Hell's Court Now Three Kingdoms Universe:

I have officially renamed the Hell's Court Series to the Three Kingdoms Universe. This series includes the three stories that made up the original series, and will also include the two side stories Heaven's Gate and Mortal Seas, and the cross over Colliding Universe. I've added the stories to the lists on my profile. I'm presently working on the first chapter of Heaven's Gate, and it should be up shortly.

Heaven's Gate is the Bleach story, and is a ByaRen fic, with mentions of many other pairings.
Plot: Renji, an angel that just reached maturity, now knows who his destined mate is. He's enlisted into the Gotei 13 and now serves under Captain Kukichi. With his life before him he just now needs to find the one destined for him.

Mortal Seas is the One Piece story, and is a ZoLu and MarcoAce, again with mentions of other pairings. I've decided to let them keep their individual abilities in the story, to give them a fighting chance.
Plot: Luffy has left his brother's crew and now seeks to form his own. While sailing he searches for adventure and for the "universe key", the greatest treasure of all. On the mortal seas things are rough, and hearts are often pushed to their breaking point.

Colliding Universe is the planned cross over that all this is leading up to. YOU HAVE TO READ THE STORIES BEFORE THIS TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON! All main pairings from previous stories will be present or mentioned.
Plot: The gate between the realms has been opened, and now the worlds' residents are coming into contact. Heaven and Hell each send their own delegations to talk out what can be done. From Earth they meet the people responsible for opening the gate. Can the gate be sealed and balance restored? Or will a new way of life have to be found?