. Alice knows my flaws, my shortcomings. She knows that I am far from perfect, and she accepts my imperfections. Her love is truly unconditional.

I'm standing on the front porch, thinking these things, when I hear Alice coming up behind me. "Penny for your thoughts," she says as she wraps her arms around me. I turn in her embrace so that I'm facing her. "I was just thinking, how I've loved you since the day we met," I say, my fingers toying with her short hair. She smiles at me, then says in a teasing tone, "I loved you before I met you." She's right of course. Thanks to her ability to see the future she fell in love with me long before we met in that diner. But the playfulness in her voice and in her feelings makes it clear that she meant it as a joke and I smile too. "Point taken," I say. As I stare into her golden eyes I marvel at the fact that she's mine forever. And I let her know that without question, I am hers.