"So, now what do we do?" Isaac asked after the revelation that Xavier and Alec were working together to take down the pack and get Stiles and Derek's baby. The group was gathered in the Argents' living room, all internally freaking out about the events that had transpired over the past week, but all showing brave faces in spite of it. It was mid-afternoon and Argent had gathered the group to first tell them what he knew, and to figure out a strategy.

Stiles was on the couch unconsciously rubbing her stomach and Derek stood stoic by the fireplace. Allison was seated next to Stiles and Scott was pacing the floor. Everyone else continued to do their normal fidgets as silence swept the room.

"I say we strike," Boyd offered. "We have the advantage. They have no idea we know their plot."

"No, there is too many of them," Argent exclaimed. "We can't go in trying to catch them off guard; they'll sniff us out a mile away."

"But we could surround them," Erica said. "We did the same thing to the alpha pack."

"Yeah, but that was on our turf," Scott replied. "We knew the warehouse, the Alpha pack didn't. Plus Stiles distracted them and gave us an in." Stiles began to speak.

"No," Derek growled before she could get out a word. "I'm not putting you in the middle of this."

"Derek I'm not defenseless like I was before," Stiles protested. "I can wolf out, and help take them out."

"If you can control it," Scott interjected. "If not you could end up killing us all."

"I can control. I know how now," she said.

"It's still too risky," Allison said. "They could still figure out a way to overtake you."

"But I'm the best advantage we've got," Stiles proclaimed.

"She's right," Argent agreed. "Xavier will do anything to keep that baby safe. He won't let any of his men hurt Stiles."

"How much of their plan do you know, Argent?" Derek asked.

"My equipment was compromised, they might have had a scrambler with them, but from I could gather they're looking to strike tonight. If I were to guess their first line of action will be to draw us out to get to Stiles."

"Do they know where I am," Stiles asked nervously. She was more worried about her father's safety, being left alone in their house.

"I don't know, but I'm sure they've been keeping an eye on you," Argent answered.

"Well that would mean they've already scoped out the warehouse," Scott said, bemoaned.

"We'll just put Stiles in the basement," Derek said.

"I'm not staying in the basement," Stiles snapped. "The days of staying in the car are long over. Whether you like it or not while pregnant I'm stronger than any of you and I'm this baby's last defense. I'm going to fight." Derek started to speak. "End of discussion," Stiles said cutting him off. Derek growled and folded his arms. Stiles' heart made a slight flutter at the sight of his biceps bulging. A full day in bed had not enough for her raging hormones. She knew they'd be to her advantage in a fight.

"Okay fine," Scott spoke up. "But how are we going to fight them here? In a residential neighborhood. Everyone will be in danger."

"We could go to the woods," Isaac suggested. "Derek's place."

"It's not secure enough," Derek answered. "We have to be somewhere where we can contain them and where we have the advantage."

"The school," Allison said. "We know every inch of that place and once they've come inside we can keep them from coming out again."

"Okay but how are we going to keep them from getting to Stiles," Derek asked. Stiles huffed and rolled her eyes. "I know you want to fight, but I'd rather you shifting be the last resort."

"Confuse them," Danny who was standing next to Isaac chimed in. "By now they all know Stiles' scent. We can get it all over the school so they won't know which way to go."

"Why does that sound familiar?" Stiles asked with a grin.

"He's been watching the Twilight movies all week," Isaac said with a groan.

"What?" Danny said defensively. "With everything that been going on I've needed a little fantasy therapy, and besides you can't deny that's a good idea."

"It is Danny, and that way we can split them up," Derek said.

"Yeah," Scott agreed. "Divide and conquer. We can take them out one by one, before they even reach Stiles."

"Alec will be too smart for that," Argent said.

"Then let him be," Stiles said coldly. "He'll get an ass full of teeth if he comes anywhere near me."

"That's only if he doesn't snipe you with a silver bullet first," Argent exclaimed. "Xavier may not want you hurt, but Alec doesn't care either way. He's only working with Xavier because right it's to his advantage, but as soon as he gets the opportunity he'll turn on Xavier."

