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It was late night and I cannot sleep due to the anxiety of being the class representative. It's been quite some days since that match and being a class representative can be relaxing until a certain task is at hand of course. Houki seems to be sleeping, and I don't really like to call her when Houki's with me but since she's asleep I guess the coast is clear.

"Hey Tabane-nee~"

[Ah Ii-chan, how's it going?] I have her contacts on my phone and I seemed to be the only one who has ever called her frequently.

"Ah, fine thanks. By the way, thanks for the 'Maruchi Shiki'."

[No problem, what can't you do without me~]

Tabane, she's been very helpful to me. It was her who create the 'Maruchi Shiki', at least that was I assume and the government just send it to the IS academy on Tabane's behalf. But I haven't ask her about this, but I might ask her now.

"Um Tabane-nee, could you try to find out about this 'Legendary Pilot'?"

['Legendary Pilot'?] Wait, she never heard of the 'Legendary Pilot'?

"Um, about one year ago, when my sisters announced their retirement as IS pilots, I think the 'Legendary Pilot' was the cause of it. Can you find something about it for me?"

[Oh that, I will contact you as soon as I find something. Tabane out.]

-Beep, the called ended.

The 'Legendary Pilot', it is said that she's a mystery herself. No one knows her nor her history, and she's currently the most powerful IS pilot in the world. There is no clue where are her whereabouts whatsoever and her recent activities are also vague as she has no involvement in any particular special event like the Mondo Grosso National Tournament, and right now the government is rather puzzled by her. Where did she came from, what is her intentions and what does she looked like?

Although I heard from some of my guy friends that she doesn't exist. They say that, if she's an IS pilot, there should be some history about her. In my mind, I agree with the guys. If she was an IS pilot, there should be some sort of information. But talking about it won't progress anything, but I might start asking my classmates about this.

The Next Day

I went to class like usual but it's not the SHR meeting yet so there is still time for discussing rumors, and right now I want to ask them about the 'Legendary Pilot' to see what have they heard about her.

"Hey did you you know that the Valhalla inc. is developing something new?" Right after I listen to other rumors.

"Hm, is it an IS?"

"No one knows, but the developer is working on it."

"That company, it was introduced just shortly after the IS introduced right. Do you think it's connected with something?"

"Probably it's just a coincidence."

Seems that other rumors have sparked into my mind.

Valhalla inc. if I remembered correctly, it is a company selling mysterious goods and I don't know if it's a public or a private company. No one, and I mean NO ONE aside from the employees and the employer have never been inside the company building EVER. Although people who buys their product have feeling significant difference in them, one example is that one customer who buys a lucky charm to avoid a severe accident, actually survived a series of serious accidents without any injuries at all.

Another example was that one customer buys a ring that was supposedly gives the wearer a little luck, and what happened to that particular customer was during numerous lucky draws and lotteries, he would won most of them and won a lot of prizes. I would have called it as a pure coincidence, but it is very unlikely for these two scenarios would have happened but it happened anyway.

I stand right in front of Houki, who seemed to look away from me and pretending to look outside the window.

"Hey Houki..." I tried calling her.

"Houki-chan~" Again with the ignoring, what does it take to gain your attention?!

"Come on Houki, it's not polite to ignore people."

"What?" Finally, a response.

"I just wanna ask you something."

"What is it?"

"It's about the 'Legendary Pilot'"

As soon as everybody said that word, the whole went silent and looks at me for a while. After that, they change their focus on the current rumors and change it into a 'Legendary Pilot' discussion.

"'Legendary Pilot'?"

"You mean that 'Legendary Pilot' who disappeared one year ago?"

"Does that mean she's back?"

"Who is she anyway?"

"I don't know, she wasn't involved with any official events at all. But I've heard she has been crowned as the 'Hidden Brunhilde' ever since her appearance."

"No way, is she that strong?"

"It's rather terrifying that she's back."

"What do you mean?"

"I heard rumors that she has been involved in a massacre before. And she has been hiding ever since."

"Maybe it was just a false information, but then again no one knows about her at all."

It seems the class is bustling about the 'Legendary Pilot' topic.

Houki looks at me intently.

"Why do you bring that out?"

"I suppose that you have heard of her."

Suddenly an interruption occur by one voice.

"Ara, I overheard you were talking about the 'Legendary Pilot', may I join in the conversation?" It was Cecilia Alcott, who somehow recovered from her 'ordeal'.

