It has been a year after the Team defeated the Light. Now, it was time for some dreadful secrets to be revealed to the Justice League and the Team. That is why, in the year 2013, Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, first and former protégé of Batman, has gathered the entire Team and the Justice League, to reveal these secrets. His heart ached with the coming revelation. He did not want to see the expressions on his teammates -scratch that, the Justice League as well- faces when he told them the truth about Artemis and Aqualad. The shock, and betrayal, he did not want to be the bearer of such news, but, if he did not convey it, who will?

So, there he was, the Team and the Justice League in front of him, all with curious expressions plastered on their faces. Of course, Nightwing had one other secret, which he shared with Wally, Roy-aka Red Arrow-, and their ancient female best friend for as long as he could remember. The only ones who knew this was Artemis Crock, aka Artemis, and Barry Allen, aka The Flash( He was after all, the same as them), Wally West's –aka Kid Flash, although he has hung up the costume- girlfriend and uncle respectively. Jade Nguyen-aka Cheshire-, Oliver Queen-aka Green Arrow- and Bruce Wayne- aka Batman- and his butler, Alfred Pennyworth, too know this secret. They were wise to remain silent about it. Dick was dying to reveal his secret to the team, but right now, there is a much more important secret to reveal.

"Ok," Nightwing started. "The reason I called you all here, is because, although we have managed to defeat the Light, and The Reach, preventing a possible apocalypse, we did not achieve it without inside help."

Some heroes still look confused, while others looked shocked as realization dawned on them.

"Inside help? As in? Inside the Light?" Beast Boy, aka Garfield Logan, inquired. "Who?"

Without another word, Nightwing turned to face the Zeta beams, as the others mimic his actions, and just in time too.

The Zeta Beams whirrs to life and the female computerized voice sounded, "Recognized; Aqualad; B02."

Everyone-except Nightwing- tensed. The same thought going on in their minds. 'What is he doing here? How did he get access to the hall of Justice?'

The computerized female voice sounded again. "Recognized; Artemis; B07."

At this point, everyone's eyes widened-except M'gann and Nightwing, for M'gann knew about the little ruse- 'Artemis? Wasn't she supposed to be dead?'

The minute Artemis, in her full-superhero-getup stepped into the room, everyone confirmed that what they were seeing, was very real. Nightwing inhaled deeply, mentally preparing for the onslaught of emotions and expressions that he know he will be receiving.

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