The rest of the week passed without incident and in no time it was Saturday, and later that night would be the party at a popular club his group of friends liked to frequent. Though he was tempted to skip out on the party, he knew Gilbert would hound him for a month about being "totally unawesome", should he decline the invitation. It wasn't like he didn't want to go, he loved meeting new people and all, he just wasn't in the mood. Maybe he wouldn't go after all, call Gilbert and say he was feeling ill and was too swamped with school work to be out partying. Gilbert should understand, maybe he'd only be bothered for a day or two.

He decided calling would make the conversation more sincere, so he called Gilbert up and told him an excuse, though one not entirely untrue; he was a little behind on his work and he was also not feeling too well right then. Gilbert tried to guilt him into going but Alfred was adamant about declining, he even said "please" to show how serious he was being. Gilbert agreed(with a few sarcastic remarks thrown in) and Alfred said goodbye, and thank you, which was probably a word Gilbert didn't hear a lot directed at him.

Settling down on his bed with his studies and a warm drink sounded good so he gathered up his books from his desk and set them on his bed, ready to have a nice, relaxing night by himself.

The club was impressive, much more modern and high tech than any other club Mathias had been to. The lights were strobing and the bass was strong enough to be felt through the floor. It was crowded because it was a Saturday night, but that didn't mean it was no less enjoyable. Mathias actually had a pretty good time.

Gilbert had picked him up at the airport and driven him to his place(most likely just Ludwig's place; he knew it was probably only Ludwig's name on the lease). There he met Gilbert's younger brother, who looked exactly like what Gilbert described: tall, muscular, and very stern-faced. He was polite though, and Mathias and him were able to have a pleasant conversation to get to know one another while Gilbert lamented the loss of the friend he'd been expecting("What the hell is this? Where's the party animal I met in college, huh?").

Though they were originally at the club for his birthday, Mathias was more than happy to focus on something other than his life and let everyone do their own thing. He made sure to not drink too much, unlike Gilbert and two of his friends, who were going around the club and hitting on various individuals. He danced and talked and stayed pleasantly buzzed, which came in handy when Gilbert stopped next to him at the bar, where Mathias had been getting a water. Of course, Gilbert was completely drunk, so his words were slurred, and Mathias paid little attention until he heard something odd.

He rudely(not that Gilbert cared in his drunk state) cut Gilbert off and asked, "Wait, what was that?"

Gilbert blinked at him unevenly and tried to get his brain to repeat what he had just said. "I said I wish Jones wasn't such a goddamn prude all the time. Why can't he just ditch his boyfriend and be with me? What makes him so special?" The words were horribly slurred but the name was what caught his interest.

"Shones?" he said, "Who's that?" It sounded awfully familiar the way Gilbert said it. Gilbert furrowed his eyebrows. "Not Shones dumbass, Jones," he said, the words once again sounding slurred. "You just said the same thing. How drunk are you?" Mathias said.

"M'not drunk, just...tiippssy, a little. Not really."

"Yeah, that was super convincing," Mathias said sarcastically. "So who's this guy you're talking about?" He wasn't one for gossip but a drunk Gilbert was always pretty entertaining, though hard to understand.

"Oh, man, if you saw him you'd know what I'm talking about. Long legs, pretty eyes, fiery personality, pretty damn perfect if you ask me. Only problem is his no show boyfriend. Never even seen pictures of the guy."

That sounded...very familiar. Heart suddenly beating quickly he asked, "What's his name?"


Though slightly slurred there was no mistaking the name. Alfred was here? In this city and friend's with Gilbert? It was then he realized the rest of Gilbert's words. Boyfriend?

"Alfred F. Jones?" he asked, numb as he stood there frozen. "Yep, that's him!" Gilbert said, then seemed to catch up on Mathias's addition to the name. "Wait, I never told you his middle name, how'd you know that?"

Completely ignoring the question, Mathias grabbed Gilbert's shoulders and said, "Gilbert, you have to tell me where he lives. Tell me Gilbert!"

"D-Dude, chill out. I'm gonna be sick or something with all your shaking." He abruptly yanked his hands off of Gilbert, acutely aware that he had indeed been shaking Gilbert in his hurry. "I'm sorry Gilbert, I just...can you tell me where he lives?"

