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Annie POV: I cannot believe we moved again! I guess we should be used to it but I was just getting close to having a band again. I also was just beginning to really get attached to the California coast. I guess it just goes to show you should never, and I mean never, get attached to people or a place when your father is in the military, constantly moving around. Luckily, it was the start of a new school year so I wouldn't have to play the catch up game.

Danielle rolled her eyes as she saw what I was wearing.

"Really Annie, it's the first day. We will see people and you are dressed like that?"

We just got here last night. I looked down at my outfit, black t-shirt with a purple and black plaid mini skirt, ripped black tights, and combat boots. I also had my purple hair extensions in.

"Yes, really. You know I hate the first day of any new school, with kids asking the same questions over and over. You also know this causes people not to come near me. I can't deal with the whole I'm going to make friends and then in six months leave them. I hate it."

She just threw her hands up in defeat as if saying okay, whatever and walked to her car. We got to Glencoe High and Danielle immediately left my side. Thanks sis, I thought. I popped in my ear buds and started humming along. Music really has been my only escape. It's been my constant. I then ran into somebody. I guess that's what I get for entering my own little world.

"I am so sorry! I was not paying attention to where I was going."

I got up off the ground and dusted myself off. I then looked to see who the offender was. I was shocked. He was rock star personified. I instantly took a liking and hoped we could be best friends and start a band. I had a rule, you see, never date a band member, that just causes problems in the end. That's why I hope we would just be best friends. Anyway this guy.

"I am so sorry. My name's Riley. What's yours?"

I shook his hand.

"It's all good. I was the one who wasn't paying attention. The names Annie."

"Well, nice to meet you Annie."

He bent down to pick up the most beautiful acoustic guitar I had ever seen. I gasped in fear.

"I didn't hurt it, did I?"

He looked at me weird.

"I mean it's a Gibson, and it looks like it's special edition or custom made. It couldn't have been cheap."

His blue eyes grew in surprise.

"Yeah, I, uh, got it custom made for my birthday this year."

He then shook his head as if to erase his confusion.

"Do you play?"

He asked. I sigh.

"Not as much as I want. I mainly sing."

His eyes grew wide again and then squinted at me as if calculating. All the while I was thinking of what song to sing, for I knew that's what he was trying to figure out if he should ask me to.

"Can you sing a little bit?"

He asked. I took a deep breath and began to sing the chorus of Misery Business by Paramore. Riley's eyes got bigger and bigger as the song went on. At the end he grabbed my arm and said "Come with me," as he began walking down the hall. We stopped our mad dash once we reached two other boys. One was making a mad beat using drum sticks and banging against the wall and lockers. The other saw us and ran over. He man hugged Riley.

"Yo, Riley, who is the new chick?"

The mystery guy asked. By then the guy with the drum sticks came over to us.

"Josh," the guy who gave the hug, "this is Annie." We shook hands.

"Annie, this is Mitch." Riley pointed to the guy who was now twirling one of the drumsticks around his fingers. I shook his hand. "Nice to meet you." I said with a smile. I really hoped this was going where I thought it was. If I had gotten a band already, I would be the happiest girl in the world.

"So Riley, what's the deal with introducing Annie?" Mitch asked then turned to me. "No offense."

"None taken." I replied.

"Well," Riley replied, "she could be our lead singer." Both Josh and Mitch looked at me then back to Riley. "Team meeting!" Josh yelled. All three guys got in a football huddle. "How good is she?" I heard Josh ask. "When I asked her to sing she began to sing Paramore. I even noticed that she was restraining herself from rocking out." Riley answered. Mitch poked his head up and looked over at me then returned to the huddle. "She could help drastically. Leading lady rock bands are really popular." I heard him say. "Dude, you're such a dork." Josh commented. "I'm just stating fact." Mitch replied. "Guys, let's focus." Riley firmly stated. They murmured their apologies. Riley was definitely the leader. "So what do you think? Is she in or not?" Riley asked. "She seems pretty cool. I say she's in." Josh commented. "We did just meet her but she could really help the band." Mitch said. "Okay, looks like she's in." Riley said.

I nearly jumped for joy when I heard that. They broke apart and turned back to me.

"Okay, Annie, you have been accepted in this band." Riley said.

"But if you end up hogging the spotlight and if you end up being selfish, you're out." Josh chimed in.

"Oh my god! Thanks so much! And don't worry, I won't become like that. If I wanted it all about me, I would be solo. I love working with a band. A band becomes like a family and I love that." I replied.

"Alright, she's cool." Mitch added.

Then the boys looked at each other, and the next thing I know, I'm being engulfed by a group hug. The bell rang and we broke apart. "Welcome to the band." Riley Said with a wave. Well this town might not be so bad after all.