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Story so far, Ichika has met her second childhood friend, Rin and as the class representative goes near, they will face each other and may seem to made a bet prior to the battle. But things soon will not be according to their expectations when a planned assault will be occur during the match itself.


Man, it's already May, and it's been a week since Rin made a bet with me. Of course, whenever there's a bet between me and Rin, I would always say 'the usual', in which Rin would made a grin. This means that Rin would use this bet to her personal gain.

Now, 'the usual' bet was that the loser will do one thing that the winner desires. ANYTHING, but we all agree not to push it to extreme levels. I wonder what Rin wants me to do if she wins, as if! I'm not going to let her win the bet that easily.

Right now Cecilia and Houki are here at the IS arena with me to prepare the upcoming battle against Rin. Cecilia helps me with guns and Houki helps me with the sword, it's surprising that these two weapons that I possesses are unique and I can use them both at the same time. Although my sword skills are not what it used to be, but it's still enough. As for my skill with guns, I have to say, with Cecilia helping me I somehow improved for a short period of time.

But even though I'm feeling confident with my current skill, I might have some chance of losing because I don't know what type of IS Rin is piloting.

Speaking of which, the control zone door opened, and what's behind that door is none other than Rin.

"I've been waiting for you Ichijo."

"Will you start calling me by my real name!"

"Sorry, but I prefer your nickname."

Rin giggled, I'm serious here Rin.

"Why are you here Rin?"

"Oh, just watching..."


Replying with a nod, Rin is very confident right now.

"So, you're not going to tell me after the battle right. That 'thing' you're talking about."

"Nope, I'm going to save that up until the winner has been declared."

"...You've been keeping the suspense for quite a while. Rin, You better keep your promise, a brother always keeps her promise to another."

"Of course we do Ichijo, we've never broken that code."

"Rin, I will see you at the arena at the coming of the match."

"You better not be weak Ichijo, I'm seriously strong."

"I know, this will make the match even more exciting."

"Well then, see you during the match...Ichijo."

And Rin left without turning her back at me at the door.





"Ichika, are you sure you're a girl?"

"Well, physically. Ever since Chifuyu-nee and Madoka-nee raised me as a 'little brother', I can be a man as well."

"Well Ichika-san, I'm honestly worried about you, Are you sure you're not losing in touch as a girl?"

"I can still be a man in this girl body Cecilia, I just can't explain it after the way both of my sisters raised me."

"You know Ichika-san, if you were a man I will definitely take you as my husband."


"Oi Ichika focus, you really want to win against her right?"

"Well I am. Besides, this might be a good opportunity of paying her back."

"Pay back?"

"Let's just say it happened NOT on April fools day."

"Don't bother explaining it to me, I can tell it involves her correct?"

"Do I need to state the obvious Houki?"


"But still, even with enough training, without knowing your opponent especially her, it will be tough just on winning."

"...I know that Houki. And the fact that my IS is an offensive type, charging ahead against any opponent without any knowledge on my opponent will be practically suicide."

"Hm Ichika-san, you said this before that both of your weapons were used to belonged to your sisters right."

"Yeah, and both of them shared the the same characteristic, one-hit kill."

Both of my weapons seemed to possess a one-hit kill ability. Yukihira Type II has the [Reiraku Byakuya], as Chifuyu-nee would described it as an 'Barrier Void attack'. That ability as being explained by Chifuyu-nee shortly after my match against Cecilia, uses my IS' energy shield and convert it into an attack power. That power would cut through enemy IS shield energy regardless how much the enemy shield energy possess.

Madoka-nee's ability, IS wise of course is Chou-Kaen Type II's ability, [Fatal Pierce], which is almost the same as [Reiraku Byakuya], it's just that this ability is a one shot. If I use this ability, I would convert all shield energy into one powerful shot, ignoring the enemy shield energy and damage the suit directly. Clearly my sisters are a type of person to finish things off quickly.

In other words, [Maruchi Shiki] is my two double-edged swords, which possess two powerful but costly ability. Speaking of which, I noticed there is something unusual about my IS, my IS has TWO one-off ability, which is both [Reiraku Byakuya] and [Fatal Pierce]. From what I've told about the one-off ability of an IS, there are no IS which have more than one one-off ability and share the same ability for that matter. So what does this mean for my IS?

