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Auggie POV:

When I got to school Monday, there were flyers everywhere. It looked like Annie was not going to waste time in replacing Ben in the band. The flyer read: NEW TECHIE NEEDED! Interested? Come to the auditorium during you lunch. Need to know how to run a light and sound board.

Hmm, I thought. This just might be the opportunity needed to get closer to Annie. When lunch came around I went to the auditorium. There were a few guys and girls in front of me so I had a few minutes to actually eat my lunch. A girl walked out shaking her head. "That was more difficult than I thought." She looked up to the line. "Good luck guys." That peaked my curiosity. What exactly was Annie asking us to do? It was finally my turn to audition, I suppose that would be the right terminology. I walked into the auditorium and up to the tech booth.

Annie, Riley, Mitch and Josh, were on stage, while it seemed a theatre class was sitting in the center. I guess that's how they got to do this all through 3rd period. "Hey! Thanks for coming out! What's your name?" Annie asked into the mic. It was pretty loud so I turned it down a bit before I answered. "Auggie Anderson." All four of them seemed to go into shock. All of their eyes were big and wide and Josh's mouth was opened a bit. Annie shook her head before stepping up to the mic. When she noticed I turned it down a bit she smiled. "Alright Auggie, we're going to play a little song and you just have to make sure the sound levels aren't over bearing or too soft and you also have to create a light show. The colors are labeled on the board and it seems you've figured out that we're labeled on the sound board. So are you ready?"

I smirked. "I'm ready when you are." Mitch counted off and a simple guitar melody was being played by Riley and Josh. When Annie began to sing, I was entranced. Her voice was so smooth and raw. Mitch came in with Maracas and Annie just added little vocal tricks here and there. All the while I was adding spots of pink, orange, and a pale yellow. By the end of the performance all three colors were on and the sound was just right. "Thanks Auggie, we'll be announcing who got the spot at the end of the day. Come back by the auditorium and on the outside door is where we'll post the results." Annie smiled and waved before I climbed down from the tech booth and was on my way back to class.

Annie POV:

I could not believe Auggie Anderson just auditioned to be the band's new techie and just how well he had done. I swear he must have been telepathic because he used the three colors I would have used. He just so happened to be the last audition of the day so the boys and I looked through all the notes our theatre teacher and classmates wrote for each audition. It was down to two people, Auggie and this girl named Riva.

"You guys, Reva was like a robot. She won't be any fun to work with. The only thing she did with the lights was dim them. Sure the sound was perfect but Auggie looked like he was having fun, had perfect sound, and created a really nice light show."

"Annie, darlin' Auggie is Natasha's boy toy. You know the girl who is trying to get you to leave." Riley looked at me with concern.

"Guys, I don't care who he's dating, he's good and he's not a robot." I love my band mates but they could seriously get way too over protective and today it was just getting on my nerves.

"She kind of has a point guys. Reva will be in the crowd. We want as much energy in the tech booth as we don on stage. I also know I want an interesting show as well and Reva and her show was not what this band is all about. Annie's a strong girl, if Natasha lashes out because Auggie did something she doesn't like, well then Annie can take care of herself. We've seen it numerous times." I stood up and walked over to Mitch and gave him a hug. He pulled me down to sit in front of him and I snuggled in close. "I knew there was a reason you were my favorite."

Josh and Riley sighed. "Okay Annie. We can get Auggie. Sorry for being so over protective." Riley apologized. I smiled and got out of Mitch's hold to embrace Riley. "It's okay. I understand why you were that way. Now let's group hug before we announce that Auggie is the newest member of No Limits." Josh and Mitch came over to where Riley and I were joined in on our group hug.

Auggie POV:

At the end of the day I waved good bye to my friends and tried to kiss Tash good bye, but she was still mad at me from the party. The girl really knew how to hold a grudge. I walked to the auditorium once again and kept getting these evil looks from the people I had seen earlier. When I got to the doors, I finally understood the reasoning behind the looks. I couldn't believe it, they offered me the position.

I walked back into the auditorium as the flyer instructed. I saw Annie sitting on the edge of the stage swinging her legs back and forth as she was scrolling through her phone. "So where are the others? I thought you four were connected at the hip." I spoke up when I got close enough. She looked up from her phone and slid it into her pocket as she hopped down, meeting me in the middle of the orchestra pit.

"That's kind of hard to do, especially when one of us has to use the bathroom, so we decided to remain detached." She smirked and I chuckled. She really did have my kind of humor. She walked past me and grabbed something out of her bag. "Congratulations on being No Limits' new techie. With this job comes great responsibility." She smirked as she handed me a dvd.

"Alright Uncle Ben, just what is this great responsibility?" She looked a bit shocked before she turned into this elated bubbly blonde. "Finally someone understood my Spiderman reference! I swear like no one around here knows their super heroes! Anyway, Peter, watch the dvd, that's our current set list. I want you to change all of our special effects. Go nuts, but of course within reason. The song you did for your audition will be added. You can either keep what you did today or change it. Inside that package is also all of the effects, lighting, and colors we have for each venue we play at. Write down your ideas and at rehearsal tomorrow you can show us what you've come up with. That wasn't too much information at once was it?"

She looked a little embarrassed. "Nope. Not at all. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I can tell this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship." I smirked and she smiled. "Look at you and your own movie references." I just shrugged.

"Walk ya to your car?" Annie grabbed her stuff. "That would be great! Thanks!" As we made our way outside, she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "Can I ask you a question?"

"You just did." I pointed out and she giggled.

"Right. Anyways, I was just wondering if Natasha knows about this? I mean surely you must know she hates my guts." I sighed. I was wondering when this question was going to come up.

"No, she doesn't know. I'm going to tell her but Annie, don't worry about Natasha, she's just not use to having someone challenge her so she feels threatened, therefore she's lashing out." She shook her head. "Spoken like a true boyfriend. Trust me, Auggie, I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about you."

I smiled, it was sweet of her to care about my well being without fully knowing me. "Well this is me. I'll see you tomorrow Auggie." Annie said before getting into her red VW station wagon. I waved to her before making my own way to my hand me down car. I smiled as I drove home, I couldn't help but to think how true my Casablanca reference would be.

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