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Warnings: Slash, m/m. Reluctant romance. Gore. Multi-chaptered AU. Spoilers for RE6.

Genre: Romance, angst, hurt/comfort.

Pairing: Chris/Piers

Hi, thanks for clicking in. I'll tell you immediately how this is going to play out, and you can make the educated choice of venturing in or moving on. This will be m/m romance, consummated, without one man being drawn to it. No coercion.

There are two possible endings: either Chris keeps the secret to the end and they end the romantic involvement amicably for other reasons, or Piers learns the truth. The ending isn't optimistic, but it isn't hopelessly unhappy, either: no character death, no hostility. Respect and friendship keep even if intimacy fails.

False Flag

by Salysha

Chapter 1: Lie Like Crazy

"No! Don't do this. Open the door! Piers!"

Chris was pounding on the door and pleading, but Piers never moved. The eyes begged forgiveness, and showed no remorse for having none.

Under the circumstances, Chris Redfield did the only thing he could think of. "I love you, Piers. Don't do this to me. Don't leave me like this!" He pounded the door, but Piers didn't move. Chris hammered the door one last time and doubled over with a sob. It was over. He had lost his last man.

Unexpected noise broke the surrounding soundscape: the hatch opened with a swoosh.

Chris pulled up, stupefied. Piers stood before him, visible through the crack of the doors. "Get in," Chris said and grabbed Piers before he could change his mind. Piers sank to the bottom of the pod. "We're getting out of here. Hold on."

Chris was working the controls as fast as he could, securing the door and executing launch. The place was coming apart. Still, he heard the waning rasp from the floor.


Piers was looking at him, no doubt regretful at giving in and pondering a path of self-sacrifice instead. Chris tapped the buttons to make sure the door stayed locked and scooted on the floor beside him. "You did the right thing, Piers. We're gonna come through, together. You understand me? You're gonna make it." Chris curled a hand around Piers' neck. "I know you can fight this."

Piers' head nodded, eyes firmly deflected from Chris' gaze. Chris squeezed Piers' neck and bolted up. Seconds later, he struggled to stay on his feet as the escape pod hurled into deep water.

In their world, nothing stayed down.

The monster wasn't dead. That thing was still alive, and Chris could only watch helplessly as it latched onto the escape pod and set out to take it down. They had come so close to making it, but he had nothing left to fight it.

The underwater facility did them one favor to redeem all the ill deeds. As the structures collapsed, a horrifying power surge cut through the ocean in an arc and killed the monster. They were free, and rising to the surface. Chris checked on Piers. He met a tired look that wasn't quite there. "You're gonna be fine," he soothed.

They still had ways to go to the surface. Chris dropped down and hugged Piers to himself. He could feel Piers burrowing onto him.

Anyone but Leon piloting the helicopter, and they'd have never been allowed in. No one wanted a mutating B.O.W. on their ride, especially one carrying emotional baggage. He disclosed Piers' condition and insisted that the transformation wasn't complete. Leon didn't like it any more, but he gave them a chance. He didn't stand in the way when Chris managed the inhuman feat of getting them both in the air with a rescue sling on Piers and a wonky rope ladder on himself. That woman he was with—Helena—remained positively vehement; she kept her gun drawn the entire time. Leon didn't rein in her threat, but he led by example; even at the sight of Piers, he still kept his gun holstered and carefully controlled his expression.

"Leon. Get someone who knows something on the line. A doctor, a scientist, anything."

Leon nodded over his shoulder. He spoke on the com, but as Piers started moving about, he sprung into action.

"Helena, I need you to take the helm," he said.

Chris listened peripherally as Helena protested, but his focus was on securing Piers and the gear. Just as he managed to clear the space, Leon was standing next to him.

"There's got to be a medical kit around here somewhere," Chris said without looking. He wasn't sure what his plan was, but he was thinking he could concoct some kind of a mixture that would buy them time, even if chances of finding useful medication onboard were slim.

"His hand," Leon suddenly said.

The mutated hand had grown stronger, less controlled in movement. Even Piers stared at it with panicked disbelief before letting out a pained cry. The hand was developing a mind of its own.

"Fight it, Piers. Fight it!"

"Chris," Leon said quietly and pulled him aside. A symbolic gesture, since they had no real privacy. They both threw a worried look at the hand, swinging dangerously, clenching and unclenching. Emitting faint blue surges. "I know you want to save him, but are you sure it's him anymore?"

Chris vacillated between them. Piers' eyes wandered and fixed on him briefly, but then clouded in pain. "It's still Piers. You don't need to tell me, but I'm sure."

He saw the doubt, and he couldn't blame their rescuer for it. If it hadn't been for the broken Chris catching them both by surprise, he wouldn't have been able to convince Leon. "Hang in there. You're doing good, Piers," he said encouragingly. To Leon, "Anyone?"

"No one's picking up." Leon's expression was stony. The look he gave Piers was hesitant and... resigned. He eyed the transfigured man with apprehension.

"Do you have first aid sprays?" Chris said suddenly.

"Yeah. The chopper's loaded, even when there isn't anything else useful. I'll get them."

"Let me see that medical kit, too." Chris murmured an encouraging word to Piers and managed a gruff smile. He wasn't sure if any of that registered. Leon tossed the kit in his lap and he rummaged it through. No analgesics.

Chris straightened on his feet and said steadily, "Leon, I'm going to take out that arm before it takes out Piers and us. It's your call, but I suggest you leave."

Leon stuck around with a warning to Helena to keep it steady despite any sounds she heard.

Chris took his assault rifle. "Forgive me, Piers."

A knock on the head, and Piers' world went black. Chris took the emergency axe and started hacking.

Raccoon City survivor, hailed champion of the Los Illuminados defeat, Leon looked away.

After, Chris used the sprays to close the wounds the best he could and wrapped Piers in a rescue blanket. Meanwhile, Leon tossed the arm into the ocean. Neither said a word.

Leon still didn't say a word when Chris took over Helena's piloting position. Her eyes flashed fright when she saw his look, but she caught Leon's warning. Chris assumed controls as Leon took the co-pilot's position. Out of the corner of his eye, Leon saw Helena kneel next to Piers.

"I prefer fixed-wing," Chris said tonelessly as the helicopter sped to twice the speed they'd been traveling under Leon's helm. He said nothing about the hand on his back.

To Be Continued...

Great thanks to Gypsie (Gypsie Rose) for the proofreading!

Published October 31, 2012. Revised January 2013.