Now that I think about it, would I even care?

At the day of the battle

This is it, the day where the Class Representative Tournament has started. And to my surprise, I'm going against Rin in the first round.

"Ichika-san, good luck."

"You better win Ichika, or our training will be for nothing."

"Thanks Cecilia, and Houki, I'll make sure that training will be worth it."

"It better be..."

And in front of me is Rin, whose IS is in a Magenta color, her IS [Shen Long]. Just like [Blue Tears], the floating parts are unique, which makes [Shen Long] look...unique. Just one look at her IS, it looks deadly.

"You like my IS, because you're gonna see my IS beating you up mercilessly right now."

"Oh yeah, well you see. I'm going to pay you back from that not so April fools day!"

"Oh you still remember that, you never let it go do you? Who cares anyway, at least you have a reason not to hold back Ichijo."


I deployed both of my weapons in each hand and prepare to fight, while Rin takes out her huge swords, and turned it into a double-bladed weapon.

"Then both of you, begin."

HUA—with the sound of the buzzer, Rin and I start to take action.

I swing my Yukihira Type II with my right hand, and it was a mistake already. Rin's blade was heavy, and the fact that she used both hands to swing her weapon. Having no choice but to 'keep' my gun and focus both of my hands into the Yukihira.

This is rather bad though, I'm in a bad situation where Rin would overpower me on close range combat. I need to back down, and try to use Chou-kaen Type II to keep it safe, but it looks like Rin would not let me go that easily.

I somehow gained some distance but Rin let out a grin, the shoulder guards open, and the moment the ball-like things fired, my body got 'blown' away by some invisible impact.

I immediately summon back my consciousness that's gradually blacking out, but Rin doesn't stop attacking.

"That was a jab."

She reveals a proud look on her face. After that, the real attack will come—!



I got hit by the invisible fist onto the ground. The pain pierced through the defensive shields as they strike me, and the suit got damaged quite a bit. This is bad!

"What the hell was that Rin!?"

"Oh those, those are my 'Impact Cannons', you can't really see the barrel and the shots since it is the specialty of the 'Dragons roar.'"

Well that sets up to a whole new difficulty, not only I have to deal with a brute childhood friend in battle, I had to deal with the Impact cannons too.



"I'm not holding back right now!"

"Well that's good, I don't want a wimpy opponent to be my friend."

This is it, I have to use 'Ignition Boost' combined with the 'Reiraku Byakuya' to defeat her. I would have used 'Fatal Pierce' against her instead but it is most likely to be missed and I'll be in a disadvantage.

Me and Rin looked at each other and preparing for our next attack.



Somehow the whole arena shakes and smoke can be seen from the center of the stage. Something or someone is intruding the IS academy. As the smoke clears, I saw a huge black IS with huge arms.

"Wh, what's going on...?"

Through the private line, Rin asked me, who's all confused because I don't understand what's going on.

"Ichika, the match's suspended! Hurry up and return to the control zone!"

What's Rin talking about out all of a sudden? Just as I'm wondering this, the hi-tech sensors of the IS gives an emergency notice.

-The heard source in the middle of the stage is an unknown IS. But for some reason, it looks like she's waiting for someone.

"ORIMURA ICHIKA, YOU DESIRE TO CHALLANGE THE LEGENDARY PILOT?" The unknown IS spoke to me. Wait, did she just said 'Legendary Pilot'?!

"Who are you, are you the 'Legendary Pilot'?"

"Ichijo, is this the 'Legendary Pilot'?"




Somehow, the way she talked looked like I'm talking to a primitive cave woman. And she mentioned first trial, does this mean I have to go through some people even before reaching the 'Legendary Pilot'?


"Hey wait!"

As soon as the IS named Golem left, another flying object headed towards the arena. It seemed like an IS, but something is weird about this IS approaching me. It's peach in color, with some blue and yellow. And it's heading towards me fast and with it's cry, grabbed me with it's legs and started pecking me repeatedly like a mad bird. Now I'm experiencing the 'Angry Birds' experience.

