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Ring Ring Ring


A phone was ringing. The phoned was being picked up.


The one who receives the phone call greet in confusion as he didn't have any friends with his contact number, let alone does he had any friends at all.

"Hello...Luke Lincoln...I'm sure you've known the Valhalla inc. yes?"

It was a woman's voice on the phone.


The man named Luke Lincoln who received the call from his phone was completely shocked.

Luke was shocked when he heard the name Valhalla inc., because a few years ago while doing his personal project of creating a personal IS by his own hands, and incident occur where a building was assumed terrorized by an unknown IS. The scale of destruction was massive and Luke was nearby the destroyed building.

After the disaster, Luke was the only witness outside the building. But with no leads to whoever was responsible after all those years, Luke was accused and framed as a suspect responsible for terrorism and was to be expected to go on trials in the coming months.

The company that suffered that disaster was Valhalla inc., at least that's what people said about the building. The truth was never revealed to the public...nor there was the truth to the company building at all.

"Who are you?!"

"I am the CEO of the Valhalla inc.. I have heard about your troubles regarding to a certain incident."

"Listen to me, whoever you are, if this is a prank call, I will personally find you and I will reveal that the faker you are and tell them to that company!"

"Is that so, then how is it possible for me to reach you in the first place Luke Lincoln...?"


"And besides, even if I'm a faker how would you report me to Valhalla Inc. where it is infamously secretive?"


"Will you listen to what I am about to say Luke Lincoln...?"

"What do you want?"

"I want you to play in a role..."


"Come to Japan...and find the main building. Do not worry I will give reservations for you directly, You will be leaving this Saturday."


Beep beep beep. The phone call ended.

"Valhalla inc..."

Luke stood in silence as he experiences something that everyone wanted to find out, the Valhalla inc.

The Valhalla inc. is infamously to be extremely exclusive and only a few people were able to go there aside from the workers there. For Luke, it is either an opportunity or a threat.

Nonetheless he would risk it to go inside Valhalla inc. and hears what the CEO has to say to him.

Saturday morning

Luke had packed his bag, told his relatives and goes to the airport.

It has been a wonderful day for Luke, but after receiving the phone call from a woman who claims herself as the CEO of the Valhalla inc.

Aside from his luggage, he brought a briefcase, which contains the IS [Force Nova]. After his relatives found out about the phone call after Luke explains them, they told him to bring the IS with him, as they thought they would evaluate the IS, or maybe doing a negotiation with Luke.

For Luke, even he doesn't understand why would the most private company would like him to go to their main building in Japan.

Thanks to his father's connection with the Irish military, he was able to travel with the IS for military purposes. Though no one really knows who piloted the Force Nova. In fact no one has ever piloted the Force Nova, Luke himself have built the IS for three years, and yet it has assigned to no pilot whatsoever.

Luke is still hesitating to the instruction that filled him since yesterday.

'Play in a role...what the hell is she talking about..?'

"Next flight to Japan in fifteen minutes please be ready."

The announcement broke Luke's train of thought, it was about to leave his hometown and bid farewell to his relatives.

"Luke, please be careful, that company has little information to give."


"Luke, you better know what you're doing. I'm not going to accept a second-rate son!"

"Yes Dad!"

And off he goes to the land of Japan.


...So the next trial has yet to be decided. I hope that new comer will help me as soon as he reaches here.

Currently I'm setting a meeting with my acquaintances to discuss about how to continue the next trial for the heroine-to-be Orimura Ichika.

"Onii-sama, the new comer will be arriving soon. Approximately at Sunday morning." My ever reliable imouto/butler told the news.

"Hm..a new member? Must be lack of manpower. Or are we involving him to our affairs entirely?"

"Probably the latter Charles..."

"Hm..I guess an addition can't be that bad."

The man right next to me is my so-called messenger or my 'Ushiwakamaru' Charles. Truly a French man somehow fully influenced by Japanese culture. That is why he is wearing a traditional Japanese outfit, a kimono, a hakama with a geta, also has a winged IS like headgear which grants him spiritual powers.(Please completely imagine Charles as Ushiwakamaru or Waka for short from Okami. As for the headgear please refer to the Silver Gospel.)

"Now, who shall accompany Luke when he arrives here?" I stood up to announce it.

"OOHH OOHH, GOLEM WANT TO GO!" The one who led the Yian Kut-ku also joined in the meeting.

"Slow down my giant armed machine maiden, you will not go outside this building alone."


