A/N: I only meant it should have an epilogue in the rhetorical sense... but then you guys agreed and I'm still sick so I have the time so why not eh! Mind you this is just gratuitous though...fun, but gratuitous!

The morning sun broke through his blinds sending shafts of light across the room. Sam tried to roll over but his body was heavy and unresponsive. Delicious aches and pains in all the right places brought the last night's activity flooding back and he smiled. He was lying on his bed, face down, one arm dangling over the mattress the other curled under his pillow. He moved his head, crushed his face against the pillow to face the other way and saw her. She was naked too. Face down, turned slightly away from him, one leg stretched out far enough to have her foot off the bed, the other pulled up, her knee to her chest. Her hair was fanned out on the pillow and her arms were under it.

She was still asleep. Slowly, Sam pushed himself up, tried desperately not to disturb her but his pressing need to pee was his main priority. He managed to stand, held his head for a minute while he took in the scene around him. His room was never totally pristine but neither was it a frat house.

But now the bed sheets were tossed and tangled around the floor, the contents that there were once on top of his dresser were scattered around the room. He smiled as he remembered how he tried to carry her in from the bathroom, their bodies slick from the shower. He picked his way through the room to get to the bathroom and couldn't help the laugh that escaped him in there. As he stood before the toilet to relieve himself he looked at the shower door, hanging by one hinge, the shelf was emptied on his shampoo and soaps and instead they were on the floor too.

"Jesus Christ…" he washed his hands and tossed some water on his face then tried to pick up what he could. He took the shower door down and rested it against the wall. Back in the bedroom he examined the state of the room but as his eyes rolled over her body on the bed, all the resolve he had to clean up vanished and instead he got back on the bed.

He crawled up the mattress directly behind her, stretched one arm above his head and the other he draped around her waist. As he got closer and the mattress dipped she rolled towards him and he slid his hand around her torso, pulling her closer. She moaned and though still half asleep she turned her head towards him for a kiss, to which he obliged.

It was a slow languid morning kiss and when his tongue rolled out past her lips she accepted it and caressed it with her own. Soon the kiss changed the field of play. No longer saying "good morning", he was saying "come here". His hand rubbed her stomach, his fingers were splayed out but rather than travel south he slowly moved it up and rubbed the underside of her breasts before taking one and squeezing it. She pushed her breast into his hand and her ass into his crotch with a moan.

He moved his upper hand from beneath the pillow to bring it round to her front. One of her hands reached around to him, squeezed his ass and pulled him closer. She could feel him getting hard and the sense of power that it gave her spurred her on. As his hands worked on her breasts, and his lips on her neck, she moved her hips away from him, to give her hand enough room to grasp his growing erection.

He gasped and his motions stilled for a moment then when he knew he wasn't about to explode then and there he brought what little focus he had back to making her squirm. But no amount of playing with her nipples, or squeezing her breasts seemed to halt or even slow her fingers as they stroked him. She was on a mission so he let her take the controls.

But not all of them.

He kept on hand on her breasts while the other drew a long spiral to her navel, then without preamble he moved it down, through her curls and right into her sweet spot. He wasn't disappointed. She let out a sharp gasp and her grip tightened dangerously on his erection. She was already wet, and he slid his fingers in easily, one then two, her hips moved with his fingers and he bit down on her shoulder.

She lifted her leg, his came in and helped her hold it up higher then she arched her back and angled her hips. He pulled his hand away and used it to guide his erection into place then grabbed her hip and entered her completely in one stroke and a guttural moan.

He looked over her shoulder at her face and there it was. That face he saw while she was sleeping on the couch the other day. Biting her lip, her hand on her torso, her hips moving only this time they were moving against him, his hand came round to press her pelvic bone as he started to move. She twitched around him making him grunt. He moved faster and faster, she gripped the mattress and arched her back, pushed her hips back into him, and matched him thrust for thrust.

Both of them were grunting, moaning, sweating.

"Yeah…" as the words escaped, she clamped her teeth down onto her bottom lip, he clamped his down onto her shoulder, suckling and licking her warm skin.

"I…" he tried to warn her, tried to tell her that this wasn't going to last much longer but she moved her hand down to cover his, pressed his fingers where she wanted them to be and he felt the beginnings of her internal quiver. He took this as consent an abandoned all hope of holding out. He pumped into her until her orgasm exploded and lost it when her whole inner body clenched around him. She went limp in his arms and he followed suit.

After a moment or two of just lying there, trying to catch a breath or a coherent thought Sam rolled over onto his back. The cold whoosh of air tickled his slick skin that was burning up with desire.

"You know…" he said, his voice rasping in the silence. "I can usually last longer than 2 minutes."

"Despite all evidence pointing to the contrary…I believe you." She rolled over onto her back to lie side by side with him. He jabbed her in the ribs with his elbow. "I think I need another shower."

"I've a better idea." He jumped out of the bed and raced out of the room. She saw him go into the bathroom and he emerged moments later but raced past the bedroom to the hotpress. He grabbed a couple of towels then went back into the bathroom. She propped herself up on her elbows and waited for him to return. When he did he stood at the door way, leaned against the frame and crossed his ankles. He smiled at the sight of her lying naked in his sex tousled bed.

"You're beautiful." He was still smiling but all the joviality was gone from his voice. He pushed away from the door and came to stand at the end of the bed. He held his hand out to her and gestured for her to come. She took his hand and he pulled her to him. But before he let her move off the bed, he held her close and kissed her. She was kneeling on the bed, he had one hand at the small of her back, the other at the nape of her neck, her hands were on his waist and their mouths were entwined.

"Okay…c'mon," he said when he pulled away from her, stepped back and gave her room to stand. Still holding her hands he led her to the bathroom. He pushed the door open and gestured for her to walk in first. The bath was filled complete with bubbles and several candles were scattered around the room.

