Co-written between Tangerine Catnip and NebulousMistress

This story takes place during the episode "Eye For an Eye." Vlad has gotten himself elected mayor, he's enacting anti-ghost laws right and left, new school uniforms... Danny goes in to apologize and hopefully talk Vlad into leaving. It, ah, doesn't quite go as the show assumes...

This story assumes an existing enemies-with-benefits relationship.


This fanfic is spawned from refurbished RP logs. This means there's a couple of things to realize.

One... This is from an RP. But that doesn't mean this has just been thrown out there. It's been edited, folded together, voices homogenized, and of course it's been tested in front of key audiences. Tumblr's full of melted panties as a result.

Two... This is kinky. Like, really kinky. I don't call myself the Nebulous Mistress for kicks. And Tangerine Catnip is no slouch either. Herein you'll find kinks, sex, and a lot of fetishes. And as the story goes on it will only get better. This is kink by the kinky. The experienced kinky.

Danny sat back in the uncomfortable chairs outside the mayor's office, one hand fiddling with the itchy sweater vest that was now standard for all Casper students. He was trying to ignore the bad taste in his mouth but it kept coming back every time he remembered why he was here.

What had started out as a few pranks had quickly escalated into Vlad taking control of his town and his life. Now he had no choice but to throw himself at the elder man's mercy and hope for the best. He tried out the apology in his head again, making sure it sounded right. He didn't want to sound like he was giving up but he also didn't want to sound smug about it. Like it or not, he needed Vlad to lighten up or his life was pretty much over.

The secretary looked up from her novel, popping her gum. She waved for him to go on in. He stood shakily, passing by a disgruntled looking man who had had the appointment just before his.

Head down, Danny entered the office of the mayor. He was human now so Vlad couldn't just call the guards to attack him. As far as anyone knew he and the mayor were BFFs. He closed the heavy oak door behind him, walking to the center of the room and waiting for Vlad to look up from his paperwork. He tried to think of something to say but the words never made it past his lips.

Vlad sensed the moment Daniel walked into his office. He smirked at his paperwork, some boring drivel about parking meters. That smirk was quickly suppressed as Vlad made it very clear through his actions exactly how much he valued the boy's free time. His rather large amount of free time. With mandatory curfews, with cameras all over the town, with all the anti-ghost laws, with the local teenaged hangout razed to the ground and replaced by something less of an eyesore, well... The most Daniel had to worry about was homework.

Perhaps now he'd manage to raise his grades, Vlad thought. Lazy boy.

Vlad pointedly ignored Danny, waiting for him to make the first move. Waiting for him to sweat. Waiting for him to crack.

Danny felt a pain in his mouth and he realized he was biting his tongue. Glancing up, he realized he was still a little too far away. From this distance he might as well be a frightened little boy hiding behind his mother's leg. "Vlad, um..." he began, straightening up and staring at a point a little to the left of Vlad's head. He took a step forward and found himself clutching the other end of the mayor's desk. "I hope you appreciate how hard this is for me, but I..."

He shook his head; now he was just getting off track. Just spit it out Fenton, take one for the team. "I'm sorry for playing those pranks on you," he said. "It was really childish of me and I..." His brain failed him again. Another deep breath. "I was hoping we could have a truce."

"A truce," Vlad said, finally looking up, his expression schooled to careful neutrality. A truce. After everything that boy had put him through, put the BOTH of them through, Daniel honestly expected him to throw it all aside for a truce just because he, what, asked? Didn't even ask prettily, couldn't even say 'please'. "A gentleman's agreement, live and let live, you go your way and I'll go mine, no one has to admit to losing, hmm?"

Danny looked up. Elation at the thought that this might be finally over overwrote the part of his brain that knew Vlad better than that. "Exactly, I mean you don't really want to stay here in this rotten town do you?" Danny asked. "You know, with my dad bugging you and all us simple folk cramping your style. I've learned my lesson about messing with you, so it just makes sense you can go home now... right?" Danny attempted a smile, opened his eyes wide, doing his best to look cute and innocent. A little boy for Vlad to put in his place.

Vlad carefully put down his paperwork and gave Daniel a good, long look. Ah, yes, Daniel was going for the innocent look. It was one that Vlad particularly liked. He always did enjoy ruining innocence. Time to ruin some now.

"Of course not," Vlad growled. "And why should I? I am no gentleman, not where you are concerned. You knew this. You knew what I would do, where I would go from here, and yet you still started this! You began this little fracas of ours and you have the audacity, the short-sighted, pitiful, insulting, mindless, tactless gall to come to me and ask for a truce?! You had this coming! You had all of this coming and so much more, boy. Now kindly remove yourself from my presence before I show you just how much more..."