"Obviously IS are not similar to humans, especially to non-piloted ISes. You will definitely stand out to the crowd. I shall accompany Luke, with the twin maidens."

"Very well...Let's prepare." I clapped my hands once to end this meeting.

"Yes sir!"


At a certain airport early morning, specifically before Dawn, Luke arrived at Japan where he should wait for someone who was looking for him. He looks around and founds a man in a rather traditional outfit.

"Oh, Are you Luke Lincoln?" The traditionally dressed man approached him. And next to him was a girl who has a huge built and the obviously large mechanized arms, and the rest of her body. She has a little picture between her fingers. She looks at Luke's face intently and the picture she hold repeatedly.


"Honestly Ma Cherie, why do you decide to come with us?"


"Sigh, suit yourself Golem. Just go with them."



"Well then Luke, shall we be in our way?"

"Uh yes."

Luke went along with the traditionally dressed man which eventually led to a limousine.


Luke was surprised to see a limousine in front of his eyes.

"Shall we?" The traditionally dressed man went into the limousine and Luke followed suit.

It was a comfortable ride, as expected from a limousine.

Luke somehow become relaxed slightly.

'Phew, 22 hours on that plane is a big pain in the ass, now I'm on a limousine? Maybe a little relaxation wouldn't hurt.'

"So Luke Lincoln, you are aware what you are about to be involved into?"

"Now that you mention it-"

"But let's save that for later."


On the driver's seat, two blonde twins were arguing about something.

"Hey Valeria, it's my turn to drive!"

"No Onee-san, it's my turn!"

"Hey you two, instead of arguing in front of the VIP, how about actually start driving seriously?"

"A-Ah yes Charles!"


"Ah, I haven't introduced my haven't haven't I? I'm Charles Ushiwakamaru."

"I'm sorry,what?"

"Just call me Charles if you can't pronounce my last name, nice to meet you."



"Well then, consider yourself the first outsider to ever enter the Valhalla inc."

"Wait, I'm the first?!"

"Yes, this company is THAT exclusive."

"I see..."

Luke has now arrived at the gates of the company main building, where it is heavily guarded by sword wielding machine maidens, Uchigane.

"Ah Ushiwakamaru-sama, you've arrived along with the special quest."

The Uchigane guards greeted Charles and let's them enter the front of the building.

Luke was impressed of how many the guards are in the front of the building, even more surprised by the fact that all of them looked similar to each other.

Luke looks up and see the height of the building, rather a tower in his mind.

And as Luke enters the building, is was surprisingly contrast the look outside, like is seems traditional and the futuristic look were combined together.

"Impressed? The CEO has the idea of traditional looks."

"I see why you wore that kimono."

"This? This is just according to my preference alone."

Charles guided Luke to what seems to be the CEO room, which Charles knocked the door.

"It's me, and I brought him with me."

"Good, come in and him as well."


Luke recognized that voice immediately, it was the woman's voice in his phone around two days ago.

Both of them come in into the CEO room and what they found was a woman sitting on an office chair looking at Luke as if she was sizing him up.

"Hmph, I see you have made it Luke, and you have also trusted me. Please sit down."

Luke does as she told him, sitting on the nearby chair near the table the CEO sits.

"Now before I would ask you of something, would you like to say something to me?"

"Ah yes, what is it about that 'play in a role' thing?"

"I would have expected that you would ask that question. Luke Lincoln, I want you to be part of the Legendary Pilot trial."


Luke stood up and raises his voice.

"Please calm yourselves, and I am not kidding about you being part of the Legendary Pilot trial."

"The Legendary Pilot is really back?!"

"You seemed surprised Mr. Lincoln, care to explain it to me?"

"Back when I was still in Ireland, I've heard rumors from the military that the Legendary Pilot returned recently."

"I see..."

"And about this trial..."

"Yes, it is related to the legendary pilot herself. Mr. Lincoln, I know this might seems changing the topic but do you know about the unusual retirement of the twin IS pilots?"

"Oh yes, about Orimura Chifuyu and Orimura Madoka, the two strongest IS pilots suddenly retired for unknown reason..."

"Ah, but if you dig deep enough, one name stands out related to their retirement, and that name was..."

"The 'Legendary Pilot'...They say that she was the reason for their retirement."

"Correct..She is now the single most powerful IS pilot in the world."

"And Mr. Lincoln, you seemed to have an extraordinary mechanical ability, which is why I summoned you here."