"Well sure, the more the merrier. So what do you know about the 'Legendary Pilot' Cecilia?"

"Well, when I was back at my home country of Britain, I was once overheard a conversation regarding about the 'Legendary Pilot' back when there was a selection for the cadet representative position. It is said that the 'Legendary Pilot' wields a diamond clad IS and the IS was the mythical new generation IS." OK, in Cecilia's story, the 'legendary Pilot's' IS is said to be as strong as diamond, a girls best friend I suppose.

"Somehow, I've heard that the 'Legendary Pilot' was responsible for the execution incident back at five years ago. It is said that she killed other IS pilots with no mercy and said to be insane. But her killing spree seemed to stop after that incident." The execution incident, it still sends fear into the hearts of many people who lived in the area after five years and this year marks the fifth anniversary of the incident.

"Well, I've heard that she was responsible for both of my sisters retirement as an IS pilot about a year ago and since then, she disappeared without a moment notice. And her debut was also mysterious, she appeared out of nowhere and this sudden appearance makes it like she's an insane fighter who has been hiding herself for so long to train herself to be strong."

"Suspicious. She has no name, has no known history whatsoever about her life and she suddenly appeared as the world's strongest IS pilot. Her motives are unknown, and she has no known whereabouts and no one even know what she looked like. It has the word 'suspicious' written all over it."



Mysterious and strange, the information about the 'Legendary Pilot' somehow got scrambled throughout the world. It seems there will be an unending debate about the 'Legendary Pilot', well at least until the 'Legendary Pilot' showed herself to the public, but that will be quite impossible.

Anyways, the point is that everyone has their on version of their information of the 'Legendary Pilot'. Some says she's good, some says she's bad and some says she's just plain weird. But all in all she is the strongest pilot in the world and the most mysterious. And time has passed and Chifyu-nee, Madoka-nee and Yamada-sensei come to class to teach and the lesson will went on as usual in my mind although this time we actually went for practical lessons.

IS Arena

We as in the students including me and the teachers went into an IS arena, which may not be the same as the last arena when I face against Cecilia.

"Alright, let's start practicing some basic IS maneuvers, Orimura, Alcott, try flying with your IS."

By Chifuyu-nee's command, I summoned my IS 'Maruchi Shiki' and a glow of light engulfs me.

Oh yeah, once an IS is optimized, It can assume in a form of accessories, which for Cecilia's case an earring while mine is in a form of a neckband.

As my IS have finally summoned, I can still see that white armor with black linings. The wings are like BITs though, probably from Madoka-nee's IS [Kuro Shiki] and the body armor looks like from Chifuyu-nee's IS [Byaku Shiki]. In summary, my IS is a mix of both Japanese and English.

"Oi Orimura, are you done daydreaming?!" Huh, Chifuyu-nee just screamed my name.

Back on track, Cecilia is already up in the air, I must have taking my time here and quickly follows her. And when I reached her, I noticed that the BITs are completely repaired but my attention goes somewhere else. What I see is Cecilia's boobs hanging in the IS suit, and with the lack of frontal body armor her jugs are just plain to see. I could just feel her boobs already mmm~.

"Ichika-san? Hello~" My train of thought snapped out as Cecilia called my name.

"Huh, what is it?" Her face showed concern over me.

"Your nose is bleeding, are you OK?"

"Well yeah I suppose..."

"Here, let me help you wipe it off. Now hold still." Wow, she's not aware of it.

"Hey Cecilia, you're still mad about the whole 'bottom' thing aren't you?"

"Oh, no worries. I know it was an accident." An accident I actually enjoyed. As she tended my nose, my eyes still glued to Cecilia's melons.


"Ichika-san, you...PERVERT!" As she said that she continuously beat me down in a fist fight.

"Ouch, Houki you little-Cecilia, I was just looking at your eyes." I tried blaming Houki for this mess and make an excuse for Cecilia but the result aren't pretty.

"Oh yeah right, the eyes."


Back at the ground below Chifuyu puts her hand into her face showing a disappointing look.

"Seriously, can Ichika suppress her perversion? Madoka, do you have-WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING MADOKA!?"

What Chifuyu sees is that Madoka was holding a camcorder capturing the whole scene in the air.

"Oh I'm recording this and sending this on the internet."

Chifuyu sighed in defeat.

'What am I going to do with you Madoka...Hm?'