Danny's hands gripped the desk as Vlad growled at him. Energy flowed from his fingers and blackened the wood. His nerves evaporated under Vlad's unconcealed anger. This was something he was used to and this was a Vlad he was more comfortable with. "No, you're certainly not a gentleman when it comes to me," he growled, shoving off from the desk and glaring right back. "God damn it, Vlad can't you see I'm trying to make an effort here!" He was waving his arms about frantically, getting himself worked up. Easy, Fenton, use your words not your fists. "At least I'm not the crazy fruit loop who has nothing better to do than sit behind a desk and make my life miserable."

"See, that's what I mean," Vlad said dismissively. "You're nothing but an impulsive, angry, emotional, self-important teenager with a hero complex and no concept of what you're doing at any given moment. You operate under this delusion that what you say or think or WANT matters to the world around you. As for 'having nothing better to do', my boy, unlike you I have earned that. I have earned the right, the ability, to spend my time making you learn something about the world around you. A lesson that you are obviously too self-centered to even comprehend much less recognize or, better yet, learn. You are making an effort, but, Daniel, you're making the bare minimum effort. Something you've gotten used to in your schoolwork, no doubt. Well guess what? Bare minimum isn't good enough here. If you really want all this to end you have to mean it, boy."

"And since when is it your place to teach me? You're not my father Vlad and you don't own me." Danny wrapped his arms around his middle. "As much as I'm sure you would like to." He took a deep breath trying to calm himself. "You want me to be sorry, I'll be sorry. Whatever it takes to get my life back."

Danny really had been hoping he wouldn't have to stoop to this. But if he didn't want to live the rest of his life in this cage he would need to swallow more than just his pride. "But I'm not without my bargaining chips. I still have something you want." He straightened his shoulders and puffed up his chest. "If you won't take my apology then I suppose you're just going to have to punish me."

"I don't want you to be sorry, I want you to learn," Vlad said. "But if being sorry is the best I'll get then it will have to do." His face slowly broke into a broad, thoroughly evil smile. "I suppose I will have to punish you. I assure you... You will not enjoy what I have in mind..."

Vlad never thought this would... Okay, that was a lie. He'd thought. Fantasized. He had a good month's worth of punishments he might use on Daniel for his various transgressions. He'd just have to pick out the best of the lot. After all, it wouldn't do to blow the whole wad of them all for one little, what was it he called it? Ah yes... 'practical joke'.

Danny didn't take his eyes off Vlad. He had suspected he might have to resort to baiting the elder halfa and had always mentally prepared himself for it. Vlad had money and power but he also had a weakness. One that Danny could exploit, even if the cost to himself was steep.

Vlad would take his offer because Danny knew he couldn't resist the opportunity to let his lustful side take over. This was all a game of cat and mouse, Vlad had won this round and wanted his prize. Danny wasn't going to shy away from this though. Once Vlad got started he wouldn't have many moments of dignity left.

"That's the idea of a punishment right?" Danny murmured, making sure not to stop and think what Vlad might be planning. "I assume you want a little more than for me to just bend over your desk?" Danny started pulling off the top half of his uniform. He didn't know Vlad's plan yet but him being naked was a usual precursor and being open about it at least saved him from being cast as an innocent catholic schoolgirl. "So... care to tell me what exactly you're trying to teach me? Is it something along the lines of 'respect your elders'?"

"Not so fast," Vlad said. "Presumptuous of you to assume that this is what I had in mind. What, you were just expecting me to toy with you for an afternoon and then I'd meander back to Wisconsin with my tail tucked between my legs? I'm not a cat, Daniel. You can't just dangle a tempting toy in front of me and expect me to drop everything to stare." And yet he did pause to rake his eyes over pale skin as it was exposed by Daniel stripping himself so haphazardly. "You'll need to make a better offer than that," he purred.

Danny threw the itchy vest and shirt to the ground, glad to be rid of the thing. He bit his lip and looked up at Vlad. He was kind of hoping he could just get naked and Vlad's creepy instincts would kick in. He needed something to offer, something Vlad couldn't refuse. He didn't have much he could think of though; everything he knew about sex had been taught to him first hand by his archenemy. All those things he was relatively comfortable with they had already done.

An idea came to mind, a bold idea. One that would show he wasn't afraid of Vlad's punishments. One that would have the billionaire salivating at the mention.

"You've been in Amity Park for one week right? One week to enact your plan and ruin my life." Danny paused for a few deep breaths, his heart hammering with the knowledge of what he was about to give up. "I'll give you a week, a week of my life to make up for your lost time. I'll do whatever you want me to do for a week. As long as you don't make me kill or hurt anyone." Danny added that clause quickly as he pictured his father. "You can do whatever you like to me, though. Afterwards you repeal all the laws you've made and leave, deal?"