"I've heard you've created an IS by yourself wasn't it?"

"Uh..yes, with some help from an internet friend."

"May I see it?"

'Wow, dad was on the spot when he said to bring Force Nova with me.'

Luke gives the woman the Force Nova for her to take a look. The woman looks at the IS stand-by mode immediately.

"Interesting, you have made such a fabulous machine. Ah if you would mind, insert this to this IS." The woman reveals a microchip in her hands and gives it to Luke along with her IS.

"You might want to do it later because, since it is Sunday..."


"I would like you to do something for me, I would like you to retrieve this unit from the IS academy."

The CEO woman showed Luke the details of the mentioned unit.

"Yian Kut-ku...?"

"I've already asked the IS academy authorities and I mentioned your name, here's your pass to the monorail and the IS academy entry pass. Please don't take too long there."

"Somehow, it's my first day here and I'm already assigned for work...why do I have to do this?"

"Don't you want to clear your name, and you're a soldier so no complaining here Okay?"

"Okay boss..."

Luke leaves the room, but before he opened the door,

"Oh, and you'll be staying here in this tower until I'm done with you."


"And have a nice first day in Japan~!"

And at that point Luke sweat dropped and proceed to his next destination.

As he left, a certain man appeared at the office through an alternate door.

"He arrived...imouto."

"Yes Onii-sama, I'm pretty sure he'll be playing his role with no troubles."

Soon after, Charles arrived through the door Luke enters.

"Now, what's the next plan?"




"Charles, you should pay a little visit to the heroine-to-be Orimura Ichika.."

"She should be at the Gotanda Eatery..."

"A little visit...I shall pay her a 'visit' then."

After receiving his next order, he flew away from the window and headed to the Gotanda Eatery.


Mou, what a dump.

Nonetheless, it's the first Sunday I'm actually out in the IS academy and honestly it's good to get out of IS academy at least one day since the rate of going out of the IS academy is very low and that excludes summer and winter vacations.

Right now I'm in the Gotanda residence, half restaurant and half house.


"So? So what?"

Hey Dan, there are some thing you should not do while playing a fighting game, and that is talking to your opponent while fighting. I mean, that's pretty basic, unless Dan wanted to overthrow me using this method.

"How's your life as an IS student, surely something awesome has happened for the past two months?"

"Well, I'm not going to complain but at the first month there I got the chance to grope someone's boobs that's from another country."

"Oh, which country?"

"England, she has such awesome melons."

"Geez, you're one lucky bisexual girl!"

"That is if you don't count being slapped hard on the face afterward."

"Haha, I can definitely imagine you being slapped hard, over and over again..."

"But that does not compete with Houki's."

"Houki?...you mean your first childhood friend was it?"

"Yup, my first childhood friend is a real busty babe!"

"Yeah, saying it out loud with a chance that Ran would heard that is a pretty smart move..."

"Six years of not seeing each other somehow change my view about Houki, if you know what I mean?"

"I definitely know what you mean."

We both laughed heartedly at our conversation, but that was short lived because...

"Woohoo, I win!"

"Hey, that's not fair Dan!"

"Oh yes it is, Ichijo."

"I demand a rematch!"

"OK then, we'll use different characters now."

As I requested for a rematch, I heard the door just kicked out.

"Onii, hurry up and eat already. Lunch is ready—Ichika-san?"

"Hey Ran, you didn't overheard our conversation did you?"

"What conversation?"


"Hey Ran, how many times do you have to do that, you could just knocked the door you know?"

"As if you're going to respond when I knock the door anyway."

"Aye, Ran that hurt."

"By the way Ichika-san, you're going to stay here for lunch?"

"Uh sure, I have things to do at home later anyways."

"Ah good."

After speaking to me, Ran gives a glare at her big brother. And Dan somehow shrinked.

"Why didn't you tell me that she will be here..?!"

"Oh I didn't , my bad.."

"Geez Dan, as if I'm an unwelcoming guest here."

Even though it's not really fully summer the weather has been a little too hot lately. Ran, which is my friend Dan's little sister, wears shorts and a sleeveless vest, an outfit used for functionality. Somehow I wore a short sleeved T-shirt and shorts, and my hair is short for those who are wondering, giving me that rebellious tomboy image, well I am practically a tomboy anyway.

Dan sighed as Ran left, giving an slightly depressed look.

"Hey, Ichika let's play some time later, let's go downstairs."