It was then Chifuyu has spotted something unusual. She turns her attention to the facility tower that was nearby the arena, and saw a figure, who looks like a man sitting on top of the tower. The figure was definitely a man, and the man in question was the pony-tailed man himself, Rukotaro. Rukotaro is seen observing Ichika being beaten by Cecilia and he looks rather uninterested in it, but his eyes are focused on Ichika.

'Orimura Ichika, I have seen you and in some cases met you in multiple dimensions. And yet, you remained as a rather interesting specimen, I shall test you in order whether you have a chance against the 'Legendary Pilot' soon.'

As Rukotaro stands up, he looks down and jumps off from the tall tower. Chifuyu has no time to think, she just saw a man jumped off the tower where he sit. Should she showed her distress over the falling individual or ignore it and let him fall? She would chose the latter as she has no concern over the man on the tower. But still...

"Hm, Something wrong Chifuyu-nee?" Madoka, after getting enough shots, checks her sister's condition. Chifuyu was sweating more than usual and she seemed distressed.

"I told you call me Orimura-sensei, and no I'm fine thank you."

'Probably just my imagination...'

THUMP—The sound of Rukotaro's geta making contact to the pavement and it is a perfect landing despite the immense height.

It was time for him to plan a test to the soon-to-be heroine and disappeared from the IS academy.

Later that night, Ichika

Now what is happening right now as I went to the cafeteria is that the 'Legendary Pilot' topic is still on the roll, and all the three years are talking about it right now as they enjoying their dinner.

"The 'Legendary Pilot'...no one really knows about her, it's rather intriguing."

"Hey, remember about that a year ago she disappeared after fighting with some IS pilots? Turns out that she was on a hiding from challenging other IS pilots."

"Maybe she's scared, or just tired of fighting."

"Who is she anyways?"

"Probably some rich girl. From what I've heard, she pilots a diamond clad IS that supposedly to be as powerful as the pilot herself."

"So does this means she's the new strongest pilot?"

"Unofficially yes but...some say she came from America, but there were no official records of where she came from."

"That's rather disturbing, anything else about her ANYTHING?"

"...Nothing, no name, nationality, age, NOTHING."

"That's rather creepy..."


America? Now that is outrageous. Although there was no specific answer but she's obviously from Japan as the events that I think of that she's involved are happened in Japan. Forget about it, they can say whatever they want until someone is confirming her exact location.

This is rather ridiculous but why the hell there's no information regarding about the 'Legendary Pilot', I mean even the most mysterious person has at least have a name.

Ah forget it, I finished my meal and went back to my room as I was too tired for either Archery or Kendo. And as soon as I entered, Houki was in her bra and panties, as if she was about to change into a yukata. I gotta say, she is VERY traditional as opposed of her sister Tabane as she sleeps with that yukata everyday if I recall correctly.


"Hey Houki..."

"Turn around Baka!"

"Hey it's alright, I'm a girl so no worries."

"Just turn around..."


"Chijo..." What was that?! Oh yeah, I've been labeled as 'Chijo'(female pervert) ever since that first day and I can't help but looking at her um..luscious body at one point and I think she already figured it out what am I going to look at as soon as I saw her right now. I left the room even though she didn't ask me to, but I have a feeling she will ask me to do that anyways.

Back when I was in middle school with my guy friends, one of my friend Dan nicknamed me Ichijo and treat it as a joke and the other guys would just laughed at the name. I didn't realize why would he would give a guys name to me until I look at the name in a different perspective and I found out it has a hidden meaning. It's a pun of my name and chijo, I-Chijo and I have to say it is a genius and remarkable as it is still an actual name to a boy. And the name spread into my school, and found out the secret behind it as well and the nickname got stuck and most people back at my middle school would actually start calling me Ichijo instead of Ichika. If any foreigners would find out, they would ask me if that's my middle name.

"Ah Ichika-san, why are you standing right in front the door, are you waiting for someone?" A neighboring roommate call out to me. She is right now wearing a buttoned up white collar shirt and I can tell that she doesn't have any underwear underneath it.

"Ah no, I was waiting Houki to get changed."

"Oh, that is rather unusual but if it's Houki-san it can't be helped. Or do you actually waiting for me~"

"Well, I don't really swing that way."

"Don't worry, it's nothing serious~" Hm, probably not as impressive as I am but I gotta give points to this girl who tried to believe it or not seducing me.

"Well if you insist...can I go to your room?"