"Let me guess, friends is only a loose description of your past dealings with Alec, right?"Stile asked.

"I can take out Alec, dad," Allison said. "He'll have to shoot through me to get to Stiles." She gave Stiles a wink. Stiles crinkled up her noses in response.

"And Xavier's mine," Derek said. He had a cold stare fixed at nothing in particular. He was ready to fight, and a part of him wanted to scrape the plan go out to the motel and do some damage alone, but this was the pack's fight now. He was grateful for them and their willingness to come together and fight for his child.

"Then I'd say it's settled," Stiles said while pushing herself off the couch. All the plotting had made her hungry. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Everyone tensed up and the wolves shifted immediately. "Guys, what mortal enemy has ever ringed the doorbell?"Stiles asked dryly. Everyone calmed down, and Danny who was closest to the door went to go open it.

"Sheriff," Danny's voice was slightly surprised. He came back into the living room with Stiles dad following him. The Sheriff was carrying a small box as he walked in, surprised to find the room full of people.

"Hello everyone," Sheriff said after scanning the room. His eyes stopped on Derek and narrowed.

"Mr. Hale I thought you'd long been gone from Beacon Hills?" he asked coldly.

"He's just passing through, dad," Stiles interjected nervously.

"I would hope so," Sheriff replied with a coy smile. His eyes were still fixed on Derek who wasn't to keen on the attention.

"What do you want dad," Stiles asked annoyed. This broke the Sheriff's concentration from Derek. He looked at Stiles, her arms folded tightly above her stomach. His face turned a bit nervous, and he sighed.

"I wanted to speak with you peanut." The term of endearment made Stiles' heart jump. He hadn't called her that since she became pregnant. She could feel a lump forming in her throat.

"Let's give these two some privacy," Argent said ushering everyone out of the room. Scott was the last to leave, lingering just long enough to give Stiles a glance. She nodded her head, and he reluctantly left.

"What do you want to talk about?" Stiles asked coldly. She was trying her best to sound indifferent. "I figured you said all you had to say the other day." The Sheriff furrowed his eyes as if hurt by the comment. He moved toward Stiles and motioned her to sit. She didn't move.

"Please, Stiles," the Sheriff asked. His voice sounded like a wounded puppy. Stiles sighed and made her way back down to the couch, with her father sitting next to her. The two sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Then the Sheriff spoke. "Stiles I just want you to understand, that all of this has been hard on me," he said. Stiles scoffed and began to response but her father raised his hands to stop her. "I know. This has been hard on you too, but when a father has a child they never expect that child to have one of their own before they're old enough to vote."

"I just turned 18, dad." Stiles replied dryly.

"Exactly Stiles, and you're still in high school and you still have teddy bears on your bed and you're still my little girl." The tremble in her father's voice made Stiles want to burst into tears. The Sheriff sighed and reached for her hair. He stroked it the way Stiles remembered he had stroked her mother's. Her eyes began to well up. "I just look at you, like this and I think about your mother and what she always wanted for you. I just feel like I failed you, Peanut."

"You didn't fail me, dad," Stiles cried. She was so overcome with emotion, now finally understanding why her father had been so distant. "Dad, when I realized I was pregnant I was so scared. I kept thinking how I was never going to be able to handle a child, not like this. But then I thought of you and how scared you must have been when mom died of raising me by yourself. All these years you've done everything you could to protect me and to give me as much of a normal life as possible. I never worried about anything because I knew no matter what you'd be there, and then I knew if I could just do that for this baby, make it feel as safe and as loved as possible nothing else would matter." The Sheriff eyes were now filled with tears.

"Well I haven't been there for you recently," he said, his voice cracking. He lowered his head. Stiles reached out and hugged him tightly.

"But you're here now."

Chapter 15 Preview- All hell breaks loose as the packs fight toe-to-toe! Get prepared because the end is nigh!