As he said that, my stomach is making a rumbling sound.

"...Really Ichika."

"...My bad."

We left Dan's room and headed downstairs, through the back door and then took a turn to the front door of the dining area.

Even though it's troublesome, Dan did say before that 'thanks to this set-up, our private lives won't be affected by the business'. Normally to people, the definition of a family is just to make the people who're staying in the house feel comfortable. Doesn't anyone feel that a house that's set up so nicely in TV is hard to live in? No wait, the most important thing is that the residents find it comfortable. I'll leave out the rest.




Dan let out that voice of disgust, and I peered over from behind him to look.

Our lunch's already prepared and laid out on the table, and someone's already sitting there.

"What? You have some complain? If you want to, onii can go eat alone outside."

"Did you hear that, Ichika? Those super gentle words make me wanna cry!"

Sitting over there is Ran. And I suppose it isn't really brotherly of me to play along with Dan who's acting like he's wiping his tears off.

"Come on Dan, man up will you? It should be alright for us to have lunch. Besides, there are other customers around. Let's hurry up and sit."

"Sheesh, coming from a girl really makes me want to 'man up'." Dan sarcastically replied.

"That's right Baka-nii, hurry up and sit down."

"Okay okay.."

"By the way Ichika-san, how's life in the IS academy?"

Ran asked me the same question Dan asked me earlier.

"Well, it was a nice place and uh...lots of old friends."


After I answered my question, Ran seems to stare at me suspiciously.

"U-huh, yeah..."

"Why are you staring at me suspiciously Ran?"

"It's just that...um I feel bad for the other girls at the IS academy.."

"What's that suppose to mean?!"

"You know what I'm talking about Ichika..."


"Don't tell me you're referring to that locker incident a year ago?!"

Dan snickers as I mentioned that, Dan you're not helping here.

Let's just say a year ago, I was involved in a panty raid which I organized alone and it failed drastically. My girl admirers screamed as they saw me holding their panties and the result were not pretty. But she still want me regardless of that incident. But as Ran here heard about that incident, she started to see me in a new light.

"Come on Ran, I'm not that much of a pervert."

"Yeah sure..." Again with that tone, something tells me she doesn't trust me these days when it comes to me with other girls.

"Ichika-san, have you been visiting your admirers lately?"

"Hm, now that I think about it, some of them are in the IS academy as different class."


Somehow Ran's way of talking changed suddenly.

"Next year..."



"Ah Ichika-chan, I never expected to see you for quite a while, Aren't you suppose to be at the IS academy."

Out of almost nowhere Grandpa Gen, well Dan and Ran's grandpa appeared to the dining table.

"Ah, Gramps."

"Still the same tomboy from the neighborhood I see."

"Yup, I have duties at home to deal with so I might as well stop by and meet my friends."

"Ho ho, the importance of friends and family is very beautiful. Ran-chan, you should remember that when you're going to the IS academy next year."

"Eh, Ran's going to the IS academy next year?!"

"Um yes Ichika-san. How should I say this, I hope you can take care of me and guide me as your kouhai."

Her bright smile let out that innocent look of a kouhai already.

"Hey Ichika, I'll leave Ran over to you then next year. Just don't involve her into uh...some of your 'activities'."

Dan gives off that kingly grin, like when he entrusts his most valued possessions to his most trusted knight. That's weird, since when he's the king and I'm the knight?

Ran glares at her brother deeply.


"What? I'm just giving you a warning."

"Don't worry, I doubt that Ichika-san would involve me into her perverse activities."

"Why would I?"

"Hey mom, do you think Ichika will be a good senpai?"

Dan asked her mom, Ren, which I admit is rather a lot older than she looks. One day I have to ask her her secrets of youth since she looks like a sixteen year old teenage girl.

"I don't see why not?"

"Well then, if everyone agrees, you better take responsibility then Ichijo."



I should have expected of him to call me by that name eventually anyways.

"Hey Ichijo, how about a little round at the arcades later?"

"Hmph, it's been a while since I've been to the arcades. You're on Dan!"

Ren-san let out a small laugh.

"Somehow I'm rather glad that you two are best friends. But Ichika-san, have you considered dating my son after having a date with my daughter?"

As Ren-san said that Ran were startled and start coughing due to choking. I don't know why but she mentioned about her daughter so casually.

"Me, with him?"

"Me, with her?"

"Yeah, let's just say we will be remain friends after the first date..."

"...Or maybe it's possible."