Vlad purred as he considered this... development. A week. A week to tease and torment and do everything he wanted to the boy. Everything he'd dreamed. Well, the best of those dreams. A week to torture and twist, to seduce and slowly destroy... He could use this. He could use this and him. And in the end Daniel would beg to keep it from ending. But he wasn't going to simply take a deal offered. That's not how business was conducted. It just wasn't done like that.

"A week," Vlad offered. "A week and I will repeal the laws I've enacted. But you see... I'm not allowed to simply leave. That's not how elected positions work. But then you didn't pass your government class so I'm not surprised you don't know."

Danny stamped his foot, his frustration getting the better of him. "Fine then, don't leave," he huffed, grinding his teeth together slightly. His emotions were getting the better of him. He wracked his brain for a way to make sure Vlad wouldn't just make new laws that were worse than the current ones.

"Just... after you repeal the old laws, if you turn around and use your mayor powers to hurt me, my friends, or my family in any other way..." Green irises flashed brightly and Danny felt his control over her emotions slip. "I might get frustrated enough to do something drastic." Danny braced himself on the desk, kneeling on the surface so he was eye level with Vlad. "We're the only two half ghosts in the world, Vlad, and if I'm going down I can always take you with me"

"My boy, everything you do is drastic," Vlad drawled. But still. An ultimatum. Vlad didn't think Daniel had it in him. A mutual destruction clause. Interesting. A step towards desperate from their standing mutual-revelation clause.

Desperation. Yes, Vlad knew that scent, that look in Daniel's eye, that set of his jaw. Danny was desperate. Desperation was a wonderful tool but a very dangerous quality to have in a trading partner. It meant Daniel would not stop to think before carrying out that clause. It meant Vlad needed to accept this deal before things got drastic.

"Very well then," Vlad said. "A week of your... service... and then I will repeal these anti-ghost laws. And I promise I will neither write nor propose any laws meant to directly hurt you, your friends, or your family." He wouldn't write them. Or propose them. But if the City Council came up with something and put it on his desk, well... He was still free to sign such laws.

Danny sighed deeply, sitting back on his heels. He wasn't any less tense though, he could feel the weight of expectation in the air and he was fully aware he was giving away a lot more than just his time. He glanced at the clock. "You have from now till next Monday at 5:27," he said. "You can have whatever you want, but if I were you I'd keep it discreet. It's not my fault if someone sees us and you get into trouble. Yours wouldn't be the only political post given up to a sex scandal. I remember that from government studies. "

He attempted to relax a little more, trying to convince himself that he has gotten what he wanted. There was a light at the end of the tunnel now, just take it step by step and he'd make it. "I suppose there's some rules you want to set? You've always wanted to boss me around. Go ahead."

"Very well," Vlad said. "You will attend school. You will come to me every morning before school as each day there will be... unique conditions. After school you will return here. At that point I will decide what I will do with you for the remainder of that day. You will return home every night by your 10pm curfew. If I have need of you after that time then I will come to you."

"Friday will be different," Vlad continued. "You will go straight home after school Friday. I will come to your parent's house and pick you up. I will inform them that you will be spending some quality time with me all weekend. You will not be allowed to go home until Sunday night. Monday morning will be the same as any other morning this week. You will come to me before school and I will impose some, ah, unique conditions for that day. Those conditions will end at 5:27 precisely and you will be free to go."

Danny swallowed, digesting this new information. At least he was still allowed to go to school. That gave him at least 7 hours a day away from Vlad for the majority of his week. His brain was already working out how he was going to cover this up. After a few years of ghost hunting he was good at excuses. "Fine, but I'll have to tell my parents I'm doing volunteer hours helping you get settled as the new mayor. Just so they don't ask questions. Then you can make up something about keeping me on the weekend as a reward for my help."

Danny jerked his head towards the door. "We can also tell that story to your secretary, if she isn't already in your pocket"

"You may tell your parents whatever you wish," Vlad replied. "If you would like me to I will tell them a pretty little lie."

"Lies are what keep people like you and me safe, Plasmius," Danny muttered. He ran over the plan again in his mind. He didn't like the thought of having to get up early but he would need to be up at 7am if he was going to get to Vlad's mansion then back again. It wouldn't be so bad if he could fly though... "And what about my powers?"

"As for your powers..." Vlad mused. "You will be... restricted. I will be fitting you with a... device every morning that will discourage you from using your powers during the day. Of course, you will not be prevented from using your powers, it will merely... discourage. While you are in my presence this device will only be used if I wish it."

