Co-written between Tangerine Catnip and NebulousMistress

Danny followed the pointing finger and settled under Vlad's chair. He curled his bare body around the thick oak legs of the ornate dining chair. The carpet was much more comfortable than it looked; it didn't scratch against his bare belly at all. Dinner came in a large silver dish, the mate of his afternoon water dish. Another dish next to it held cold milk. Vlad took the honor of placing them on the floor for his pet.

Danny wondered how many of these pet dishes Vlad had. Danny looked up at him then down to the mix of food in his dish. Slices of roast chicken, roasted potatoes, mixed vegetables, just like something his mother would make. He shook his head, he really didn't want to think about his mother right now, especially not what she'd say if she saw him like this. Instead he dipped his head and took a piece of meat in his teeth only to drop it seconds later as Vlad grabbed the back of his collar and pulled.

"Pets don't eat until after their masters say so," Vlad reminded.

Danny moved away from his dish and the hold on his collar dropped. He looked at the carpet and waited. He could smell something tasty above him. He twisted to look up, trying to see what it was.

Vlad pulled the cover off of his meal. Grilled salmon with lemon, rice pilaf, some lightly steamed vegetables, and a glass of cabernet. Something nice and light in deference to the activities he had planned for tonight and the next few days. He paused, sitting back as he looked down at Danny. He smiled slightly at the indignant pout his pet gave him, reaching down to rub him behind the ears. Vlad contemplated making the boy wait. He plucked up his glass of wine and sipped, watching his pet fidget.

Danny rested his head on his paws, watching the steam rise from his bowl. He could smell both meals from his spot on the floor. He was starving even after his afternoon snack; running around and getting screwed on fur rugs took a lot of energy. He tucked his tail between his legs and rolled over, pawing at Vlad's foot. He pouted and whined, his ears flattening against his head to complete the effect.

Vlad scratched Danny behind the ears. "You're a hungry pet, aren't you?" he asked. He took a drink of wine, seeming to consider something of great importance. "All right then," he finally said. He put his glass down, picked up his fork and knife, and nodded to Danny. "You may."

Danny meowed appreciatively, the sound coming from his lips without having to think about it. The noises were becoming more automatic, natural even. It helped somewhat that this was the longest they had ever gone without arguing.

Danny placed his paws near his meal and almost face-planted into it before realizing he needed to be more strategic. He tried again, daintily reaching down with lips and teeth to take a bite of potato. It was spiced just right, lightly crisp, he didn't even miss ketchup. Vlad always had the best food and there was no way a pet bowl was going to change that.

Vlad watched as Danny began tearing into his meal. He couldn't help the dark chuckle as his pet tried to figure out his pet bowl. He went back to his own meal, flaking salmon apart with his fork. Sweet, delicate, and with just the right amount of sour from the lemon. Maybe his pet would like a taste. Vlad prodded Danny with his foot and then offered a forkful of salmon to his pet on the floor.

Danny sniffed at the offered morsel before he released how inhuman-like the motion was. He took the bite slowly; he knew how Vlad liked to watch him eat. He pulled back slowly, licking tip of his tongue over the tines. A low purring sound rumbled from his chest as his taste buds jumped for joy. And he didn't even like fish. He rolled over, forgetting about his own meal as he pawed at Vlad, begging for a second bite.

"You like that, don't you, pet," Vlad said. He reached down and rubbed Danny's belly, giving him the attention he so desired. And then Vlad returned to his own meal.

Danny's purr of agreement died as Vlad pulled away. No come back I want more, he thought as he pulled out from under Vlad's chair and sat up on his haunches. He held his next meow so he could drag the "oooo" sound out for a good long pitiful while. He planted his paws on the floor and stuck the tip of his tongue out, hoping he looked cute.

Vlad took a bite and looked down at his begging pet. Well now, this won't do. "You have your own dinner down there," he said, gesturing dismissively.

Danny placed his paws on Vlad's thigh. His tail curled around his legs as he knelt and pouted. He was banking on looking endearing. He just needed one more bite then back to his own food, honest. He made another short, pleading mew.

Ignoring his pet was getting more difficult by the minute. Vlad put his fork down and picked up his glass of wine. A sip to steady himself while his cock twitched appreciatively in his pants. He looked down at his eager pet and that pretty little pink tongue licking those lips, his hips wiggling behind him... "You want something, don't you," he allowed, rubbing him behind his ears.