Me and Dan exchange looks for a few seconds and we started to turn around blushing by the though of us having a date with each other.

Later as Dan would suggested for me, I went to the arcades to have some fun, and Ran is joining us.

"So Ichijo, what are we going to start first, air hockey?"

"Oh that is too easy, especially against you."

"Hey I have been improved since my last defeat!"

"Yeah sure..."

"Don't think of me as the-huh?"

As Dan stopped, the three heard of us heard a melody. A song from a flute. I looked around for the source for the song. We are on the streets and no one is here aside from us three. Then I looked up to a pole and I saw a man playing with a flute wearing a rather stand out outfit, a pink kimono and purple hakama, a traditional wear back at the last thousand years or so. I also noticed that he's wearing geta socks, a one toothed get and an IS like mechanical headgear that represents wings. From what I see, he has blond hair, much more golden than Cecilia's and one thing that stands out is that he has a katana stashed to his hakama.

He stops playing the flute and looks at me.

"Bonjour ,are you the one who called Orimura Ichika?"

"Uh yes..."

"Behold, the messenger of the 'Legendary Pilot' Charles is here."

The man named Charles leaps out of the pole and slowly descend towards in front of us thanks to the hovering of his wings. Despite the geta, he managed to stand up properly.

In an instant, he spins his flute, holds it with both of his hands, enlarging the gap between his two hands, and revealed his flute has a bright green glow shaped into a beam saber.

All three of us are rather surprised, and it's not over yet. He then performs some sort of a sword dance and unsheathed his katana and performs a dual blade stance.

"Greetings Orimura Ichika and friends, You shall taste the power of my sword, prepare your IS!"

It's even barely a minute and he picked a fight with me. And since he mentioned 'Legendary Pilot', he must be related to her.

"Stand back you two." As I command them, they back down to safety from the oncoming battle.

"Come forth Maruchi Shiki!" I summoned my IS, this is by far the first time I summoned my IS without wearing a proper equipment, but I don't have a choice in this situation right now as Charles charges towards me with blinding speed.

I blocked his strike using Yukihira type II and he and I are are on a battle of attrition.

"Let us dance to this moment in battle Ma Cherie." He pulls back and recover his stance.

"Ichika-san, who is this man?"

"I don't know, but he is French and related to the 'Legendary Pilot'."

"The 'Legendary Pilot', you sure you want to take the Pilot down Ichijo?"

"Yes, to reach for the top in IS piloting."

I deploy my second weapon, the Chou-Kaen type II and starts aiming at Charles.

As I fire my shots, he actually deflects them with his beam sword instead of dodging it and lunges forward towards me.

Having no choice, I have to switch into Yukihira and perform close combat with him. And right now, I'm at a disadvantage because he has two swords and I only have one, and since he's right close to me I can't use my gun against me.

His swift swordplay slowly depleted my shield energy like there's no tomorrow, and I can't get into the defensive whatsoever because my IS is focused on total offense. With little choice I managed to parry his attacks at the last second.

Charles backs off the second time, and started to lunge his beam sword forward and performs a thrust attack, and thanks to his angel like wings which gives him a boost somehow he struck a final blow.

And my final shield energy is around one hundred. And for some reason, Charles stopped attacking.

"Hm...I would rather say you are either let your guard down or you are underestimating me, either way it is rather disappointing just like the first trial Ma Cherie."

His beam sword turns back into a flute and sheathed his katana as he talks to me, folds his arms and still standing.

"Then again, it's only been a month you have IS piloting lessons..."

"You said your name is Charles right?"

"I did introduced myself as the messenger of the 'Legendary Pilot' didn't I Ma Cherie Orimura Ichika?"


"Tell me, did the 'Legendary Pilot' was responsible for the retirement of my twin sisters?"

"If you want me to confirm that, yes she is responsible for their retirement in that fateful battle."

"Then how come the world haven't heard of it then?"

"That battle was held in a secret location and no details of it was shared."


"In any case, my time with you today has come to an end. Before I bid you adieu, I have something to say to you. How is it getting burned by a Yian Kut-ku?"

"How you'd know about that?"

"Obviously Yian Kut-ku is also related so I expect to know that."

"And one last thing, 'A silver haired maiden will be an obstacle for you to face against in the upcoming battle. Get psyched baby!'"

"What was that about?!"

"You will see in the future. Au revoir baby." And just like that, Charles left in an instant as his wings on his headgear expands and flies away.




