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I was betrayed
Friends killer the one I love most
My Kingdom was taken from me
My family cannot see the truth about magic
I will win in the fight on magic / I will win in the fight for magic

Uther / Morgana

I was no-one
Now some recognize my worth
I have sacrificed myself for Camelot
My love was taken from me by my Prince
I have betrayed him / I will never betray him

Merlin / Lancelot

I ran away from my family
My Father is dead
I never thought I would see Camelot again
I am now one of the King's most trusted knights
And yet few know of my true roots / And I come from such humble roots

Gwaine / Elyan

I have turned to magic in my time of need
My most precious person died because of it
The witch was the one at fault
Magic is justly outlawed in Camelot
Even the druids will not be spared / Only the Druids will be spared

Uther / Arthur

I am not from Camelot
A commoner elevated to the status of a knight
I came when I received word that the Prince was in danger
I met others who fought bravely and were honoured as I was
I am glad I listened to my friend / I am glad I followed my friend

Lancelot / Percival

I have lived many years in Camelot
I have served under Uther and Arthur
Both trusted me, before and after the Purge
I would not bow to Morgana
My King will always come first / My King will not always come first

Leon / Gaius

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