Danny huffed, annoyed that Vlad messing with him. A chunk of fish was sitting on his fork and the fork was on the table. Danny's eyes widened. Begging wasn't exactly working and he really only wanted one more bite. He darted up and grabbed the fish with his teeth before dropping back to the floor and diving under the chair just in case Vlad wasn't happy about the move. At least he had his winnings. He chewed happily and curled up into a ball.

Vlad had to keep himself from laughing at his pet's antics. "You're going to be a spoiled pet by the time this is over," he warned. And then he got an idea. Vlad kicked his shoes off, leaving them under the chair. Then he pulled his socks off with his toes. Then he reached out with his foot, very gently grabbed the edge of Danny's bowl, and pulled it away.

Danny felt a growl in his chest, feeling oddly possessive of his food dish. He couldn't grip it with his paws without tipping it over so he bit down on the rim with his teeth, trying to pull it back.

"If you pull too hard you're going to tip it, Daniel," Vlad warned. "Then what will you eat?" Still he didn't let go, merely holding the bowl still against Danny's growling tugs.

Danny got frustrated soon enough and gave up. He released the bowl and quickly snapped up a chuck just in case Vlad really did take it away from him.

Vlad slid the bowl around to his other side before letting it go. He chuckled and went back to his own meal.

Danny blinked, confused to why Vlad had bothered to touch it at all if only to move it around. He padded over to it carefully and dipped his head, trying one of the roasted peppers next while still keeping an ear out in case Vlad did that again.

A few moments was all it took for Vlad to get slightly bored. He took another forkful of salmon and offered it to Danny, tempting him into another bite.

Danny looked up from the food and smirked. He should have guessed Vlad couldn't resist him. He rose up on his haunches and took the offered morsel. He purred and waggled his hips to make sure Vlad knew the gesture was appreciated. The fish was just so good...

Vlad petted Danny again before going back to his own meal. He speared a piece of zucchini and contemplated it before offering that to Danny.

Danny paused before taking this bite; he usually didn't trust green things but Vlad hadn't offered him anything that wasn't amazing yet. Not as good as the fish but pretty good for a vegetable.

Danny knew he needed to keep rewarding Vlad for feeding him or risk losing his master's interest. He darted up again, this time to lick his master's hand.

"What an eager little pet," Vlad observed. He rubbed behind Danny's ears before offering his pet another forkful.

Danny was excited now, his ears wiggled along with his hips and he climbed up into Vlad's chair to take the next mouthful of delicious fish. It was a lot more comfortable up here, draped across Vlad's lap, laying his head on the arm of the chair.

Vlad petted Danny with one hand, feeding him with the other. A few minutes in he realized... "Daniel, if I keep feeding you I won't have any dinner for myself," he said.

Danny was feeling rather full anyway so he didn't mind so much. He sat up and kissed Vlad. He was full and happy and he didn't feel even a twinge of guilt for it. Vlad kissed back, tasting salmon and spices, lemon and Danny. Danny rested his paws on the elder's chest. He wanted to stay like this, forever if he could. He moaned as he felt his cock twitch; Danny realized he might be enjoying the kiss a little too much. Lips licked his own, tasting him.

Danny jumped down from Vlad's lap and curled up under the chair, waiting for the elder to finish his meal. His arousal burned, distracting him with images of a few hours ago.

Vlad sighed in contentment. He could get used to this. Quickly. Too quickly. He had to remind himself that this wasn't a permanent arrangement, that all too soon he wouldn't have an eager pet begging for scraps and curled up at his feet. He looked down at his rather devoured meal and thought that that might not entirely be a bad thing. "Greedy pet," he admonished, poking Danny in the ribs with his foot.

Danny meowed in protest. He looked to Vlad's demolished plate and then to his own food dish. He carefully grabbed it with his paws and lifted it, depositing it on the table for Vlad to eat. He flashed a goofy smile before darting back under the table, out of kicking range.

Vlad watched his cheeky pet offer his own pet food. His mouth hung open in disbelief at the gall Danny showed in his actions. "I'm going to need to spank you," Vlad said, ignoring the pet bowl.

Danny couldn't help his laughter. The spanking was worth it. Vlad may be the master but he couldn't change his pet completely. The day it stopped being fun to tease Vlad would be a very dark day indeed.