Danny had been expecting that next part. Even though he gave his word not to fight back Vlad wouldn't be able to resist making sure of that fact. He liked being stronger then Danny and if he could widen the power gap he would. At least he wasn't being zapped by the Plasmius Maximus...

"Sounds like you have a lot of plans," Danny observed. "But according to your schedule I have four and a half hours left until I go home today."

"You're right," Vlad purred. He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled up a false bottom. He hadn't been Mayor for more than a week and he'd already found all the little nooks and crannies placed here by his predecessors, the dirty little secrets hidden away by the politicians before him. He was merely the latest in a long and venerable tradition of creepy bastards hiding behind the veneer of public service. "Strip," he commanded. "I'd like to introduce you to the device that will discourage you from using your powers."

Danny pursed his lips. He was still perched on Vlad's desk like a call girl and the order to strip suddenly brought that little fact to mind. He debated getting off the desk when a growl from Vlad brought him back to the task at hand. His fingers went to his pants and he removed his belt, the oversized trousers practically sliding off on their own. Cheap uniforms were one size fits all. He shivered a bit as the air-conditioning in the office began to become an issue. He kicked of his boxers and pulled his legs up. He folded them tightly, still self-conscious about being naked even though it wasn't the first time he had stripped for Vlad.

Danny eyed the object in Vlad's hand, a sinking feeling growing in his stomach as his brain worked out where that was supposed to go. "I can't believe you keep one of those in your office," he said.

"And where else am I supposed to keep it, hmm?" Vlad asked. He pulled a bottle of lube from his desk drawer as well. "I can't very well wear it all day. That's your job, little badger. This is a very complicated piece of equipment. It's programmed to react when exposed to ectoenergies. In English that means when you use your ghost powers. Now, at first I expect it will be quite... discouraging but as the week goes on, well..." Vlad turned his hand invisible and the butt plug buzzed to life. "As the week goes on I would not be surprised to find you using your powers for any little thing you can justify."

To his credit Danny didn't end up looking too confused as he tried to fathom what the little device could do to discourage the use of his powers. Admittedly he knew exactly where that was going, and given the relative sensitivity down there… The sound of the lube bottle being uncorked caught his attention and Danny sunk back on the desk a little. A low whine escaped before he could silence himself. He had given his word to behave but he still couldn't manage to force himself to open his legs for Vlad. He crossed his ankles, his mind trying to think of something distracting to say. "A-are you sure I can have that in all the time? Won't it hurt?"

"It won't hurt," Vlad said. "Well, maybe a little, but only at first. It's designed for long-term use, many hours of it at a time. And you won't have to wear it ALL of the time... I will be inserting it every day before school and removing it after you return. I'm not cruel enough to make you sleep in this, Daniel. Not when I know how your ghost powers occasionally manifest while dreaming..." Vlad purred, a soft evil chuckle as he let Danny's mind process that mental image. "Bend over for me and relax," he coaxed. "You won't be wearing it for long today. Just long enough for you to learn how it feels and how it reacts to some of your more, shall we say, oft-used powers?"

Danny's chest rose and fell with deep breaths. Good to know he still deserved some mercy from Vlad. Funny how he was only given it when he was stark naked, though. He looked from the plug to Vlad then back again, easing himself back on the desk and slowly untangling his legs. He was almost hoping Vlad would push him down so he wouldn't have to take responsibility for giving in to this but the elder halfa was making sure Danny participated fully. He turned over on the desk and offered his back, letting his legs hang off the side. His feet barely touched the ground; he had to brace himself on the desk instead. "Is there any point in asking you to be gentle?"

Vlad put the plug down on the table so he could have both hands free for this. He ran one hand down Daniel's back to his ass. That hand drew back and swatted once, just to see the pleasant little blush that bloomed there in a pink handprint.

Danny stiffened with the unexpected slap, the sharp pain suddenly reminding him how exposed he was. He made a soft grunting sound, feeling the beginning of his blood starting to head south. Fuck, this was way too early to be getting hard.

"Is there any point in asking you to relax?" Vlad said as a counter. "I have to be gentle. What kind of master would I be if I were to damage my toy so early into our week together?" He squeezed out a palmful of lube and spread it over the butt plug. It buzzed gently, a sign that Vlad was using his ghost powers for something. That buzzing shut off before a lubed finger pressed into Danny's hole.

The buzzing drew his attention and Danny swallowed, so that's what... oh fuck... Vlad's slicked fingers penetrated him and Danny breathed out as the intrusion pushed in. The lube was hot and felt so good inside him, like drinking a sip of hot tea but more awkward. He couldn't help but loosen around the fingers, relaxing. Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad. He rested his forehead against the wood and pulled one leg up, resting the knee on the desk so Vlad had more room.