"Why of course. But be quiet though, my roommate is asleep."

"Oh don't worry about it, as long it's not serious-"

The door opened.

"I'm done..And what are you doing with that girl Ichika?!"

"Oh well, we could do it next time. Good night~" The neighboring roommate gave me a wink and puts her finger at the tip of her lips as she went back to her room.

"..." Houki looks at me with a disapproving look.


"Don't. Talk. About. This. Ever. And I don't even want to hear about it."

"Alright honey." I sarcastically replied to her.

"...Bakachijo." Oh great, another nickname.

So far in an instant, my relationship with Houki just gotten worse every day, and I'm not sure how to fix this. And I'm really tired right now, I just wanna go to sleep.


"Hehe, looks like you're here Ichijo fufufu~"

A girl in a twin tail fashion saw Ichika as she was going back to her room. The twin tailed girl, Huang Lingyin has been observing Ichika without being detected for quite a while and she seemed to be familiar to Ichika as she called her by her nickname.

"So she's in class 1-1. Hmph, no problem, my class is 1-2 so it's no problem. You will be surprised Ichijo hehehe~"

The girl left her observation spot and proceed to find her room, if she can find it of course.

'Dammit, where's my room number!'

Next Day, Ichika

Man, what a night. Houki seems rather cranky for some reason, but I'm don't really want to find out.

"Good morning, Orimura-kun. Have you heard about the rumor of the transfer student?"

"A transfer student? At this time of the year?"

It's just April. Why isn't it an enrollment but a transfer? Besides, I heard that the conditions required to enter this IS Academy are rather strict. An exam's definitely required, and without a country's recommendation, it's impossible to enroll here. Which means—

"That's right. I heard that it's a transfer student from China!"

"Woah, is that so?"

Since we're talking about a transfer student. Hm, China? I wonder how's Rin been doing.

"Oh my, so is she vary of my existence and decided to transferred in?"

Cecilia as always posing while talking, have she considered joining as a model or so?

"Yo dawg!" That voice and that cheezy street tone.

I look at the source of the voice, which is right in front of the door of the class and a familiar face appeared.

"I've heard you've become a class representative so I might as well become a class representative too yo."

Sheesh, trying to do THAT? I rather say that she had become like this ever since we've met but I guess it's my fault.

"Yo Rin, long time no see but that kind of tone isn't right for you and did you just do THAT?! nice try but..."

"Hey, at least I tried!"

"Whatever, reunion much Twin Tail. Bro fist~!" I showed my fist to Rin and she already guessed what am I going to do.

"Right back at you, Perverted Tomboy." Our fist collided in a friendly way, like bros. The class seems unfamiliar of our 'ritual' including Cecilia and Houki.

Huang Lingyin, as me and my friends called her Rin is my second childhood friend. She came here in Japan before back when in middle school, though back at the time she wasn't the person right in front of me right now. She was rather shy back then and was constantly bullied by other people in school, until I confront her with the guys.


"M-My name is Huang Lingyin, but you can call me Ling."

As she introduced her name, most of the classmates laughed at her because of her name. The name Ling means bamboo in Japanese so it can't be helped that she was being laughed at. And I can tell she was embarrassed at that time.

And during lunch time, the torment continues.

"Hey Bamboo hehe."

"W-what do you want?"

"Bamboo Bamboo~"

"S-stop it!"

"What you're gonna do about it huh?"

"Whoa there, hold up Mato-kun. Don't you think you're pushing it just a little bit too far?"

"Huh, Ichijo what do think you're doing? This is none of your business."

"Oh really? Then it's none of YOUR business that I'm telling everyone about you been stealing girls underwear then."

"Damn, you little- whatever I have no intentions about her anyways. Have fun bullying the new girl."

"Hey now, that's not nice Mato-kun~"

"Heh, says you Ichijo." He puts a smirk at me as he left, weird guy.

"Hey." I turned towards the new girl, Rin.

"A-are you going to bully me?"

"Maybe...come with me, you have no friends right?" Rin nodded.

"Oh yeah, in case you haven't noticed, Ling means bamboo in Japanese. So welcome aboard Rin."


"Hey guys, we have a new guy right here, Rin."

"Hey now that's fitting, I'm Gotanda Dan and the girl is Orimura Ichika, but you can call her Ichijo instead."


"Heh, I thought you already gotten used to it by now."

"Yeah but, it's still your fault Dan."

