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Ichika's POV

"Uh...Where am I?"

It was dark, it happened in a flash. I didn't react fast enough. It was cold, nothing can be heard but the conversation between men.


"Do you think either of them will forfeit the match?"

"Who knows, one of them will try to save her."

"What if we have both of them captured."

"I'm sure mistress will have fun with both of them."

How dare they, talking about my twin sisters like that!

"Come on where's the freaking phone?!"

All I remember was I was walking home from school, try to see my sisters in the Mondo Grosso on TV then when I'm almost home some mysterious organization abducted me into a dark place. And this is where I am now. Whoever they are, they're gonna send both of my sisters to their mistress or something.

Suddenly the whole place shook and something happened outside. It must be either Chifuyu-nee, Madoka-nee or both come to save me, but that could mean they forfeit the match.

BOOM- Ugh, the explosion was really loud, I still can't see due to they blindfolded me. But I've heard men screaming for help or mercy and something cutting through flesh followed by spurting of liquid and this liquid which I suspected is blood drenched over me.

After a moment of silence, a felt a presence near me. I was still blindfolded and tied up so I couldn't see who it was but I know one thing, this is neither Chifuyu-nee nor Madoka-nee and I know it's not their 'mistress' who would kill her own men, unless she's insane. I felt the rope that tied me up was untied and I immediately remove the blindfold.

I cannot make up who was this stranger as the whole place was dark but that shape it was too big for a woman, it was a man and he carried a large two-handed sword. This stranger saved me but why?

Rukotaro's POV

What troublesome people, I must remind myself that humans are vulgar at some point and at this 'future' world is just as vulgar. These men almost crashed into me with that black van of theirs and took of in an instant. I decided to take some matter in my own hands as I am not the gentle type.

Their screams of agony it was an opera house, but that does not compare what they're going through in Hell. And I saw a girl blindfolded and tied up, she appeared to be abducted but for whatever reason I don't even bother.

"...T-thank you..whoever you are." That was the first thing she said to me, it seems she can't see me clearly. She was covered in blood of those men I slaughtered and that makes a perfect cover for this.

I left quickly without even bothering to look back at that girl.

"Hey wait, where are you going?"

Ichika's POV

He left so suddenly. So I decided to look outside to figure out where am I. I was drenched in blood from his massacre and somehow I'm in some abandoned facility.

And there I saw that two IS from a distant, I recognize that two IS immediately, it was Chfuyu-nee and Madoka-nee. They have come to save me, though they come in a little bit late.

"Ichika, are you alright?" Chifuyu-nee came and rushed at me.

"Yeah, I'm okay..."

As Madoka was about to speak, a head just rolled in right near us.

"...Ichika, are you becoming a psychopathic killer?" Madoka-nee, I hope you're sarcastic about this.

"Madoka-nee, I was abducted but I was saved by a stranger."

"A stranger..?"

"Yeah but he left suddenly after that..."

"He?" Chifuyu-nee was curious.


"Are you sure that it was just some random IS pilot that saved you?" Madoka seems to doubt me.

She has a reason to do so, The massacre is almost as equivalent of an IS attack. The IS or 'Infinite Stratos.' is a powerful exoskeleton or a war machine to be simplified. But there was one flaw with the machine, it only reacted to females. In this society, women ruled the world and men are powerless because of the IS.

But I'm positive that the stranger that saved me was was definitely a man. He had a huge built as a basketball player and from what I see from the darkness, he had a large two-handed sword, which was very big even to IS standards, whoever this man is he is very strong.

I have decided, I will be as strong as he is and lessen the burden of both of my sisters.

"Yes, I'm positive."

"What is he look like?" Ouch, a pitfall made by Madoka-nee.

"It was dark so I couldn't recognize him.."

"Doesn't matter, all that matter was that you're safe Ichika."

We all went and I clean up after that mess later that night.

The next day, I feel like I want to kill whoever write this story. I looked at today's newspaper and what I saw on the front page was shocking.

'Victim or Killer

Yesterday, the younger sister of the Orimura twins Chifuyu and Madoka, Orimura Ichika has murdered three men in cold blood who were suppose to kidnap her for making her sisters forfeit the Mondo Grosso. The crime scene was so grotesque that one glance would send people in terror. Is this girl a psychopathic killer or a victim?'

Great, people will treat me differently after they read this. There goes my normal social life. Oh stranger from yesterday, wherever you are please convinced that you're the one who was responsible for this.

Meanwhile at Valhalla inc.

It was morning, Rukotaro sits at his chair, sipping his coffee and reads the newspaper. The stumble on the article about Ichika, the girl he saved being a murderer. He thought of it for a while and,

"This is rather interesting..."

One Year later

Something weird happened today, Chifuyu-nee and Madoka-nee came home depressed. From what I saw outside our house were both Chifuyu-nee and Madoka-nee's IS that were severely damaged, I wonder what happened?

It must be really bad that they would synchronize drinking right now. I don't even know what they did this afternoon, must be an IS fight or something.

The next day, I heard from my neighbors on my way to school that both of my sister were involved in a fight and lost. She even witness them walking with their badly damaged IS that night. The word spread out very fast, because both of my sisters are the strongest pilots in Japan and my neighbor is very chatty towards people. Even my school is talking about it. Ever since then, both of my sisters retired as IS pilots and rumors of the 'legendary pilot' that people thought who defeated both of my sisters have emerged.

Both of my sisters are strong in their own way, Chifuyu-nee is very deadly at close range, her sword skills are unrivaled among the IS pilots due to her Kendo training while Madoka-nee is a long range fighter who's skill of the firearms are unbeatable and her accuracy was the best due to her archery training. But who in the world was strong and skillful enough to defeat both of my sisters? Whoever this 'Legendary Pilot' is, she will be a target among IS pilots around the world.

A lot of 'interesting' events had happened ever since the introduction of the IS, the most interesting and gruesome event aside from mine was the 'executioner event' that happened four years ago. The victims were two IS pilots, they were both decapitated and the mysterious part was that they were killed with their IS, which is rather strange. The crime was still unsolved today and all of the suspects, which are IS pilots including both of my sisters had no relation to the crime at all. Ever since that homicide, people had started to fear that the killer may strike again today and honestly I'm scared too. Maybe this was the first appearance of the 'Legendary Pilot'.

Another Year later

It was my decision, I'm going to the IS academy this year. I had a good grade during the final exam to enter the prestigious IS academy thanks to study sessions with my sisters. It's time for me to support my family and become the next strongest pilot of Japan, and maybe challenge the 'Legendary Pilot' as well. I'm pretty sure some of the students there has the same objective, The 'Legendary Pilot'.

Ever since that 'Legendary Pilot' appeared, people started to look for her ranging from the government to private organizations. There are two organizations that I secretly known for quite a while, the Sarashiki group and the evil organization, The Phantom Task. I have a bad feeling that if the Phantom Task were to find her and get her to join their side it will be disasterous.

Hopefully she'll be remain hidden...

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