First of all I want to thank everyone who's reading this :) and I want to thank my sister for adding the camera instructions like in a real script^^ and I want to thank everyone who loves Lawrence of Arabia as much as I do :)

MEDIUM SHOT AUDA'S BACK Auda Abu Tayi leaves the council chamber and Ali is about to follow him.

CLOSE SHOT Lawrence is still sitting at the table, we see Ali looking back at him one more time before he turns around.

EXTREME CLOSE SHOT in LAWRENCE face you can see him fighting with himself, then he turns his head towards ALI who is nearly outside the chamber now; the camera moves with him.

I love you Ali

He turns around and stands up while saying this.

MEDIUM SHOT ALI'S BACK Ali stops, then slowly turns around, but not completely.

In my world I'm not allowed to desire what I desire, my path is already written for me

MEDIUM LONG SHOT Ali now faces LAWRENCE and walks towards him.

But you were the one who told me that nothing is written!

CLOSE SHOT ALI looks LAWRENCE deep in the eyes, LAWRENCE avoids his look.

It was a lie, Ali, everything was a lie, my whole life is a lie! A man cannot want what he wants!

CLOSE SHOT tears are gathering LAWRENCE eyes; he softly touches ALI's face, then he breaks down.

CLOSE SHOT ALI holds him in his arms and sits down on the cold floor.

(still crying)
I'm sorry I wanted to leave you.

CLOSE SHOT ALI holds LAWRENCE even closer.

That is not your fault El Aurens.

EXTREME CLOSE SHOT LAWRENCE he looks through Ali as though he is talking to himself.

I belong to my country and not.

CLOSE SHOT LAWRENCE gets a hold of himself again and stops crying.

I am neither english nor arab, that is my tragedy, Ali.

CLOSE SHOT ALI places his hands on LAWRENCE shoulders and holds him away.

What does it matter then? It does not matter to me, El Aurens. I love you, wether your English or Arab.

EXTREME CLOSE SHOT LAWRENCE rests his head on ALI's chest.

But I can not love myself.