"Hahaha~!" Everyone including my other guy friends including Dan, me and surprisingly Rin laughed after that.

It was then I turned Rin from an ordinary shy girl into a more confident and slightly tomboyish. My group went to arcades, manga stores and other guy related stuff. I am rather more interested in guys stuff rather than girls stuff for some reason. And I have more guy friends and female admirers than girl friends for a reason, guys don't annoy me as much as girls, the only reason I don't really make friends with girls is that they don't really want to be my friend, they just want to know about my sisters, that's all. Guys are much different as they don't spam me questions about IS and my sisters at all, and Rin is only one of the few girl friends I have.

Flashback End

And to this day after much influence from us guys, she had become a lot more confident and more playful than the last time we first met, and I gotta say I have some feeling of guilt for this but I guess it's okay for her.

"...!" Rin suddenly blushed for some reason.

"Hm...My little twin tailed doll is back hm~?"

"M-Madoka-san!?" Rin doesn't need to turn around to find out who just caress her butt, she already know who would touch her there.

Madoka-nee gives her trademark creepy/perverted smile at Rin, and she was terrified. The rest of the class are rather intrigued by the scene. Madoka whispered something into Rin's ear at a low but I can tell it is a seductive voice.

"Ah Rin-chan you're back. Shall we continue where we left off, or should I be your trainer regarding about IS piloting hm~?"

Rin's face was completely red and she was panting heavily.


"Oh, please call me Madoka-sensei~"

"*Gulp*" I think my nipple is hard.

PA-the sound of an object hitting Madoka-nee's head.

"Ow, Chifuyu-"

"That's Orimura-sensei to you Madoka-sensei. You, get out of here, SHR is starting."

"W-will do, see ya later Ichijo!"

"Hey wait you-don't just call me by that name!" By the time I finished my line Rin was already in her class, which I presume. Sigh...


"What's that?"

"But isn't that a guys name?"

"Um..Orimura-san, why does that girl call you Ichijo?"

"And what's up with the 'bro fist'?"

Lots of questions are spamming at me. This is exactly what I am trying to avoid, and it failed miserably.

"Look, I don't have time for answering all of your questions."

"You can do that during period ends."

Sigh, more headaches...

"Madoka-sensei, you're a teacher so act like one!" I can tell Chifuyu-nee is having a different type of headache.

But even so, Rin has become an IS pilot, now that's quite surprising. She should have text me as soon as possible, or is it her way of surprising me or something?


Fortunately despite my expectation I only have to answer a few questions from my classmates and it's time for lunch. Cecilia and Houki seems to join me for lunch today but their eyes are different then usual, as if they were predators looking at a meal.

"Why are you guys following me? Usually when I ask you guys an offering, you would usually decline it."

"I am rather...curious about your behaviour towards the new transfer student." Cecilia added.

"And why did she called you 'Ichijo', why would a girl like you would have a male name?" Houki added.

"I can tell you this, it's a LONG story."

""I have time."" Crap.

By the time I reached the cafeteria, while Houki and Cecilia followed me, A familiar voice rings through my ears.

"Yo Ichijo!" Damn it!

"Rin, don't call me that here!"

"What's wrong, I thought you already get used to it?"

"But the girls here don't know about 'that'."

"Oh really~?"

On a side note, she had a ramen on her tray. We find a table for us four and as we dig in, the conversation starts.

"Ichika-san, I think it's time to answer my question!"

"I don't remember you were asking a question about me this morning."

"Forget about that, what is your relationship with this girl? I can tell by your 'ritual' of friendship."

"Well since you've asked, this is Huang Lingyin, me and my friends called her Rin. She's my second childhood friend after Houki left and abandoned me."

"Ichika, I didn't purposely 'abandoned' you, it was for security reasons!" Sheesh Houki, I was just kidding. Can't you tell a joke.

"I see, but your behaviour changes for some reason. So unfeminine when I saw you greet her this morning."

"Hey hey hey, I do have a feminine side you know. It's just that I showed it occasionally between times that's all."

"Hm, I might accept that, I think."

It was after that, Houki repeated the same question she asked me before.

"Answer me this again Ichika, why would a girl like you be called 'Ichijo'? Explain."

"Um...it's a pun name."

"..." After only for few seconds Houki put together the pieces together.

"Makes sense..."

"By the way Ichijo-"

"Will you start call me by my name!"

"Sorry, the name just got stuck after a year. You're the class representative of class 1-1 right?"