After dinner Danny followed Vlad up the stairs to the master bedroom. He still struggled with his four-legged walk. Jumping around was easy but careful stepping required effort to not be too slow and he refused to crawl. Crawling like a baby was even more demoralizing than being a catboy. It was far too early for bed so Danny had to assume they were using the bedroom for other purposes. He was unsure if he should get excited and risk getting his hopes dashed. Vlad looked serious but not particularly mad; Danny knew he was still getting that spanking for principal alone if nothing else. After that though...

Danny licked his lips and settled on the floor, waiting for orders. He was going to stay on his best behavior until he knew if he liked what Vlad had planned.

Vlad sat on the bed then gestured to his lap. "Climb on the bed, pet," he commanded. "I want you laying over my lap with your ass in the air." He had that glint in his eyes again, the one that told Danny that he would be enjoying this.

Danny dug his heels into the floor and leapt, landing on the bed and making the mattress groan with the sudden weight. He padded to Vlad to nuzzle the elder's shoulder, a quick bit of affection before he allowed himself to submit to Vlad's tender mercies. He settled down on Vlad's lap then tried to work out how best to present his rear. He shifted forward and back, tucked his tail between his legs to keep it out of the way, and rested his head on his padded paws.

Vlad waited for Danny to stop fidgeting. He sat back while Danny squirmed and shifted. Finally the boy stopped moving. "Comfy?" Vlad asked facetiously before planting one hand to the small of Danny's back to keep him in place. The first slaps fell to Danny's bare ass.

The idea of answering was torn from Danny's head when the palm landed. Vlad held him still and Danny gritted his teeth. Pain, good pain, filled his senses as the dull burn returned. He clenched around his plug, small sounds escaping past his teeth.

Danny's ass blushed a pretty red as Vlad worked him over, making sure to slap every inch of tender skin. Slap after slap landed, without pause to entice or tease. This was supposed to be a punishment, after all. Although considering the erection digging into his thigh, it wasn't much of one.

Danny's cries escalated as his defenses broke down; Vlad's spankings seemed to get steadily more intense as they went on. He arched up only to be shoved back down and held in place. His thoughts were clouding again, words giving way to emotion and instinct. He was breathing heavy, painting almost. He was so used to being horny now, even after just a week. He felt so very excited and alive. He could barely move with Vlad's hand pinning him down but he still wanted to nuzzle his master, to pounce on Vlad, to do something...

Vlad gave one last spank right in the middle of Danny's ass to make the plug jump inside him and then stopped. Danny gave a final cry to justify the effort. His shoulders slumped as he curled up in Vlad's lap and trembled. He wanted more, he wanted everything. He hoped Vlad wasn't going to wind him up just to leave him hanging.

"You're going to be a good pet from now on aren't you?" Vlad asked as he rubbed Danny's butt. He wrapped his fingers around the plug and pulled on it, gently tugging it to tease the boy.

Danny nodded wordlessly, pressing his backside against the hand that teased him. He wasn't sure if he wanted the plug in or out. He wiggled in Vlad's lap. He needed to be a good kitty now, a very good kitty. The hand on his back was the only thing keeping him from pawing all over his master.

Vlad pulled the plug out, drawing out the movement to drive the boy even further into need, as if the erection digging into his thigh were somehow not enough. He circled his finger around Danny's hole, sliding a finger inside. And then he pulled away. He slapped Danny's ass once. "Get up," he commanded. "Up and into the bathroom with you. Pets need to get clean."

Danny tossed his head in frustration, his electronic cat ears knocked askew in the process. For a second there he'd believed that Vlad was preparing him to take something thick and hard in place of the plug. He whined to show his disapproval but jumped from the bed anyway.

Tile felt strange after a day of rolling around on carpets. Danny planted his tender backside on the floor, casting an eye from the overly large shower to the marble bathtub on golden clawed feet. The shower head in particular looked strange; it was mounted on the roof instead of the wall so the water would pour down like rain on the occupant. He pressed a paw to the glass, curious.

Vlad sat down on the edge of the tub and gestured for Danny to give him his paws. One by one Vlad removed the furry paws, then the ears, then finally the collar and its bell. His pet was once again trapped in a human form, confined to two legs and words. "Start the water, Daniel," he said before standing up to remove his own clothes.