Gilbert rubbed a hand across his face. "I dun know, at the college? Ask Luddy, or someone else; I'm too drunk for this."

Figuring as much, he went off to look for Ludwig, desperately hopping he wasn't busy with something. He needed to confirm it was his Alfred here, so close within reach. There were probably a lot of people with that name but he had to know.

Ludwig was standing by the bar on the other side of the room, one wriggling Italian brother to his right and another angrier Italian brother to his left. Poor guy just couldn't catch a break. He called out to Ludwig once close and asked if he knew a guy named Alfred Jones. He said yes, and when Mathias asked his address, saying he was an old friend who'd grown up with Alfred, Ludwig divulged it. With the information written down on a paper napkin, Mathias quietly slipped out of the club, running to the curb and trying to hail a taxi.

Damn this side of America, he thought, frustrated as taxi's drove by him. Finally one stopped in front of him and he jumped in, reading off the address on the napkin and leaning back in the seat to breath. Hopefully he wouldn't have to go far; He only had so much money on him.

It was late when Alfred was much more caught up with his work. He'd decided to watch a movie, as he wasn't that tired yet and hoped the movie would make his eyes tired so he would fall asleep faster.

Just as the movie got past its climax, someone knocked on his door. Looking over at the door and wondering who could be knocking at such a late hour, he paused the movie and got up, slowly approaching his door. There was no peep-hole so he's have to open the door to see.

He undid the lock and pulled the door open a little bit, then wider as he stared at the person standing there.

"M-Mathias?" Alfred whispered, completely shocked that this was happening. Was this real? Was he dreaming, having fallen asleep on his bed during the movie? Please don't let this be a dream.

Mathias was bent over, hands on his knees as he caught his breath. He looked up at Alfred's voice and smiled. Straightening out he replied, "Hi Alfred."

With a wide smile on his face, and tears starting to run down his cheeks, Alfred practically tackled Mathias as he hugged him, burying his face in Mathias's shoulder. This was real. This was real and it really was Mathias hugging him back.

Pulling away slightly, Mathias brought a hand up to wipe away the tears. Alfred let him undisturbed and asked, "What...How...What are you doing here?" He ushered Mathias into his dorm, shutting the door behind him and turning on the lights.

"Gilbert invited me down here to spend my birthday partying with him," Mathias said, eyes glancing over Alfred's room before returning to the blond. "When he mentioned you I had to come see you."

Alfred laughed, not even believing what was happening. "It was you he was doing that for?" He was just so happy to see Mathias. After all those years, to suddenly see made him feel giddy and excited.

"Yeah, but he also mentioned a, um...a boyfriend?" Mathias asked reluctantly. If Alfred had moved on he didn't really want to talk about it. Alfred walked up to him shaking his head. "No, I don't have a boyfriend at the moment. When I got here I sort of told people I did have a boyfriend, even when I didn't. But I had just arrived and I wasn't ready to start a new relationship." He smiled at Mathias. "I used you as an excuse to not be with anyone. Even though I never told them your name it was you I thought about."

Mathias blinked at him. "Sooo, you don't have a boyfriend?"


"Well then it is perfectly fine for me to do this."

Alfred was about to ask what when Mathias grabbed him and pulled him into a kiss. He was startled by the sudden move but of course returned it, gripping Mathias's hair and pressing them closer together. Mathias moved forward until Alfred's back hit a wall and they could go no farther. He ran his hands all over Alfred, kissing him roughly and with all the passion of lovers who had been kept from each other for years.

Alfred kissed back just as hard, whole being filled with warmth and heart pumping quickly. Mathias is here, he kept thinking, then lost his train of thought as Mathias moved away from his mouth and down his neck.

"W-Wait, wait, we sh-should—oh God yes right there—move this to my bed, d-don't you think?" Alfred said breathlessly. It was hard concentrating with all the attention to his neck but he managed.

"I think that is a wonderful idea," Mathias growled, then tugged Alfred to the bed, where they spent the rest of the night in each other's arm, intimately reacquainting themselves.