"Hey Rin, a little help here!"

"On it!"

Rin tried to distract the new opponent with the impact cannons and it seems to be responding by firing fireballs at Rin. And I somehow still under this IS, will anyone please let me out from this...thing!

And as if the IS answered my call, the IS let go and tried to strike at Rin. Rin somehow avoided the strike but I wanted to know what is this dragon like IS.

As if responding to my pleas again, the screens on the arena displayed screens about the unknown IS.

[Name: Yian Kut-ku]

[Abilitiy: Rage Mode]

[Shield Energy: 1500/1500]

Yian Kut-ku, and the ability of rage mode and a shield as much as 1500, is this suppose to be the first trial?!

"Hey Rin, what can we do right now?"

"I don't know, but since this is related to the 'Legendary Pilot'..."

"Do you want to fight the 'Legendary Pilot' also?"

"Who wouldn't, ever since her appearance, everyone wants a piece of her."

"You're right, this is only the first trial though, do you think we can do it?"

"What are you saying, are you saying you're too weak to face this Yian Kut-ku!? Give me a break Ichijo!"

Rin's right, if I want to fight the legendary pilot, I must set off my cowardice and fight.

"Hey Kut-ku, Who is this 'Legendary Pilot' anyways!"

A message can be seen from the screen and it opens itself.

[I'm not going to tell you, now defeat me so you can be approved to match against the 'Legendary Pilot'!]

"Suit yourself Kut-ku!" I approached the Yian Kut-ku, and Rin somehow follows the same.

"Hey, I'm going to fight too!"


Back at the observation room, Maya, Chifuyu and Madoka are observing the match intently. Maya showed a face of worry because of the new opponent, but Chifuyu and Madoka showed a face filled with seriousness due to one name, 'The Legendary Pilot'. The one pilot that actually defeated them during their career as an IS pilot, and disappeared after their fateful duel. To set up a trial of the 'Legendary Pilot' after their defeat, makes them assumed that new challengers are waiting to face this legendary adversary.

"The 'Legendary Pilot'..."

"She's back.?!"

"Um..Orimura-sensei, Madoka-sensei, is it true that the rumored 'Legendary Pilot' actually exists?"

"I will not tell you this much Yamada but, she does exist..."

"We just don't want to talk about it..."

As Maya read their faces, she assumes that both of them have met the 'Legendary Pilot'.

'I don't think they really want to talk about it..Who is the Legendary Pilot anyways but since it's coming from them I guess she does exist.'

"Hmph, that idiot. Wanting to face against the Legendary Pilot herself? I guess there's nothing to do to stop her."

"I suppose it can't be helped...I hope she survives once she face her."

"Um, is it really okay to say such things so casually?"

"Ah Yamada-sensei, please have some coffee, you must be lacking of sugar. Madoka-sensei, if you would do the honor."

"Alright, alright I know what you mean."

Madoka proceed to give her the coffee but she added the salt next to it instead.

"Um Madoka-sensei, that's salt."

"Hm, really?" Madoka takes a rather big sip on the coffee mug, then after she tasted the salted coffee she spits the coffee Maya, drenching her with the salted coffee from her mouth. Fortunately the coffee is cold.

"This coffee is cold!"

"Weren't you're suppose to say it's salty?"

"Well that too I guess."

Maya ran out the room trying to get dressed to something less coffee stained clothes.

And as soon as Maya left, two people entered the room, which is Cecilia and Houki.

"We came as soon as we hear Yamada-sensei crying!"

"Ah really, but you're not really needed to be here don't you? Unless you want to participate this 'trial' as well, Alcott, Shinonono."

"But this is related to the wanted 'Legendary Pilot' isn't it?"

"We wanted to take the trial as well."


"I say why not Chifuyu-nee, I would like to see these guys get pecked by this giant chicken-"


The sound of a coffee mug shattered can be heard.

"Gggggr...Chifuyu-nee, using a coffee mug really!?"

"Ah, but it's really effective to someone like you to realize their place in their current life. Madoka, will you take your job seriously?"