"Ichika-san, are you alright?"


"Ichijo, are you alright, say something?"




"...Oh, I'm fine."

"So no arcade today?"


"Probably just a few games or so..."

"Well then, time's a wasting, let's go."

Meanwhile, Luke

Here I am, at the prestigious IS academy. I made it past to the monorail and I'm at the main entrance of the academy. Security guards are obviously looking out and check for visitors. And as I faced the security,

"Hold it right there! Luke Lincoln was it? They say that you're going to retrieve that pink bird-like IS correct?"

"Yes, I'm Luke Lincoln of the Valhalla inc. and where can I find Yian Kut-ku?"

"In Arena 3, better be careful though, it pecks just about anyone who lashes into it's territory."


"Well, what are you waiting for?"


I went inside no problem, and as I went into the IS more women passing by as I'm reaching to my next destination. Obviously this place is filled with women including the staffs. Although I have caught a glimpse of the map of the IS academy, it does not compare with the real thing.

I was instructed to retrieve Yian Kut-ku from the IS academy and I'm rather alone here even though I know the procedures to this place, without any guide this will be more than a walk in a park.

Eventually I made it to Arena 3 through much time investigating the place without any map. And What I saw is what I would almost expected. The Yian Kut-ku appears to be sleeping, guess I better do it now.

"Stop, what are you doing here? This area is off limits!"

Then a girl with a long ponytail tied from a ribbon approached me.

"Hmm..You're Shinonono Houki right, the one who won the national Kendo tournament last year?"

"Well forget about that, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to retrieve that IS."

"Are you crazy, the staff can barely handle that IS, how is a man like you will be safe from that IS?"



"I have no idea, but I'll go retrieve it anyway."

"Fine, it's not going to be my fault if you're hurt because of it."

I approached the Yian Kut-ku and it wakes up as I got close to it. We exchange looks and after a few seconds, and Yian kut-ku let out a gentle cry and transform itself into a keychain. Probably it recognizes me already as the member of the Valhalla inc.

"That makes things easier.."

As I reached to the Yian Kut-ku key chain, lots of girls and women surrounded me with that shocked face, I can't really understand why though.

"How did you do that?! It's impossible for us to calm it down!"

"What in the world did you do?!"

"Why is Yian Kut-ku turn into stand by mode when you do it?"

"Explain yourself then.."

Somehow I got hit by barrage of question on how I managed to turn this seemingly menacing IS into a tiny key chain.

After I made an escape from the barrage of question, Charles was standing into the entrance of the Valhalla inc. building.

"Let me guess, having trouble with the ladies?"

"You could say that..."

"Come with me for a while, she wants something to discuss something with you."


I went back to that room where I met that mysterious CEO, which I don't know her name since she didn't introduced herself.

"Ah Mr. Lincoln I see you have some difficulties about your first task."

"Yes, I had to fill in the details."

"Ah yes, did you put that microchip I gave you into your IS?"

"Yeah, just now actually."

"I want you to try and pilot your IS."


"You heard me."

"But IS are being piloted by women."

"Maybe so, just try."

I look at [Force Nova], the IS I created and proceed to touch it. And as soon as I touched it, bits of information flowing on to me,is this how IS pilots felt when they touched an IS?

I closed my eyes for a while and when I opened my eyes, I was piloting my own created IS. I don't know how I felt when I'm piloting an IS, especially my own personal creation. But as soon as I realize I was piloting Force Nova, I sense something wrong.

I have breasts, the ones that women have. I touched them just to make sure and to my surprise, it's real!

"Well Mr. Lincoln or should I say Ms. Lincoln, how's the microchip I gave you?"

I continued to grab my bosoms in disbelief.

"I'm sorry what?" My voice also changes.

"You seemed to be having fun playing yourself aren't you Ms. Lincoln?"

"I just can't believe it..."

I looked at the reflection in the window and I have transformed fully into a girl.

"What kind of whatever is this?!"

"It's what my brother calls it a 'Venus Chip'. Simply insert it into any IS and any male would touched the IS with the chip inserted with enable them to transformed into a girl and enables them to pilot an IS. Although it only works on one male and IS on each chip...And you can only pilot an IS if you're a female if you know what I mean.."

I look upon my new body and aside from being turned int a girl as soon as I pilot my Force Nova, nothing really changes much, my old messy hair, scar, everything is practically the same. I'm looking at the genderswap of myself which is rather arousing and yet disturbing.