Arthur stood in front of Alfred's door, waiting for him to open it, as Arthur had already knocked quite a few times. He had a scowl on his face as he waited. Honestly, this kid was always so disorganized, he marveled at how well Alfred was doing in his classes. He would never be able to concentrate in such a messy environment.

He heard sound behind the door, voices and laughing, then the door being unlocked. Was there someone in there with Alfred? Why so early?

Alfred opened the door, but by his appearance he was nowhere near ready to go to breakfast with Arthur and Francis, as he did every Sunday morning. He had on boxers and an inside out shirt. His hair was messier than normal and Arthur could have sworn he saw dark marks around the base of Alfred's neck, just barely covered by the shirt. What the hell?

"Oh this is great; I've been waiting out here and you're not even ready to go!" Arthur said, glaring at Alfred.

Alfred laughed nervously and scratched his head. "Yeah, sorry Arthur but I can't make it to breakfast today. Got a lot of work, ya' know? Anyway see you later!" Then he shut the door and locked it.

Arthur blinked for several seconds at the door, then turned and walked down the hall to the stairs. Francis was going to get a kick out of this.

"Do you wanna go out to breakfast or something?" Alfred asked. He and Mathias were lying on his bed and watching tv. He'd had the best night of sleep in a while, and waking up had been just as great, since he had someone he cared about so much with him. Plus, he got morning sex too.

"I dunno, are you hungry? I'm kinda hungry," Mathias answered. Alfred hummed then jumped up and started pulling some clothes on. Mathias watched him with a confused expression. "Come on," Alfred said, buckling his belt then throwing a jacket on, "I'm hungry and I know the perfect place."

Mathias chuckled and stood up, finding his scattered clothes and putting them back on. He'd have to return to Gilbert's to get a new change of clothes. Hopefully Gilbert would be passed out drunk and only Ludwig would be there. He had a feeling Ludwig would react better to his situation than Gilbert.

"Alright, let's go," Mathias said, slinging an arm around Alfred's shoulders. "Lead on." They walked out into the hall and Alfred locked his door before they started making their way to the ground floor. "I don't have a car or anything but it's not very far," Alfred said. "That's fine," Mathias said, in an off handed way. He'd never seen such a large city in person, and he was amazed by all the architecture and people. He dropped his arm from Alfred's shoulder once they were out of the building and on the sidewalk, which was packed with people. How did anyone live in such a crowded place?

The walk was, thankfully, shorter than he'd expected, and soon he was following Alfred into what looked like a diner. They were seated quickly, much to Mathias's amazement(seriously, where did all these people come from?), and the waitress gave them their menus before hurriedly scurrying off.

When he picked out what he wanted(something small and on the cheaper side) he looked up to see Alfred smiling widely at him. He returned it.

"Do you remember our first date?" Alfred asked him. Mathias set his menu down and glanced around the diner...Diner. Of course.

"Yeah, it was at a place like this right? The only restaurant in town where two kids could hang out together by themselves. I remember being nervous, but it turned out okay in the end, didn't it?" True to his word, Mathias had been very nervous about going on a date with Alfred, and their first date no less! He had every right to be nervous, but he and Alfred were such good friends that it hadn't been awkward at all, but rather pleasant.

"Yes, this place reminds me a lot about home," Alfred said, looking around before focusing on Mathias, "but I prefer this," he placed his hand on Mathias's, "much more."


The sky was clear that night, and the stars were bright. A blanket lay between them and the grass, with another shared between them for warmth. Despite the layers of clothes they were wearing it was still freezing cold outside; just the perfect excuse to cuddle, not that either of them minded.

Alfred's gaze was transfixed on the stars, his happiness and fascination with the burning balls of gas clearly seen on his face and in his smile. Mathias's gaze often switched between the stars and Alfred, as the stars could not outshine his boyfriend.

Alfred caught his gaze and smiled at him, snuggling closer and kissing him. The kiss was sweet and chaste, and it was killing Mathias to know that, in a few days time, Alfred would be gone and he might never get to share these moments with him ever again.

"I love you," Alfred whispered, "I will always love you."

Mathias shifted his arm to start running his hand through Alfred's bright blond hair.

"And I will always love you more."