Danny wobbled as he stood up; the switch from kitty to human was awkward, especially since this was the first time he had to do so. He wanted to say something but he was still dealing with the mental barrier he'd placed between his thoughts and his mouth. So instead he decided to see how the shower worked. He fiddled with the knobs, jumping back when a rush of ice cold water poured down on his head. He slunk to the side and tilted the temperature control. After the water was warmed up he stepped back in, pushing his hair back into place. He caught Vlad's eye as the elder unzipped his pants and Danny smiled at him. "You coming in or what?"

"Of course," Vlad purred. He dropped the last stitch of clothing, standing naked in the middle of the room. He stepped inside and closed the glass door behind him. Vlad grabbed the bar of soap and rubbed a lather in his hands. "How would I make sure my pet got clean if I didn't?" he asked, leaning close to Danny. He reached down with a soapy hand to rub his fingers over Danny's hole, toying with the boy.

Danny internally cursed Vlad's height advantage. He wrapped his arms around the elder's shoulders and pulled him into the water. Water flowed down Vlad's chest and down Danny's back. "Going straight for the kill, hm?" Danny asked teasingly as the finger prodded him. "Well, you know, two can play that game." He smirked and slid his hand down to wrap his wet fingers around Vlad's cock.

Vlad gasped and groaned at the touch. He was already half-hard from the spanking and the boy's fingers did nothing for his self-control. He thrust into Danny's grasping fingers before pulling away completely. "Not yet, my dear boy," he admonished. "Not quite yet." He had plans, after all. And first step on those plans involved getting the boy clean in all sorts of interesting places. He rubbed some more lather before running his soapy hands over the boy's chest and arms.

Danny frowned but pressed himself closer to the elder as the suds washed away sweat and dirt from his skin. After a day on the floor he probably needed this. He hummed softly. "Do I get a turn with that soap later?" he asked, wiggling.

"Maybe," Vlad said. "But first, all good masters have to take care of their pets." He rubbed soapy hands down Danny's torso, along his sides, up his back and his neck... Soapy thumbs rubbed over Danny's nipples, teasing him and keeping him eager and horny. He leaned forward, his lips at Danny's ear. "And I am very good..."

"Mmm," Danny agreed, wrapping his arms around the elder's shoulders and sliding his fingers through silver strands of wet hair. "I noticed. And lucky for me you're also a pushover when it comes to begging pets." He licked the shell of Vlad's ear.

"Hm, yes, I will have to find some way around your pretty little begging," Vlad mused. He felt Danny's cock twitch as he pinched the boy's nipples. "Perhaps if I don't feed you at all you'll have to beg for all your meals. Or perhaps I should feed you in the kitchen while I eat in the dining room." Soapy hands roamed lower, running over Danny's ass and into the crack between. He rubbed over Danny's hole, slipping a soapy finger inside.

Danny moaned and leaned back against the marble wall. He clung to Vlad, felt the digit wiggle around inside him. His train of thought about dinner was broken so he latched onto a new topic. "V-Vlad… is, is it bad if I like being a pet? It's supposed to be a punishment right?"

"Enjoying yourself as a pet isn't a bad thing," Vlad assured. He turned Danny around, helped him lean forward against the marble. "You gave yourself to me for a week so I might do whatever I wanted to you. How you respond to that is up to you. But I can assure you, Little Badger, that I am enjoying myself immensely."

Vlad let the water rinse away the last of the soap. He rubbed Danny's hole, considering for a moment. He kissed the back of Danny's neck before sinking to his knees behind him. He spread the boy's cheeks and swiped his tongue over the puckered hole hidden there.

Danny jumped, almost kicking Vlad by mistake. He hadn't been expecting that. Why would he want his tongue anywhere near there? "Vlad?" he moaned softly, confusion tainting his pleasure. "Vlad, that feels really weird." He moaned as the tip Vlad's tongue toyed with him. His fingers scrabbled at the wall, blood rushing to his cheeks. Oh god, what was Vlad even doing?

Vlad pulled away to give him a deadpanned look, not caring that the boy couldn't see him from this angle. He rubbed his thumb to Danny's hole before licking him again. He traced around his hole with his tongue before pressing the tip inside.

Ah, fuck... Okay, don't think about what's happening, just think about how it feels. Danny arched back and spread his legs, bracing his arms over his head so he could still stand even as he twitched with the flicks of Vlad's tongue. A long moan tore from his throat.