"Just remember if you break me for good there's no replacing me," Danny breathed, a tinge of bitterness in his voice.

"I know, Little Badger," Vlad said. His voice betrayed the gravity of that realization with a deep fondness.

Danny allowed himself a moan. When Vlad said that damn nickname softly it almost sounded endearing instead of mocking.

Vlad pulled his fingers out of Danny and slowly pressed the buttplug inside. There was a few moment's resistance as he pressed the plug in gently. Then with a sudden shift it popped past the ring of muscle and slid inside.

Danny felt the hard toy press against him, the tip spreading him open as it settled inside. Once the movement stopped he clenched against it reflexively. Vlad wasn't wrong about it fitting inside nicely. Sill, having something like that inside him at all was a little disquieting. He wiggled his hips a little, seeing how his movement affected its placement, groaning softly as it shifted. "Okay it's in," he breathed, looking over his shoulder at Vlad. "Now what?"

Vlad's fingers rubbed against Danny's perineum, feeling the weight of the plug inside him. His hand slid down to rub his balls before grasping his cock, slowly stroking it. "Now we test it. Remember, it reacts to any ectoenergies, not just yours." Vlad went invisible as he pumped Danny's erection. He felt as well as heard the plug buzz to life.

The effect as almost instantaneous. Danny yelped and made as if to pull away even though the source of his discomfort wasn't something he could pull away from. "Ohhh fuck," he breathed. It felt so strange, even stranger mixed with the slow waves of pleasure from Vlad's strokes. His hips bucked a little but the movement made the vibration worse and he ended up lying still again, whimpering softly. "V-Vlad… ahh..." A sharp intake of breath cut off his words. The firm vibrating silicon pressed against his prostate, giving just enough pressure to be not nearly enough.

Vlad chuckled, low and deep. He went visible again, ending the plug's vibration. The boy's cock was hard, very hard in his hand, and eagerly twitching as it begged for more with as much wordless grace as Daniel's breathy moans. He stepped away, pulling his hand away from Daniel. He took a moment to fully appreciate the needy wiggle of the boy's hips, the solid plug filling his hole, the shaft reaching out for sensation... "Transform," he ordered.

Danny's breathing skipped a beat along with his heart. "What! No... no way!" Vlad had just gone invisible for a moment and his insides already felt like they were melting. If he transformed with this thing inside him... He pushed himself up a little, eyes glancing down at his cock. He wanted to touch himself so badly, his whole body was aching along with the abandoned organ.

"Please don't make me... I don't think..." Danny stammered, his hand beginning to stray between his legs.

Vlad reached out and slapped Danny's wandering hand. "Ah ah, did I say you could touch yourself? No, dear boy, you will leave that alone. That's mine. Now be a good boy for me and transform. If you do I might even let you come tonight. Otherwise I will be locking that pretty little cock of yours in a pretty little cage that will give you pretty little electric shocks every time you try to take it off..." He smiled at the thought, the very idea of keeping Danny controlled like that made him purr. Maybe he'd put the boy in a cock cage anyway, make him go home in it unable to bring himself off, unable to do anything about the building burning need...

Nah. Save that for later in the week. After he inevitably caught the boy masturbating in the school bathrooms. He knew it would only be a matter of time. Especially if he made sure some minor ghost got out to terrorize the high school...

"A... cage? Y-your just kidding right... They don't actually make something like that..." Danny's heart was hammering against his ribs. At the moment he found himself utterly terrified by Vlad. The look in the older man's eyes told him everything he needed to know. "Fuck." His hands clenched into fists. Looks like he didn't get a choice in the matter.

Clenching his teeth, Danny reached for his power. The plug came to life inside him as the rings appeared. A flash of white light and two gloved hands shot up to cover his mouth as Danny screamed, managing to silence himself enough so that he didn't bring the whole building running. The vibrations suddenly skyrocketed, sending a blinding wave of painful pleasure which thankfully ebbed into a slightly more manageable buzzing. Danny moaned around his fingers , painfully aware of his hard cock now straining against his black jumpsuit.

Vlad bit his lip as he watched the arc and tensed shriek as Danny transformed. His own cock jumped in sympathy as sense memory reminded him of what Danny must be going through. The thought aroused him as much as the sight. He stepped close as Danny, now Phantom, moaned in frustrated pleasure. He never understood why they always transformed clothed regardless of how naked they might have been before the change. He reached out and rubbed his hand over Danny's crotch, groping him with one large hand. Danny's cock jumped at the attention, held back by that pesky jumpsuit. "It's going to keep buzzing inside you like this until you change back," Vlad revealed, enjoying this perhaps a bit too much. "But when you change back it'll ramp up just as hard as it did now. Something to remember for when I allow you to take your human form again."