"Geez, I get it Orimura-sensei. Still...do we really want to allow Ichika to face against the 'Legendary Pilot' like we did?"

"I honestly don't know...If it's her reason, she can't really back down now can't she?"


"Orimura-sensei, Madoka-sensei, Please permit me to use my IS!"

"And what is your reason Alcott?"

"I...wanted to face the 'Legendary Pilot' also!"




"...Shinonono, do you want to participate this trial also?"


"Of course, if you want to."


"I'll go."

"Aww, too bad though Houki, the IS are not really available right now due to the system is running a little bit out of control." Madoka had to spill out the beans does she...

'Out of control..?'

"It will take a while...Alcott whenever you're ready."

"Yes Orimura-sensei."

"Aww, it looks like the crowds are still evacuating. Better wait up first Cecilia."

"*Sigh* How frustrating is to wait Madoka-sensei..."

Back at the arena, where Ichika and Rin face off against the first trial towards the legendary pilot continues.

"Tch, I can't believe how fast this chicken is."

"Somehow, it's attack rate is fast."

"Hey Rin, how about using that Impact Cannons to distract that chicken."

"What are you going to do?"

"Slice it with Reiraku Byakuya of course."

"But you've been using it around three times already, how's your shield energy?"

"Geez, around 50."

"Better be careful then Ichijo."

"I swear Rin, you're doing that on purpose."

"Well mines around 150, and the pink chicken is still standing."

Yian Kut ku made a stationary cry a if it was listening to them.

"Do you think it's listening to us?"

"Yeah right."

Yian Kut-ku then makes a quick leap and started pecking Rin.

"Gah, you annoying bird!"

Rin repels the Yian Kut-ku's pecking attack and shoot it using the impact cannons.

Yian Kut-ku was in direct hit with the impact cannons, and seems to be flinching. It was then a change can be shown to Yian Kut-ku, it's beak spews flames randomly.

[Yian Kut-ku, shield energy: 569/1500]

[Enemy Warning: Activated rage mode!]

"Rage mode?"

Yian Kut-ku starting to approach to the nearest target, which is Ichika with double the speed.

"Gah, it's getting faster here, and a lot more of a menace now! Dammit, my shield energy is drained!"

[Maruchi Shiki shield energy:4/600]

Somehow, Ichika managed to hold on onto those last shield energy by using her sword as a shield.

"Rin, distract it now!"

"Hey pink chicken, have a taste of my impact cannons!"

The Yian kut-ku now focus on the next attacker, Rin. Kut-ku grabs on and started pecking Rin repeatedly with double the speed and attack. But Rin managed to block it using her double-bladed weapon, but there is a limit of defense to her weapon though, as Kut-ku continues to peck like mad.

"At this rate..." As Rin was about in a pinch,

"Cecilia, now!"

"Got it!"

Both Ichika and Cecilia fires a shot with their Chou-kaen II and Starlight respectively. Then another change happened, Kut-ku's ears which was folded out started to fold inside and it reverts back into it normal speed.

[Yian Kut-ku: 233/1500]

Yian Kut-ku detects the new enemy Cecilia and started gliding towards her.

Cecilia barely dodged the attack, Kut-ku turns around and spit fireballs at Cecilia and it somehow hit her.

"You're mine Kut-ku!" Ichika let out a battle cry and try to perform her finishing move, the Reiraku Byakuya. But she is right in front of Kut-ku and Kut-ku simply spit it's fireballs directly at Ichika as a counterattack.

"Gah, it's hot!"

[Maruchi Shiki: 0/600. Unable to continue fighting. Shutting down.]

"Well that was anti-climatic.." Cecilia sweat dropped. But no time to help her, Cecilia decided to finish this battle but tried to keep it's distance away from Ichika.

Yian Kut-ku, with little shield energy left, decided to use last resort attack on both Rin and Cecilia. And the last resort attack was rushing towards them.

"Hmph, missed me!" Cecilia fires her shot along with her BITs and using a tracker missile to finish off the Yian Kut-ku.

And with it's death cry, Yian Kut-ku falls down and deactivates itself.

"I won the first trial..."

Cecilia sighed in relief.

"I guess we all did, sort of."