Vlad chuckled, the sound sending a small vibration against Danny's ass. He grabbed Danny's hips and held him still as he licked. He drove his tongue into the boy, sliding it in and out, fucking him with his tongue. He picked up a chaotic rhythm, a pause to lick around Danny's hole then a press inside, punctuated by seemingly random swipes of his tongue.

Vlad's tongue felt… between his legs... Danny had had a lot of things inside him this week but Vlad's tongue was so very different. The tender probing reminded him of the first time Vlad had fingered him. Pleasure mixed with the shock that such a thing could even be done. His cock pressed against the wall and he had to resist the urge to hump against the wet marble. It was getting hard to stand as he trembled.

Vlad pressed his tongue deep into Danny's ass before pulling away, giving the eager little hole one last swipe. He stood up and nuzzled the boy's shoulder. He reached around to Danny's front, folding his cock. "You liked that," he teased.

"Y-yeah," Danny breathed, pressing into Vlad's chest. "You know a lot of really weird sex stuff." Danny bucked into Vlad's hand, the elder's erection grinding against his ass. The warm water made it easy to rub and slide.

"I've had a lot of time to learn what feels good," Vlad purred as he pulled back. He licked his palm and rubbed the saliva on his own hard cock. He pressed the head against Danny's spit-slicked hole. "Relax for me," he whispered before pushing inside.

"What?" The question was slow and sluggish. And then Vlad's hands pulled his inner thighs apart and the floor suddenly disappeared from beneath his feet as he slid down onto Vlad's cock. He braced himself against the wall, shooting a glare over his shoulder. Damn, Vlad was a lot stronger than his human form suggested. He tried to relax but the missing floor made it hard. The stretch was less smooth than he was used to. The plug had loosened him up but Vlad's cock was bigger than it and there wasn't enough lube this time. Vlad's cock burned inside him as he was filled. The pain felt good, like he was being fucked raw before they'd even started. Lust rose, he wanted this so bad, he needed the pain to assure him he was getting everything he could take. He slid one arm around Vlad's neck and leaned back, trying to take more in.

Vlad groaned as he sank to the hilt, as Danny pressed himself further onto him. His hands roamed wet skin, sliding from narrow hips up a smoothly muscled belly to pluck the buds of eager nipples. An arm thrown over his shoulders held him in check, prevented him from merely throwing the boy against the wall and taking him, claiming him. He bit Danny's shoulder to muffle the possessive growl that rumbled in his chest. The bite turned to a hard suck as Vlad marked the boy, made sure that he bruised, made sure he'd stay marked. He gripped Danny by the hips and began to thrust.

The teenager gave a cry loud enough to echo around the bathroom. Held tightly in Vlad's grip, he could feel the other hybrid all around him. A strangled "Yesss..." came from his throat as he gave himself to the larger male. It just felt so good. If he had to decide right now he would let Vlad tie him up and keep him forever, anything to have this all the time.

Danny bobbed up and down in Vlad's hold as he was fucked. He wanted to yell something, scream to the heavens how he loved this so he couldn't take it back when he was sane again. "Vlad..." he gasped. Thoughts shattered as a hard thrust glanced his prostate. He came back a moment later, lust dazed and wanting more. "M-make me yours… please..."

Vlad angled his thrusts, manhandling Danny by the hips to drive him wild. He licked the mark he made, a deep red mark on Danny's shoulder. "Mine," Vlad growled. He wanted to keep Danny, keep him tied to the bed, keep him collared and on his knees, keep him at his side where a good pet should be. "I'll make you mine. I'll keep you and never let you go. Keep you here."

Danny gasped sharply. The burn between his legs matched the pleasure making his back arch and toes curl. Skin to skin, sharing his body with Vlad, he wanted everything he was being promised. Collars and chains and long naps in Vlad's lap. Pleasing his master with good behavior and following orders. He arched up against Vlad, moaning as the pace between his legs picked up. "I have the best master," he murmured softly, leaning up to nip at Vlad's earlobe.

Vlad wrapped his arms tight around the boy. Words. Words he'd heard before, scattered across years and partners, hopes and dreams. Even these words were so tenuous that they could be trusted, wouldn't last beyond the end of the contract. But Vlad still held onto those words, hoped and dreamed as he wrapped his mind around those words and dragged them down into his depths, never to let them go. Words of ownership. Words of need. Words of pleasure. Straining, gasping pants as Vlad fucked the boy hard, dragging those sounds, those words out of him, never to let them go. "Let me keep you," he whispered.