"Ms. Lincoln, You may have changed into a girls body doesn't mean you lose your mentality."

"I don't think you have to tell me that though...I'm still feeling like a man, or second-rate son according to dad. You said about 'brother' earlier, you have a brother?"

"Yes, big brother actually. He created the 'Venus Chip' as he was researching on IS. And..."

As she was about to finish, the door opened and revealed a rather tall man with a ponytail, shorter that that girl Houki I met earlier, and along with him is Charles.

"Ah Onii-sama, you've returned."


"The Yian Kut-ku has returned thanks to him."



"...Time to proceed with the next plan."

The CEO stands up off her chair and that man sits on it.

"Ah Mr. Lincoln, I would like to meet the true CEO of this company, my beloved Onii-sama Rukotaro."



"...Nice to meet you. So you're not the the real CEO? No need to answer that actually. So when will be my next task?"

"...Until further notice, for now train with your IS. Operation time with human pilots is key to maximize IS performance."

"I suppose I should comply to that, by the way, am I going to be permanently be a girl?"

"Only when using an IS, however with enough operation time, you can transform freely back and forth even through the IS standby form." The replacement CEO told me.

"If that's the case..."

"And also, you will be fighting this girl in the near future." The woman who is still I don't know who she is besides being a replacement CEO gives me a picture of a familiar girl.

"...Orimura Ichika?" This girls has been infamous after a certain incident happened to her around two years ago.

"Yes, you will have fun fighting her and you will expect to fight her multiple times."

"I guess I will fight her."

Somehow, my life just gotten more interesting, to say the least.


Damn it, I just lost to another person relating to the 'Legendary Pilot' and the way he said it, it seems I need to work harder than usual.

It's past 6 now, and having returned to my dorm room, I'm lying on the bed, resting. I shake my arm that's somewhat tired and naturally look towards the bed beside me.

I need to find a way to improve myself I need to face many opponents, against other classes, practice is no longer enough. I already lost two in a row and I'm not going to set it on three.

Now it's that time where I look into the school events, and just as I was hoping for—The Individual Divisional Tournament.

As its name indicates, it's an individual tournament, and it will be held the entire week. As for the reason why, it's because everyone's required to take part.

Each grade has about 120 students. As there are so many people taking part in it, the scale of this tournament's pretty big. The school will use this chance to assess the talent level of the first years, the growth and learning abilities of the second years, and the in-depth combat abilities of the third years.

The third year tournament is all the more important-forget about the scouts from the IS related enterprises, even the high-ranked officials of all the countries seem like they will be here. This makes me realize and admire that fact that I've really entered an amazing school.

However, there's one company that doesn't scout like the other IS related enterprises and high-ranking officials, and that's the Valhalla inc. from what I've heard in this academy, that company has never made an appearance, not even one single representative from that company comes here in this special events. Such a mysterious company Valhalla inc. is.

And then what had Charles said to me just before he left, ''A silver haired maiden will be an obstacle for you to face against in the upcoming battle. Get psyched baby!". I wonder what he meant by that?

Ugh, I'm too tired to think about that now, I just want to go to sleep.

The Next Day

"Good morning, everyone."

"Good, good morning sensei!"

Chifuyu-nee entered after Yamada -sensei tried to look over the class, and where's Madoka-nee?

"From today onwards, we'll be having practical training. As there are training suits, we'll be using ISs, so everyone must pay attention! Don't forget to put on the school regulated attire before you get your own IS suits. Anyone who forgets will have to wear the school swimsuit and truit! And as for that person, well, she can wear a bikini for all I care."

I swear the way Chifuyu-nee looks at me like that makes me think that she really likes me to wear a bikini when piloting an IS. I bet she also go to such extent that she wants me to wear a bikini in a daily basis, or maybe my whole life.

"Orimura, you're bleeding from your nose again. You're thinking of perverted thoughts, are you? And Madoka-sensei is waiting at the arena and preparing the IS."

Let me add on. The regulated IS suits has a rather simple design, tight-fitting sleeveless vest and matching shorts. But you may wonder why is it that the school has to specially provide one for everyone when they have their own regulated ones. That's because a 100 people can have 100 types of IS. Of course, not everyone can have their own personal suits, so it's really hard to tell how usable their suits are. But at least this is a respect to the girls who love to follow the melancholic girls' hearts?