Danny's hips lifted and moved against Vlad's hand like a cat seeking a scratch behind the ears. His hands drooped from his mouth, his arms wrapping around his shivering form tightly like he was trying to hold himself together. The sensations from his hips were a confused mess, the little spot Vlad loved to abuse in particular felt like it was receiving to much sensation and not enough all at the same time. He was losing more and more control of his thoughts by the second; he needed to focus on the situation again. He wasn't going to fall apart in front of Vlad, not now not ever.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the bulge in Vlad's well pressed pants. "S-so.. are you just going to watch me?" Danny asked. "Or do I have to do something before I can change back?"

Vlad leaned over, his lips brushing next to Danny's ear. "I'm going to watch you," he purred. "I'm going to watch you as you lose all control. As you realize you never had it. I own you now, Daniel, if only for a little while. You're mine to torment, to tease. Your pleasure is mine to give, to take away, to make so powerful as to be completely unbearable." He rubbed his hand over Danny's crotch, rubbing his cock through the fabric. "This is mine. Your pleasure is mine. Your mouth, your cock, your will, all mine."

Danny's eyes shut tightly as he listed to Vlad's soft words. The older man was really going to take this for all it was worth. He imagined an invisible brand on his back, "Property of Vlad Masters". The thought made him sick but his cock throbbed appreciatively. "Damn it…" he whimpered softy. Vlad's hand was stroking him again and his thoughts went fuzzy. Yes...

Vlad laughed, soft and evil. "I wonder how loud I could make you scream if I transformed..."

Danny jerked up, green eyes flashing as his protective instincts were triggered. If Vlad transformed... His power level was twice Danny's on a good day so the vibration... He pulled away from Vlad and nearly fell of the desk, his fingers began crackling with power. Big mistake. His body jerked as the device kicked up a few notches in response to his attempted attack and the teenager fell limply with a cry of pleasured pain.

Well now. "I never said you were allowed to fight back," Vlad warned, his eyes stern and unamused. He grabbed Danny by the front of his jumpsuit and lifted him into the air. "We're learning, aren't we? It's hard to fight when every little bit of power you summon gets turned right back onto you." An easy grin spread across Vlad's face. "And every little bit I summon..." Pitch black rings appeared around Vlad's waist as he threatened to transform.

Danny gazed back at Vlad, his eyes wide, his mouth opened. He wiggled in the elder man's grip but he couldn't manage to break free. Not without his powers. His hands grasped Vlad's wrist, fear making his whole body tighten up as the black rings appeared.

"No..." Danny gasped, He needed to think of something quick, but how could he convince Vlad not to transform. Danny had nothing left to bargain with. "V-Vlad… please don't..." he gasped, his green eyes wide open as he pleaded with the elder man. "I'm sorry, I won't fight back it was just a reflex, I swear!"

It took concentration to hold those rings there without allowing them to wink out or fully envelop him. Concentration he was willing to use in order to teach Danny this lesson. "Of course it was just a reflex," Vlad drawled. "Yet another unfortunate little habit of yours that you need to learn to control. That I suppose I will have to control for you until you can be trusted to your own power." Those black rings winked out of existence.

Relief flushed through him and Danny felt himself go limp in Vlad's hold, even as he was shoved back unto the desk. Somewhere in the back of his mind he wondered how many bruises he would have tomorrow morning. He bit back the urge to remind Vlad that he was a lot more proficient at mastering his power then he was given credit for. The elder man was right in assuming that he was still learning. It seemed being a smart ass in front of Vlad was more trouble than it was worth.

Vlad's rose-colored power arched along the fingers of his free hand, the hand he put right back to Danny's crotch to rub the straining bulge he found there.

Danny's thoughts were shattered as the charged palm rubbed along the underside of his cock. It warmed Vlad's fingers and made his hips buckle. His moan bled into a scream as the power triggered the vibrations. Danny felt his control slip and he realized he was far closer to orgasm than the ache in his hips had him believe. His lower tummy throbbed with the built up pressure and he griped Vlad's arm tightly, moaning the elder half-breed's name.

Vlad leaned close, settling himself between the boy's legs. His lips just fit so well right next to Daniel's ear... "Give in," he whispered. "Give yourself to me..." He kept stroking Danny through his jumpsuit, letting power dance along his fingers. He purred as an idea shot through his mind. He wondered...

Danny was gritting his teeth tightly, buying himself precious seconds. He wanted to cum so badly, but doing so with Vlad's eyes trained on him… whispering in his ear...

"Change back," Vlad ordered. "Now."