"I want to." Danny's response came softly, begging for a justification he couldn't offer. He wanted it, craved it like nothing he had ever had before. No treat or toy or dream ever made him feel want like this. But...

The hero of Amity Park couldn't run away with his archenemy. He couldn't enjoy being beaten, he couldn't leave his family to be with this man he cared for in this odd, confusing, lust-filled way. But he wanted to, he really wanted to.

Danny slumped in Vlad's arms, the water cascading down them both. He closed his eyes and grit his teeth, focusing on the rhythmic thrusts and hard sex. He wouldn't think about it, he couldn't.

Vlad held Danny still while he thrust into him, wrapped a hand around the boy's cock. He stroked Danny in time with his own thrusts, wanting, needing to drive him deeper into pleasure. Needed to do everything he could to make sure the boy said 'yes'. He licked the mark bitten into Danny's shoulder. "Then let me keep you," he whispered.

"I..." Danny couldn't tell anymore if the trembling was from the sex or something else. Every time Vlad thrust into him his mind went blank, drove the answer the elder wanted closer to the tip of his tongue. Then a thrust hit his prostate dead on and he moaned instead. Danny's breath hitched in a high pitched whine, his hips bobbing back as he tried to get more. He was so close now, so very close.

Vlad kissed the mark he made. No more words, nothing but sounds as pleasure overtook his mind, as Danny moaned incoherently. Only hands grasping and stroking, hips thrusting and writhing, and the water falling, falling around them. iLet me keep you,/i Vlad thought as he bit down on willing flesh, deepening the mark as he moaned. His orgasm crashed through him.

Danny gasped through the falling water, hoping against hope that Vlad could stand while he filled his pet to the brim. The teen's painfully dry orgasm shot through him like a lightning bolt, gone all too soon but leaving him drained like he hadn't felt in ages.

Warm cum dripped to the shower floor and was whisked away by the rushing tide. Soon enough Danny found himself lying on it as Vlad's knees finally gave way. Vlad felt lips on his, an eager tongue lapping against his own, fingers in his hair. He twined his own fingers through black locks, arching Danny's neck so Vlad could thoroughly ravage him.

It took a while before Vlad remembered why they were in the shower. Right. He pulled away, panting.

Danny rested his head against the marble wall, his mouth open and his eyes half closed. He was warm and sated and didn't want to move. Things had been so intense for a moment there; the feeling of wanting to give himself to Vlad forever was still so strong it scared him. At least, it scared the part of his mind that knew to be scared. He had walked into the lair of the beast willingly but he hadn't thought he would never want to walk back out.

Danny lowered his hips and crossed his legs. His ass was in a fair amount of pain; far too much rough sex. Not that he minded... He shook his head and licked his lips. "I suppose we need to get clean again."

"Good thing we're in the shower then," Vlad purred. He pulled himself to his feet and dragged Danny with him. 'Getting clean' was an excellent excuse to keep running his hands over smooth skin.

Danny whined and whimpered as Vlad pawed at his over-sensitive body. He was washed from head to toe again, only given rest when he convinced Vlad to give him a turn with the soap.

His fingers were prune-y by the time Vlad finally turned off the water and wrapped him in a towel so large it could double as a blanket. He wrapped himself tightly, glad for the soft and the warmth. His eyes drooped as he swayed on his feet.

Vlad ran the towel over Danny's skin, rubbing him dry. The boy's eyes fell closed as Vlad held him.

Well then. Vlad smiled as he finished drying off his little badger. It had been a rather long day. He scooped the boy up into his arms and carried him to the bed. He'd planned on having Danny curled up at the foot of his bed or maybe on a pallet on the floor if he'd been bad. But he supposed he could acquiesce this once. Vlad tucked Danny into his bed before he climbed in himself. Danny snuggled up to Vlad, all but dragging his arms over to hold the boy. "Greedy pet," Vlad whispered, kissing him goodnight.

A soft mew served as Danny's answer. In the back of his mind it occurred to him that all he had done that night was have sex with Vlad and eat and sit around. It had been a long time since had done so little on a Friday night and yet it was still his best Friday night in a very long while.

This must be why Maddie is such a fat cat, he thought as he fell asleep.