Based on "20 master plots" by Ronald B. Tobias

Disclaimer: 'The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers' is copyrighted by Hearst Entertainment, Inc.

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Goose (rivalry)

"I'm stuck here planting marshmallow trees while Killbane is busy building a base on Tortuna…"

Doc and Niko (riddle)

"Just a moment, Waldo, we're going to help you with that rebus once we've discovered who murdered Ambassador Rino."

Zozo (romance)

"What type of flowers do you think Ms Peabody's daughter likes?"

Meanwhile, Mogul brings havoc to the galaxy while trying to woo the last female space sorcerer.

Cody Carson (rescue)

"Could you rangers help me rescue Krebb? He owes me money."

Audra Miles (quest)

"I set out to find a magical toy bone for my Lycans, and I learned I appreciate human company too – occasionally."

Wheiner (adventure)

"Nothing like a day at the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' theme park…"

Shimmerer (escape)

"I'm trapped in a Felitide war game. Now let's turn the tables."

Walsh (the beginning of a long story of revenge)

"Eric Wheiner usually sits in this seat? I don't think he'll mind."

Buzzwang (underdog)

"I'm going to be a Galaxy Ranger Commander!"

Zachary (temptation)

"Who put that form for a pre-approved loan into the pile of reports I need to sign?"

Q-Ball (forbidden love)

"Rusty, it cannot be."

Stingray (metamorphosis+transformation)

"I'm stuck in a Gherkin body until I learn to love all people and have compassion with all living things?!"

Jessica Fox (maturation)

"I'm the only one to ward off Kidd's attack?"

Killbane (sacrifice)

"Run from a super nova and be the only one to live, or save the universe and die. Hey, even I'm going to look for a third option under these circumstances."

Bronto bear (pursuit)

Steals a vat of honey and is pursued by a million bees and the galaxy rangers.

Queen (discovery)

"Which fool bough a mirror for my palace?"

Brainchild (wretched excess)

"I need to collect my library."

Evil memory bird (descension)

"I used to serve the Queen; now I only serve myself."

Bubblehead (ascension)

"I vow to fight my evil twin."