Danny took a sharp breath, too far gone in pleasure to think to disobey, knowing if he didn't Vlad would force him. White rings flashed brightly, skimming away the jumpsuit and leaving the little teen bare and human.

And then he remembered what Vlad told him would happen to the plug when he changed back. All control was ripped from him so fast he barely noticed, the sudden shock inside him shoving him over the edge. Desperately he clung to Vlad, the elder halfa not seeming to mind the sharp cries he made as he came hard.

Warm liquid dripped down his tummy, the teen shivering with aftershocks. Adrenaline and hormones coursed through his veins and blotted out every other stimulus. The vibrations finally stopped, leaving him to his short-lived afterglow.

Vlad nuzzled the soft black hair tucked behind Danny's ear. He smelled different, living. Human. He pressed a single kiss to Danny's neck, a promise for what would come later, a promise involving teeth. He pulled back to observe his handiwork. Daniel was spent, sated, exhausted. He looked like it, looked drained and shivering. Cum was splashed up his belly. And on his desk. And his suit jacket. Vlad drew a finger through the white liquid on his desk and wiped it on Daniel's lower lip. "You've made quite a mess, Daniel. Of yourself and of me."

Danny closed his eyes, calming himself and trying to hold on to the feelings of peace that followed orgasm. His tongue darted out to lick his lips reflexively, tasting the slight bitterness of his own cum. "Yeah... god knows you had nothing to do with it..."

And there was that wit again, there as something for Danny to fall back on even when it was as limp as his spent cock.

Danny looked away, sliding back on Vlad's desk. He glanced over his shoulder to try and find his school uniform, suddenly wanting to be in it a lot more than he ever thought he would. He shifted away from Vlad and off the other side of the desk, accidentally knocking over the copper nameplate that read "Mayor Masters" in fancy script.

Vlad grabbed Danny's chin and turned the boy's head to face him, waited for his wandering eyes to give up and focus on his own. "Of course not," he said. "Which is why you'll be the one to clean me up." Vlad let go and wandered back to his desk chair, dropping into it with an easy grace that Danny's butt informed him involved more than just human movement. He pointed to the floor next to his chair. "Come here, Daniel."

Danny didn't move for a few seconds but the weight of the plug inside him and his oath to obey Vlad dissuaded him from doing anything drastic. He walked around the desk and settled to his knees on the carpet without waiting to be asked. The black material of Vlad's suit was soft to the touch and Danny found himself sliding his hand down the elder's leg before he could stop himself. He quickly glanced back into Vlad's dark blue eyes. "Wouldn't you rather get a professional to do it?" he asked meekly.

Vlad spun his chair just a bit, shifting so he was looking down at Daniel kneeling between his spread thighs. Beautiful view. "How many professionals could I find who would be willing to clean this stain with their tongue, Daniel?" He pointed to the strands of cum spread up the belly of his suit. "Lick it off."

Danny leaned forward, trying not to think about what he was doing. The sooner this was over the sooner he could go. The fabric felt funny against his tongue as he caught the stray flecks of cum. Vlad's chest was warm, rising and falling as he breathed. Danny was forced to move very close to him to make sure he got all of it. He was painfully aware of the display he must be putting on for Vlad's amusement.

He paused mid-lick and found himself looking up at the older man. A spark of defiance prompted him to do something about the leer he was receiving. Violence was firmly not an option so he did the next best thing he could think of that he knew Vlad wouldn't punish him for. He leaned up and kissed the elder forcibly. It only lasted a second, and he was back to licking before Vlad could react.

The smirk was wiped from Vlad's face, replaced by an expression more akin to wonder with a tinge of lust. His tongue snaked out to catch the taste of Danny's lips, teenager tainted with cum and a hint of wool. He bit his lip before gazing back down as Danny dutifully licked the cum from his suit. That had to be all of it. Surely the boy was finished by now. Vlad ran a hand up Danny's arm to his shoulder then the back of his neck and up into his hair.

The smirk was gone but it would take more than being blindsided by a kiss to wipe away the evil.

Danny held his head up looking back at Vlad with as much pride as he could muster, puffing out his chest. He braced himself against Vlad's knees and looked him right in the eyes. He shifted a little on his backside which was starting to feel very sore though he wasn't about to complain and show weakness. "I've done everything you asked," he said calmly. "Is there anything more, or can I go?"

Vlad gently petted Danny's hair. He did like this, petting something fuzzy. "You have, Daniel. You've been close to well-behaved today. But have you been well-behaved enough for me to let you go early?" Vlad glanced at the clock. He still had a few hours left before Danny's curfew. But then... Daniel did need to get home and spin his little lies to finalize their agreement. Have to deal with the parents after all. Bah. He rubbed behind Danny's ears.

