Nepgear, IF, and Compa are returning to Planeptune after finishing a guild quest they under took to eliminate some monsters. On the way back, Nepgear took this moment to go over some past events again.

'Compa, IF, and me where just out in the fields doing a quest when we saw that sword in the ground. I should have listened to them when they said I shouldn't bother with it, but I sensed overwhelming power from within it I couldn't help. A sword that strong would surely be an asset to us in saving my sister and the other CPUs. Goodness was I ever wrong' Nepgear thought to herself.

A rude voice interrupts her thoughts in her head.

"Hahahahaha! Maybe you should of left me there, but it's too late now. You and me are stuck together for a loooong time soul mate." he said in a rather mocking tone.

*Day of the 'Incident'*

"Okay the quest is to eliminate Dogoos." said IF while looking at Nepgear who seemed somewhat lost in thought.

Nepgear didn't respond to IF so Compa asking in a slightly concerned tone. "Ge-Ge are you okay?"

This brought her out of her thoughts and she replied , "O-Oh I'm fine, just spaced out for a second."

"Well if your sure then let's go." IF said to Gear, turning around and heading up the dirt path. The other two followed in suit until they came across the Dogoos they were sent to take care of. The Dogoos noticed them and started to hop their ways toward them.

"Oh, here they come. Ready ladies?" IF said while getting her kataras ready. Nepgear and Compa readied their weapons as well, a sword and over-sized syringe respectively.

"I am." said Compa with confidence. "M-Me too." said Nepgear with not so much confidence. "Alright, let's do this!" IF said, pumped up somewhat at having a fight.

The Dogoos, not exactly understanding what they said merely went, "B-Bowooze?"

IF started the fight by running up to one of the Dogoos and kicking it upwards, and proceeded to juggle it in air with spinning slashes from her weapons and ending with a heavy downward slam, thus eliminating one of their enemies.

Compa then decided it was her turn to strike running a bit closer to one the Dogoo. This one noticed her approach and jumped up and landed on her head with squishy thud, then hopped off her. "Ouch" Compa complained holding her head with one free hand. "I'm mad now!" she stated angrily as she lifted her weapon, took aim, and fire many 'bullets' at the enemy that bonked her on the head. Needless to say, as the enemy wasn't fast enough to avoid the shots, was easily dispatched by the oncoming projects Compa fired.

"Okay last one is yours." IF said to Nepgear who could only watch as her two friends easily handled the enemies. All three walk up to the last remaining Dogoo, which is staring at them, jiggling in fear. "All right. Once we kill this thing, our quest is complete." IF said in a 'matter of fact' tone.

"Bow…bow-wooze" went the dogoo as it fled.

Shocked by this Nepgear said "What the goodness? It ran away. Please wait, monster!" pleading with it to stay and meet its end.

They chased after the Dogoo, passing an old broken down fence with a tree by it, and it was then, for a split second that Nepgear noticed something. There was a sword stuck in the ground next to the tree. The sword was black in color and she could sense a powerful aura from it. She put it out of her mind quickly and continued chase with the others.

They caught up with the dogoo who was sitting there, as if waiting for something.

"This ball of slime's a troublemaker. However, you're cornered now you little…uh…" IF stopped as they all noticed something.

Numerous dogoos all barking were gathering together with the one they chased. "Oh dear, so many dogoos are showing up! Compa stated with worry in her voice.

Confused, Nepgear asked, " Wh-What are you little guys doing?" They began to combine with the one they chased, causing it to grow in size greatly, and it barked "Bow-ooze." with a deep heavy bark.

Shocked at what happened Nepgear said "They fused together?!"

"It's huge. It's gonna be a pain in our collective asses to beat it." IF stated, holding her hand to her forehead. Then, her eyes widened up a bit, as if a light bulb went off in her head.

"Or, wait a sec. Gear, why don't you just transform and-bang!-settle it?" IF said to Gear.

Quite confused Nepgear asked, "What do you mean, 'bang'?"

A little confused, IF told Gear, "Um, the insane strength you get from Hard Drive Divinity. HDD, y'know? It's part of your rehab, so do it."

Showing some concern for Nepgear, Compa said, "Iffy, are you sure you aren't just messing with Ge-Ge's head for your own pleasure?"

Looking and sounding somewhat depressed, Nepgear said "I'll do it. I'll transform and fight. Urk…"

"Huh? Hey, hold on, what's wrong" asked IF at Nepgear for the lack of drive to transform.

In a panicked voice Nepgear said "No, I cant. I can't do it. I'm scared!"

In a voice one parent would use on another parent when one scolded a child to harshly, Compa said "Iffy it's too soon. Don't force poor little Ge-Ge!"

Somewhat taken aback and slightly embarrassed, IF said "I…I didn't mean to be pushy. Jeez. Well, that sucks. Lets do this the old-fashioned way!"

With attacks from IF and Nepgear, along with shots and a few slaps and stabs from Compa, the Grandogoo had been defeated.

"Great, that's settled. All right, Nepgear. You wanna tell us what went wrong back there?" IF asked Nepgear at her inability to transform.

Looking down at the ground Nepgear stated in a saddened voice, "I'm really sorry. I'm just not ready."

"Oh well. We managed to win, so whatever. Let's go back to the city and turn in our report." IF said, turning to Nepgear.

Still with some sadness in her voice, Nepgear agreed with "Of course."

On the way back they came up to the same tree with the black sword besides it. Nepgear remembers seeing that sword while chasing the dogoo.

"Wait a minute guys," Nepgear says to her party, "I want to grab this sword here."

"That sword?" IF asks, "I dunno, it seems kinda wicked, in the bad way."

"Looking at that sword gives me goosebumps, please don't bring it with us Ge-Ge…" Compa said in a worried, quivering voice.

Nepgear reached for the hilt of the sword. "But I can feel a strong power from this sword. Really strong in fact. I think I can use this to save my sister."

She grasped the hilt of the sword and suddenly a dark energy erupted like a wave from the point where her hand and the hilt connected. It was then that it seemed like a dark wind was blowing from Nepgear, while being surrounded by a dark aura.

"Haah hahaha!" an eerie voice laughed out. "Holy crap, that took forever!"

"This is my sacrificial lamb, huh? Heh. Sorta soft around the edges, but it's definitely got potential." , stated the mysterious voice.

"Wh-What's going on?!" IF shouted in confusion and some fear.

"I don't know, but I think Ge-Ge's in trouble!" Compa said to IF, holding her arm in front of her eyes to shield them from the wind.

"200 years…" the voice says. "200 years I've been waiting for this moment!"

The first chapter of this story, and hopefully it turned out good! Chapter 2 is where the story will really begin to go down its own unique path from the original story, while at same time, follow the original story. Feedback is appreciated. Thank you and please look forward to Chapter 2: A Divine Darkness.