"Oh!" she exclaimed in shock, her hands flying up to her face. "This is amazing!"

He led her in further and tested the water. "Perfect." Then he stepped in, and lowered himself into the water. "C'mon."

He held her hand as she stepped in after him and lowered herself between his legs. He pulled her shoulders back to rest against him and he sighed at the sensation of completeness.

"Comfy?" he asked. Even with Sam behind her, she could still stretch her legs out fully.

"Oh god yes…" her voice came out as a sigh, a complete expulsion of air from her lungs.

"Good. So…" He let his words hang between them.


"Remember the other day when we were on surveillance?" He moved some water over her breasts and lathered the bubbles against her skin.


"Remember when it was over and I had to wake you up? You were asleep on the couch?"

"Yeah." He felt her body shake with a silent chuckle.

"You seemed to be having some kind of dream…"

"I did?"

"Seemed like a sex dream."

"It did?"

"Wanna… tell me?"

"Even if it wasn't about you?"

These weren't the words he was expecting. His hands stilled on her shoulders. He leaned his head closer to her ear and let his tongue run over the rim. "Wasn't it?" his voice was a whisper.

"It was."

"I knew it. Tell. Me. Everything."

"Well…there isn't that much to tell… it didn't last that long…oh… sorry!" She laughed; his hands came round to her sides and tickled her. She tried to squirm away from him but only succeeded in spilling half the bath water over the side of the tub. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" she managed to get out between guffaws of laughter and he stopped his tickling onslaught. Sam reached forward with his foot and turned the hot water tap to top up the bath. She rested back against him and her stroked her hair away from her face.

"So…you gonna tell me?"

"Sam I barely remember."


"All I remember is your hands on my body, in my body, all over it… but it pales in comparison to anything and everything we did last night... and this morning." Sam was satisfied with this response and he let his hands roam over her body to show her. She melted against him, rolled her head to the side so she could look up to see his face. He looked down and kissed her nose. "This is way better than anything I could have dreamt up."

"Yeah." He agreed. He rested his chin on her head and she settled into him further.

After a few moments silence, she thought he might be asleep, his hands stilled on her stomach and his breathing was slow and even. "Sam?"


"Don't fall asleep. I'm not carrying your ass out of this tub!"

"That's a fine thing to say," he murmured. "After me carrying you out of the shower yesterday!"

"Yeah and we nearly wrecked the place in the process. Besides, I'm hungry. How about you go down and rustle up some breakfast."

"How about you do that?"

"I'm your guest!"

"Okay, okay…I'll go." He pushed her forward and stepped out of the tub. He took one of the towels and dried off then wrapped it around his waist. It was a pink fluffy towel that came to his knees.

"Who knew Sam Swarek would have such pretty towels!" she said laughing as he combed his hair back with his fingers.

"Shut up McNally!" he called over his shoulder as he left the room and went down stairs.

Andy took a moment to stretch out fully in the tub then she hopped out and grabbed her own towel. She wrapped her hair in one and dried off with the other. Then she hurried into the bedroom and proceeded to pick up the mess they made. When the floor was clear of debris she stripped the bed an tossed the sheets into the laundry basket. In the hallway she found the hotpress and grabbed some clean sheets. At the top of the stairs she listened to him whistling in the kitchen and knew she wouldn't have long. She put the clean sheets on the bed then went to the bathroom to grab the candles and brought them into his room.

"Andy…" he called up the stairs. "Are you coming down? You must be a prune by now!"

"What?! No room service in this place?" she responded from the landing.

She heard him mutter a response but hurried back into the bedroom. She closed over the blinds so there was less light coming into the room then climbed onto the middle of the freshly made bed an waited for him.

He was coming up the stairs and she could hear some glasses in his hands clinking, she listened as he went into the bathroom.

"Andy?" Then as his hands were full, he kicked the bedroom door open. He stood agape in the doorway at the scene she had created. She had even taken a tee of his from the drawer and put it on. It hung almost to her knees. She was holding one hem up a little higher and was biting her lip. "What's this?" he asked and he put the juice and plates onto the dresser and stepped closer to the end of his bed.

"This is one of my fantasies."

"It seems I'm a little underdressed." He looked down and gestured with both arms at his naked body.

"No you're not, you are perfect." She crawled over to him and pulled him in for a kiss. Then grabbed his shoulders and dragged him onto the bed. He fell onto his back against the cool, clean sheets.

"I thought you were hungry." He asked as she straddled him and sat on his lower torso. His hands came up her legs to stroke her thighs.

"Yeah…what did you make?"

"Orange juice… and poptarts?"

"Poptarts?" She looked around at the plates he had brought in and sure enough there were two poptarts and two glasses of oranges juice.

"I wasn't really expecting guests…"

"Clearly." She bent down and kissed him.

"So far your fantasy seemed to be sitting on top of me and berating my hosting skills!"

Andy laughed. "No, no, this one is way better…If you think you are up for it…?" She ran her tongue along his jaw.

"Was that a challenge McNally?"

"The gauntlet has been thrown down…" her finger tips trailed up and down along his chest.

"First to give…" He pulled his tee off her, over her head and tossed it aside. "Better."

"First to give in…" she moved her lips lower and licked his nipple then kissed it and blew cold air over it. Her tongue continued to move down his chest in a spiralling motion as she shimmied her hips against his growing erection.

"Challenge accepted." He responded as she moved lower still. Her hands draped over his chest, moved in gentle strokes. But when her breasts rubbed his crotch and she continued her journey south he realised this was a challenge he was going to lose, but one he was going to lose spectacularly so he moved his legs apart with only a little nudge from her and closed his eyes to revel in the full sensation and defeat.

Another End.