It's Good to be God-King

Summary: **Part of the '2012 Halloween Fics' series** This was what ended Buffy's involvement in research.

Warning: I don't know; maybe language and innuendo somewhere along the way. Vague character death.

Timeline: season 2 BtVS 'Halloween' through sometime in season 5 BtVS. Obviously mentions of stuff from season 5 AtS – as it pertains to Illyria.

A/N: This has been on my computer for a couple years; decided to post it now. Not technically about Halloween night – just the fallout from it.

Thanks to my betas: zigpal, AerynSpeedleCaine and AshDawnSoulmates.

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Three years later…

As the Beast, Glorificus, struck Buffy again, the blonde Slayer decided to swallow her pride instead of her teeth. "I call for a tag-in! God-King, you're up!"

Glory watched the body of the insignificant being in front of her shift from that of a relatively normal human being into somebody she hadn't seen in several millennia. Right after she was banished to this dimension, in fact. Quite honestly, she had hoped to never lay eyes on this being again – especially seeing as how she was one of many who helped to trap the God-King in the Deeper Well.

Still, it never hurt to at least try to bluff her way out of this. "Illyria!" she gushed with fake enthusiasm. "How great to see you again!"

Illyria simply raised an eyebrow in return; a habit of her vessel unfortunately. "I doubt that. I am not pleased to see you still roaming about."

"So did you get banished too? Forced to share a body with one of these humans?" Glory asked, hoping to find some kind of middle ground with the former God-King.

"I had been trapped in the Deeper Well until three years ago. My vessel decided that she wanted to dress up as an Old One for something called 'Halloween'. Unfortunately, a Chaos spell merged our spirits together in this body – which she maintains control of." Illyria ground her teeth for having to admit any sort of weakness. "If not for her excellent taste of a demon to emulate, I would have destroyed her for being so presumptuous. Not to mention, she has ruined the prophecy of my return to godhood."

Still, Glory hoped that she could work a deal out with the Old One. "Then you'll want to help me get my Key back, right? It will cause her unimaginable pain and suffering when I use it to go home," she offered as enticement.

"If you were a trustworthy ally, the offer might be tempting." Before the hellgoddess could get too excited, Illyria shook her head. "However, as annoying as my vessel is, she is an honorable piece of muck. She has never tried to deceive me. Not that she could, but she has not even tried once in the three years we've been together. Plus, her Qwa'ha Xahn is more tolerable than the usual ooze around here."

Knowing it was a lost cause, Glory tried one last time, "So you won't help me? As one hellgod to another?"

And that was apparently the wrong card to play with Illyria, who narrowed her eyes in anger. "You are vermin compared to me and my brethren…barely above the muck that infests this world. Because you killed one of my vessel's friends, she is leaving your punishment in my hands. If not for that action, she may have been willing to show you mercy. Do not worry, I will send your bloody carcass back to your dimension for the proper power-draining rituals," she promised.

"Oh damn." The last thing Glory saw was Illyria's hand racing towards her skull.

A/N: You can decide which of Buffy's friends Glory killed; it really isn't too important to the story.