based on the fire in episode 4 (cry wolf)

Firey kisses (maddy pov)

The smoke clogs my airways the crispy taste overpowering my senses. The flames lick at the wood of the lab and I panic my throat closes and I fall to the floor ,desperate for air. The only sounds are the crackling flames, my gasping breath and the ringing of the fire alarm. It takes all my effort to not black out, my elongated claws dig into the creaky wooden floorboards helplessly. My yellow eyes search the smoke for Shannon's immobile form her bright auburn hair shines light a fog light through all the smoke and debris. Her hazel eyes open to meet my desperate ones for a split second before I can't handle it anymore and my eyes slip closed my head ringing along with the fire alarm for the second time in one day.

"Mads! C'mon Mads." It's not the voice I long for but it alerts my senses again, Tom! My eyes snap open to meet his despair ridden eyes. I sit up quickly and scramble to my feet leaning into Tom for support. His other arm is keeping Shannon aloft as he drags her through the door. I slump and strong arms catch me. He's here! I cling on to him fiercely and he repeats the action constricting my still raw lungs but I couldn't care less. My head burrows into his neck and his still tight gripping arms move to rub my back in comfort.

"Rhydian" I breath out his name as a silent prayer. Rhydian hums in response his hands clawing at my back in a way that is sure to make bruises.

"You're okay." he whispers still not ceasing his grip "It's okay now."

Jeffries runs past us down the corridor , probably to alert the headmaster and Ton and Shannon move to rest against the wall a few metres from the door of the disaster. My eyes move back to Rhydian who is chewing his bottom lip in concern his tousled blonde hair sticking up in all directions. I do the only thing that comes naturally. I kiss him. He reels back in shock and I hear Tom and Shannon's gasp. Rhydian's eyes meet mine wet and misty from the fumes and his lips connect themselves to my own. My hands move to his hair and his wind around my waist our noses bashing together cutely. The kiss is soppy and inexperienced but it's perfect. My knees buckle so I lean against the wall to steady myself, we give each other lazy pecks and resort to cuddling again. I run my nose against his neck breathing in his unique scent of grass and musk, forgetting the eyes watching us.

"I thought I'd lost you." Rhydian murmurs into my hair causing my to scoff.

"you can't get rid of me that easy." I smile leaning in for another kiss. Someone clears their throat and we jump into alertness slowly shuffling away from each other awkwardly.

"Oh come on!" Tom says exasperated. "We both saw that , don't act all innocent now!"

I wince before turning to meet his eyes which have hardened in disbelief.

"you two aren't actually cousins right?" he asks causing us to laugh.

"No Tom." I answer turning back to Rhydian. "we are definitely not cousins."

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