"Yeah, and from what I can guess, you're a class representative also?"

"Yup, so we will face each other during the class representative by next week."

"Next week huh? Bring it on, I won't lose to you!"

"Really? Sorry Ichijo, but I'm strong. There's no way you can beat me in an IS battle."

"We'll see about that, Rin. How about a bet?"

"A bet?"

"The usual."

"Ohohoho~ I can't wait to see you to do 'that'. I've been waiting for this for a LONG time!"

As Rin said that she stand up proudly and left with a cocky smile on her face. Oh boy, I think she's becoming more confident now. Houki and Cecilia are rather confused of what just happened.

"Ichika-san, now I'm more curious about you."

"And what does she mean by 'that'?"







"Do you guys have some time for me for IS training?"

"Despite all that showing off, you want us to train with you?"

"I wouldn't say showing off nor bragging, but I need training I can get because I can tell Rin that she's not kidding that she's strong."

"...Hm, if it's a range weapon training, allow me, Cecilia Alcott to give you some pointers about long distance fighting."

"Great, now all I need is a close range combat sword training, Houki do you mind train with me?"

"Of course Bakachijo, you're not just gonna shoot your opponents during battle."

"Aww, I knew that you care for me Houki~." I close in on her face, and she's somehow blushing.

"B-Baka, it's not like I don't want to train with you understand?!"

"Right right.." Chuu~~~I give her a slight kiss on the cheeks as an appreciation, then I kissed Cecilia's hands as a thanks.

"M-My Ichika-san, what a gentleman~"

"It's at least of how I thank a lady." I put on my gentleman expression.

Houki's face is all red after I gave her a kiss on the cheek, I wonder what's wrong with her?

"Ichika. You...BAKACHIJO!" Hey, why are you so tense for? All I did was kiss you on the cheek.

Valhalla inc., Rukotaro

Hm, what should I do?

I'm thinking of a test for Orimura Ichika, a heroine-to-be, but I'm completely stump for once as a starting test for her. Initially I would send Golem to wreak havoc on the academy but for some reason I'm having second thoughts. If she would like to face the 'Legendary Pilot', she would face several trials before even reaching to her level. But aside from Golem, I have a prototype I can use for the test against Orimura Ichika.

This prototype might be a good idea against Orimura Ichika, I better tell her.


"WHAT IS IT MASTER?" The girl with gigantic mecha arms, Golem summoned by my command.

"Change of plans..."


"No, but..." I look upon the prototype and Golem does the same.

"YOU WANT ME TO HELP PROTOTYPE TO ENTER IS ACADEMY, IS IT OKAY?" I'm not really sure if it's okay because the prototype has not been tested. But since I don't really have the time to test it, why not as well test it against Orimura Ichika?



Me and Golem discussed the new plan and prepare for that day to come, and the prototype will soon be ready for it's first or possibly it's last fight.

I'm using my prototype instead because it's gonna be a waste if I don't test it sooner or later. And I'm very stingy when it comes to using my right person for the job. And Golem is one of them,along with Uchigane and Raphael Revive. I found them in an abandoned base somewhere, I just happened to morph them into IS musumes as security for my company.

"Onii-sama, here's your coffee." And appear from the office door is my little sister, she's wearing a steward outfit most of the time and she is very reliable for most part in the office.



"...Onii-sama, what is this?"


"I see, so what's the purpose of this?"

"..." I'm not really in the mood of telling her the reason.

"You're not telling me Onii-sama?"

Instead of telling her, I'm showing her a picture of Orimura Ichika.

"This girl...why are you interested in her?"




"Don't have too.."

"Sorry to have disturbed you Onii-sama, but I can tell one day you will tell me."

After saying her words she left in the office.

"...Where were we?"



And that's it for this chapter, Rin is introduced as Ichika's 'bro' and their relationship can't be more 'bromancing'. Next up is the Class Representative Tournament, Ichika will undergo a trial against the prototype. Of course, there's a chance 'that' would be nullified and neither of them would not be doing it after the match.

Anyways, Charlotte will added a new different role when she will meet Ichika as to femininize Ichika more and Laura being the first but not main antagonist will teach Ichika her share of knowledge and social awkwardness.

Unfortunately, Dragon's Roar, Rukotaro and Knight of Solitude will have to be delayed even further due to I'm busy with other things and occasional writers block. But I'll try typing out and finishing chapters as soon as I can.

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