And the arena was filled with applause from the evacuated students, which were evacuated due to emergency reasons that the Yian Kut-ku was defeated. Although Ichika isn't really happy about this, and the fact she suffered burns from the last fireball.

After the battle, Ichika went to the infirmary to treat her burns. The burns were not severe and should be expected to heal within a few days. As she was still in the infirmary, Rin came and greeted her.

"Hey Ichijo..."


"Um...how should I say this to you right now...um, let me think."

"Spit it out Rin, I can take it."

"What an idiot you are, attacking that pink fireball spitting bird in front! I guess you deserve those burns after all."

"Hey Rin, If you were actually distracting that Kut-ku, I would actually land that last hit."

"Hey don't blame me you idiot!"

"You calling me an idiot Rin..."

"Well you are practically one!"

"How about you say that again Gragh!"

"Wait, hold on you idiot, you're injured!"

"Oh like I care right now!"

The conversation ended up in a fight. And the witnesses are the nurse, and the newly arrived friends Cecilia and Houki.

"Uh...should we leave them alone Shinonono-san?"

"I guess we came here for nothing after all..."

And just like the way they arrived, they quickly left the infirmary awkwardly.

After those two left, Chifuyu and Madoka saw the fight and for some reason, they don't even bother stopping them.

"*sigh* Brings back memories doesn't it Orimura-sensei?"

"Sure...Nurse, if they are injured after this fight make sure you put them on separate beds."

"Yes Orimura-sensei."


It seems Yian Kut-ku has done it's job, now I shall wait for it's return. Hopefully the IS academy is kind enough to repair it, and if they would repair the Yian Kut-ku, I should expect it's return in around a week.

Now regarding about the next trial, when shall I commence the second trial, and who will be willing enough to be the second trial opponent?

Should I appoint someone from another dimension and assumed it into an IS form, my own security guards which are IS musumes with some enhancement, or create another one on my own?

If she were determined to face the Legendary Pilot, she must better improve herself after the last trial, and thus the purpose of this trial in the first place.

Now, after learning that my prototype has worked the way I had hoped, now it's time to continue this trial.

Starting with, appointing the right person or machine for the job.

Then after that, pick the right date or event to commence the next trial.

And after that, watch the trial commence as I will watch her grow into a fine IS pilot and would one day face against the Legendary pilot herself.



I'm not sure what to say to her but...good luck Orimura Ichika, may your dreams still be standing.

Somewhere in Ireland

A young man is busy repairing and maintaining an IS unit, a very unique IS unit. People might say it is Ireland's secret IS. This 18 year old man is named Luke Lincoln. One can tell this is Luke because of his short messy golden brown hair, sharp forest green eyes, medium brow, strong jaw and a blackened scar across the back of his neck.

This person is considered a mechanical genius, but not really as the same as others, and the method of his research is simply powerful. He is rather creative in his methods, even theory researching, even the most ridiculous thing he would gather where most people won't even bother to look.

The IS he is working on are a chimera type of an IS: one part Knight, one part Dragon and one part Wolf. This would make the original Chimera's cousin,of course not literally. The name for this IS according to Luke is called [Force Nova]. A dark green, almost black, with white energy and rust orange highlights. And the unique thing about this IS, is that Luke designed and built this IS himself excluding the core.

Luke himself is not an extrovert type of person, he rarely goes out. This is probably because he has no friends outside the internet, and the fact that he's involved in the military due to his fathers connection with the military. His father is the general in the military and he won't accept his son if he were not to get enough exercises. Though he has an internet friend called 'SuperPinkBunny001', and the identity of this friend is top secret.

"Well, that takes care of that." Luke finishes with his task and proceed to do his individual task.

The IS stood proud as the repairs and maintenance are completed.


Well that takes care of that, first trial is the Yian Kut-ku, a rather small flying wyvern from Monster Hunter which belonged to Capcom.

Now regarding about the second trial, who or what shall it be, and when will it happened?

Luke Lincoln? Not really my OC actually. So I there's a chance I might screw up on this and I hope it doesn't screw up really badly.

Oh well till then, it's either Dragons Roar or Knight of Solitude next, though it will take time...