In this story, Victor and Elsa are in their preteens, attending New Holland Middle School. Victor is starting to develop feelings for Elsa, but she doesn't know it, and his parents think it's no more than a silly crush. Meanwhile, Persephone is acting strange lately, and Elsa can't figure it out. What is wrong with Persephone? Will Victor be able to convey his love to Elsa? And if he does, will she return the feelings? Read to find out.

Victor, Elsa, and all related characters © Disney.

Chapter One

I dream of Elsa.

Victor was on a cloud nine. He was in a very large, and vacant field with her. They ran hand in hand through the foliage together, laughing jubilantly as they went. All of the inconveniences and burdens in their lives seemed so small and insignificant here. The pair carried on their way, the world around them seeming to disappear. Victor stared lovingly into Elsa's eyes. Simultaneously, the two puckered thier lips, and went in for a sweet kiss.

But out of left field, Elsa opened her mouth wide enough to swallow Victor's head, and she shrieked loud enough to shatter bones.

Before long, Victor's eyes snapped open. He looked around. He was in his room, Sparky asleep at his feet. He realized that had all been a dream, and the shrieking had been his alarm clock. It was time to get ready for the first day of middle school. He got out of bed, and went downstairs to breakfast with his mother and father. Sparky woke up and followed him down.

"Good morning, Victor," said his mother, handing him a plate of bacon and eggs. Victor greeted her back, and took the food to the table. The table was occupied by his father, and Sparky followed Victor there. As he started eating, his father began talking to him,

"Well, Victor, my boy, you're one rung up the school ladder. This isn't anything like elementary school, no sir." As he continued to explain that Victor had a long road ahead of him, he ate his food as he stared into space. It took awhile for Mr. Frankenstein to find that Victor wasn't listening. Mrs. Frankenstein came into the kitchen, and said,

"Victor!" In a snap out of it kind of voice. Victor's head snapped back to reality.

"What?" he asked, when he was back down to earth,

"What's on your mind, my boy?" asked his father.

"Oh," said Victor, "nothing." But his mother shot him a look that said you're lying to me.

"What did I tell you about keeping secrets?" she asked, in a warning tone of voice.

"Oh," said Victor, "if I must: I think I'm falling in love with Elsa." Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein looked to each other, and laughed.

"I'm sure," said Mrs. Frankenstein, "It's nothing more than a silly crush." Victor didn't think so, but he had no time to argue, because he had to get dressed and out the door. He did so, and before leaving, he said goodbye to Sparky.

The boy walked out the door. He had grown much taller since elementary school, with puberty kicking in, and he would grow to be taller than his father. He walked out and stood on the sidewalk, where the bus would come to get them. He was soon joined by Elsa. His legs began to get shakey, and he found it hard to greet Elsa, but he managed,

"H-hello Elsa."

"Are you okay, Victor?" Asked Elsa, concerned at his stammer.

"Everything's f-fine." Said Victor. But before Elsa could question the truth of that, the bus roared up the street.

First chapter is Finito. I hope you guys like it. Chapter two will be done soon, when I get an idea for it.