Pregnant at 18 with a werewolf baby wasn't exactly how Stiles wanted to spend her senior year of high school, but here she was. The constant stares in the hallways, the lack of eye contact between her and her father, the Sheriff, not to mention the most unbearable part, dragging Scott in a lie, claiming the baby as his own, to protect Derek, the real father, was more than any cast of "16 and Pregnant" would ever hope to bear. If only she'd had been more careful with Derek, instead of throwing caution to the wind and letting her hormones and emotions get the best of her. Their whirlwind love affair began the night he saved her from the alpha wolves, who had suspected she was the key to his downfall. Little did they know Stiles wasn't so much of a weakness for Derek, but instead the ultimate motivator. Two years later after much secrecy, along with other life threatening situations Stiles was knocked-up. Who knew that the more sex you had the better chances of getting pregnant. At first there was fear, then panicked, then after a near attack the realization that while pregnant Stiles had the ability to wolf out, if she felt the baby was in danger. In wolf mode she was stronger, faster and more animalistic than any two alphas, so it was best to keep her safe at all times. Becoming pregnant was a mistake she'd have to live with for the rest of the baby's life, while trying to keep it alive. She couldn't give it up for adoption because number one Derek wouldn't stand for it and secondly a baby werewolf may be too hard to explain to human parents looking to adopt. Plus If word got out that she was pregnant with Derek Hale's baby, the high level of danger that had been added to her life would increase 10-fold.

But she couldn't worry about that now. She had to focus on what to do in next four months. The baby was coming, she and Scott would be graduating and the life of a teen mom would commence. Though her father was distant and cold these days, Scott's mom had come around to the idea of being a young grandmother. She'd spend her days off from the hospital taking Stiles to shop for baby clothes and furniture and other baby items. Stiles would waddle behind her taking in all the smells and sounds of toddlers driving their desperate mothers crazy. Stiles was overwhelmed but had always managed to keep it under wraps. The only time she ever really panicked were at doctor visits when the OBGYN would furrow her brow at the complex results of tests and sonograms. But Derek would put her at ease, and considering he too was born not turned her worries about the health of the baby were easily dashed.

"Hey Stiles," Allison's voice broke Stiles concentration from her lunch, jalapeƱo, and tartar sauce on chips. Cravings.

"Hey Allison," Stiles said as she quickly whipped her face. She was sitting at a table alone, Scott was in the library researching something to do with werewolf lore, or else he'd be sitting with her. Allison who had barely spoken to Stiles throughout this whole mess, sat down facing Stiles with an anxious smile. Stiles knew Allison wanted something more than just a buddy for lunch, but she wasn't sure what. She knew that Scott and Allison had been having some issues because of all this, even though Scott explained to Allison the situation.

"How are you doing? How's the pregnancy going," Allison asked. She was obliviously stalling, but Stiles decided to take the bait.

"Have you ever had to carry a boulder on your back? Well it's a lot like that, plus you can't fit your clothes," Stiles said while picking up a heavily tartar sauced chip and eating it to Allison's dismay. Allison giggled shyly. Her usual confidence was drowning in a pool of hesitation, which kind of gave Stiles a bit of amusement. She liked Allison, but the girl had been the root of the majority of the problems she had to help Scott solve. But at least he hadn't gotten the girl pregnant which would have been a much worse situation the one Stiles was in. Stiles couldn't let Allison dingle any longer. "What's up Allison? There's obviously something on your mind." Stiles asked. Allison eyes grew big, and she began to protest, but backed down.

"I just wanted to say that I know this has been hard for you, and I know that I haven't made it easy, at least where dealing with Scott is concerned. I just wanted to apology and tell you if you need anything I'm here." Allison's eyes were sincere and warm. It made Stiles feel like crying, or maybe those were just the hormones. In true Stiles form she made light of the situation.

"You could tie my shoe," she said wryly. "I'm only 5 months pregnant but already bending has become a bitch, probably because I've gain 59 pounds of boobage." She spun out from under the table, while Allison cheerfully made her way around to her side. Just as Allison finished tying the left foot, a perplexed Scott walked up.

"What's going on?" he asked hesitantly.

"Allison and I have decided to become lesbian lovers and raise this baby Rosie O'Donald style," she joked. "She's tying my shoes, genius what's it look like we're doing." Scott rolled his eyes and sat down. He and Allison locked eyes and began staring at each other longingly. An uncomfortable silence sat in well uncomfortable for Stiles. "Yeah I'd leave you two alone, but I was here first, and I'm not done eating, so if you could wrap up this eye-gasim fest I'd much appreciate it. I haven't had morning sickness in 6 weeks and I'd like to keep it that way." Scott and Allison blushed and giggled, before the trio continued a rare yet pleasant meal.

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Chapter 2 Preview- Stiles gets a hot late night visitor!