On a side note, once one has the right to have a personal IS, the suit will be deployed at the same time as the IS, removing the time needed to change clothes, so it's really easy. And its noticeable that the worn clothes will be scattered into elementary particles and then kept in the database of the IS, or something like that. To be honest, I don't really remember the explanation regarding this, so it's better not to ask too much.

Anyway, it's just 'POW, flash, and transform', extremely easy to understand.

However, this direct mode that also includes the IS really drains a lot of energy, thus, it's better to deploy an IS normally and put on an IS suit unless it's a critical situation. Which is why I felt tired after I fought Charles.

"Then, Yamada-sensei, please begin the homeroom."


After the briefing, Chifuyu-nee hands it over to Yamada-sensei, but Yamada-sensei seem to be rubbing her eyes as she frantically puts her glasses back, looking like a panicking puppy.

"Well, today, I'll be introducing some transfer students, and there are two of them."



On hearing the introduction of transfer students, everyone in the class exploded. Can't be helped, to the class that feeds on gossip even during their meals, it's to be expected that they would be shocked now that a transfer student slipped past their information network, and there are two of them.

(But why our class...? Wouldn't they be separated into different classes?)

While I was thinking about this really seriously, the door opens.

"Excuse me."


The moment the class saw the two transfer students, the buzzing quietened down. But not for my case because one of them is...


That one transfer student is Charles!

"Eh, what are you talking about?" 'She' looked nervous, but I doubt it's real.

She seems really shocked though, and so does the whole class including Yamada-sensei and Chifuyu-nee.

"Come on Charles, I know it's you under that disguise, now take it off." This 'girl' is definitely Charles in disguise, and I'm trying to expose this guy by undressing 'her' in front of the class, even f I'm going against Chifuyu-nee's orders.

The reason why I think of this is that yesterday he is similar to this 'girl' in front of me, and the fact that the silver haired girl right next to 'her' is obviously part of his plan and wants to watch in disguise.

As I managed to take her uniform off swiftly so that she wouldn't struggle, and I managed to reveal her undergarments, and just one touch alone I just made a big mistake. Her boobs are real, this is definitely not Charles. Which means...

"ECCHI!" The blonde girl readies her hand, and I somehow know where this goes.

"I'm sorr-"


I am literally flying off and crashing into the wall at the back at the class.

Oh Kami...why?

I actually don't know what to say right now...

But now I'm trying to focus on Dragon's Roar and Knight of Solitude, then maybe continue the prologue of the Orimura Detective agency.


Name: Charles "Ushiwakamaru"

Gender: Male

Job: Messenger of the 'Legendary Pilot'

Weapon: Beam sword and Katana(Dual wield)

Details: A French man who's influenced by Japanese culture. Has raised his swords against Ichika. Works under Valhalla inc.

Name: Luke Lincoln

Gender:Male/Female(IS Pilot)

Job: Mechanic/ IS Pilot

Weapon: IS [Force Nova]

Details: An Irish military mechanic. Has created the IS [Force Nova] and an IS pilot...for a price. Works under Valhalla inc. to clear his name.

Name: Rukotaro-no-Imouto

Gender: Female

Job: CEO by name

Weapon: ?

Details: The sister of the the true CEO of Valhalla inc. Rukotaro. Completely devoted to her brother's research in the IS and her brother in general.

Name: Rukotaro

Gender: Male

Job: True CEO

Weapon: ?

Details: The man who created Valhalla inc. Creates unusual ISes that is not meant to be piloted by humans. Very mysterious.

Upcoming Boss battle


Name: Tigrex (Monster Hunter)

Shield Energy: 4500

Details: A wyvern that retains it's primitive origins. Very prone to violence and highly aggressive in battle.

Chapter name: Tiggy Kitty Ride

Name: Monoblos (Monster Hunter)

Shield Energy: 4500

Details: A wyvern with a large horn in it's head. It's roar is a bane to it's adversaries.

Chapter name: Dig up a Monoblos

Name: Diablos (Monster Hunter)

Shield Energy: 5000

Details: A wyvern with two large horns on it's head. A subspecies of a Monoblos.

Chapter name: Return of Diablos

Name: Greymon (Digimon)

Shield Energy: 4800

Details: A Dinosaur Digimon with a hard helmet on it's head and has sharp claws. Very versatile in battle.

Chapter name: Greymon's debut

Unless you suggest otherwise...

Name: name of opponent (series)

Shield Energy: Range from 3500 to 5000


Chapter name:

Until then, have a satisfying read.