Danny grumbled softly; Vlad was treating him like a cat… The rubbing was relaxing though and after the ordeal be had just been through he couldn't help but close his eyes and drift off for a moment, leaning into the soft touches. He tilted his head and mewed softly before his remembered who he was letting his guard down around and snapped back into focus.

Vlad held back the urge to make decidedly un-evil squealing noises when Daniel mewed like a good little kitten. Ah, he could go through an entire pet store's worth of cats and never would he find a better mew than that.

Danny pulled away from Vlad's hands gently. "You can always come get me if you change your mind." He really shouldn't be reminding Vlad, but if it helped him get out of this damn office... Not to mention Tucker and Sam would be wondering what was taking so long.

Vlad let Daniel pull away. He wanted to keep him until the boy's curfew but... Well... His parents would be wondering where he was. They'd probably even come here looking for him. And with Daniel's clothes strewn all around the room... Bah. Fine. He slipped a hand underneath Danny's chin and forced him to look into Vlad's eyes. "Very well," he admitted. "But first... Get up on the desk and bend over."

Danny obeyed the request with more eagerness than he thought he could muster for one of Vlad's orders. He scrambled back to his place and propped his knees up on the desk, spreading his thighs. His fingers curled around the wood as he pushed his backside up into the air. His spent cock hung limply between his legs and he found his cheeks reddening as he tried to ignore his own suggestive posing. "Do you want me at your mansion or your office tomorrow morning?" he asked making a weak stab at conversation.

"Come to my mansion," Vlad said as he got up and sauntered over to where Danny's hips were posed so seductively. Vlad ran a finger around the outside of the plug, pressing his fingers into the soft skin of Danny's perineum. He grabbed the flange of the plug and gently pulled, enjoying how Danny's ass seemed to hold onto it, refusing to give it up. He let go. It popped back into place. This was fun. He grabbed the flange again and pulled again, this time a little harder, before letting go.

Danny made a few soft sounds as Vlad touched him, breathing in sharply as he felt the resistance to Vlad's gentle pulling. It fit so perfectly inside him. It wanted to stay even though he wanted it out. He released the breath he had been holding as Vlad released his grip, unable to hold still as it shifted inside him. He swore loudly, shivered, and turned glaring over his shoulder. "Vllllllad..." he moaned. "Just take it out..."

Vlad chuckled. He grabbed the plug and pulled again, contemplated losing his grip. He could see the boy's cock twitch, eager for another round. Well now. Vlad let his fingertips go intangible for a moment, just long enough for the plug to slip back in and buzz. "What was that?" he asked. He leaned in and placed a soft, wet kiss to one cheek of Danny's butt, a subtle commentary for the boy to contemplate; he would kiss Daniel's ass if and only if it were upturned in submission, begging for sensation, Daniel grovelling in defeat.

Danny felt the buzz and found himself skipping right to the desperate moan. Fuck, it actually felt good that time. He even found himself considering using his powers just to get a few more seconds of the sweet vibration. He clamped down on those thoughts. He was sore enough already and he knew Vlad wasn't just going to let him have another orgasm. He would tease him and toy with him for hours if he gave in. He swallowed deeply before resorting to begging. "Just take it out Vlad, please..."

Vlad grabbed the plug and pulled, slowly. He held on as Danny's ass gripped it, tried to pull it back in like it belonged there. Finally it gave up, letting go with a soft popping sound. Vlad ran a smooth finger around the edges of Danny's angry red hole. He resisted the urge to lick it. That would be something for later. Instead he smacked Danny's ass with one hand. "Get dressed."

Danny breathed a sigh of relief, not even rising to the smack across his ass. He found his boxers under Vlad's desk and pulled them on. His pants went next then the loose white shirt, the material soaking up what was left of the cum on his belly. He even pulled on the dorky sweater vest with gusto. Last but not least was his belt which he set a few notches tighter than usual.

He brushed down his clothes to make it look a little less like they had been thrown on haphazardly and started backing out of the room. "You might want to straighten out your desk," he commented dryly. "Looks like you fucked someone against it."

"Not yet, Daniel. Perhaps later..." Vlad didn't care about the desk. He was too busy watching Daniel and the way his uniform fit him. Pitiful. Disgustingly pitiful. His parents couldn't even buy him the right size. Probably went with the 'one size fits all' nonsense. Ugh. He wasn't going to let his property wander around town wearing something that fit him that badly.

Vlad watched as Danny all but fled from the room. His new office. Quaint, very 'public servant', but he could get used to it. A few bookshelves, a flatscreen in the cabinet there, some tasteful art, this place just might become livable.

But first he had to get hold of a tailor...