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Two eyes opened. One was a dark blue and one was a lavender star set in a spiked circle against a deep violet background. They stared at the wood ceiling in a daze. Then their owner registered that his eyepatch was missing and a hand covered the purple eye in shock. Where was his eyepatch?

There was the sound of soft breathing next to him, and he saw it was coming from Alois.

"Ah. Ye are awake." Ciel Phantomhive jumped in surprise, sitting up and looking up to find an old woman. Her grey hair was in a low ponytail and she wore odd robes and stared at him. She wore an eyepatch over one eye.

"Where am i?" Ciel asked, hand still covering his eye.

"Ye are in my hut." The woman sat lotus style before him. "I am Kaede."

Ciel looked around, asking "How did I get here?"

"InuYasha found ye and yer friend unconscious at the bottom of BoneEater's well. Ye two were bleeding from yer heads."

"Where's my eyepatch?" Ciel's voice was firm.

"I had to take it off. It was stained with yer blood."

"May I have it back?" Ciel was quickly becoming annoyed.

Kaede was about to responded when Alois' voice asked "Where am i?"

Kaede told him what she'd told Ciel. When she finished, he grabbed the hand covering Ciel's eye saying "I want to see your eye!" and pulled it away.

Ciel's eyelid fluttered open and he froze solid as Kaede examined his contract eye with awe.

"It's so pretty~!" Alois cooed, clapping his hands together.

"You have one as well," Ciel muttered unhappily.

You can't see mine~!" the blonde chirped, sticking out his tongue with the intent of taunting Ciel. On his tongue was an odd gold star similar yet very much different from Ciel's own.

"Alois," Ciel said, "We can see your contract."

Alois blinked. He crossed his eyes and tilted his tongue upwards, staring at the mark on his tonue. Then he quickly withdrew his tongue and covered his mouth with his hands.

"Why the hell is my contract seal visible?!" he shouted, voice slightly muffled, "Claude isn't even near!"

"Tell me," Kaede murmured, numb with shock at what she'd seen, "How ye two acquired these off symbols."

Ciel was going to give her a smartass remark when someone burst in. he had sun tanned skin, snowy white hair with a pair of white dog ears and gold-amber eyes. He wore bright red robes.

"Hey, Kaede," he said, not noticing Ciel and Alois, "Are those two boys up yet?"

"They are, InuYasha," Kaede responded, "Undoubtedly, ye have startled them."

The being, apparently named InuYasha, turned, spotting the two kids, and stared at them with a stern expression.

"Your rescued us from the well?" Ciel asked. His eyes flicked between InuYasha's face and the ears on top of his head.

"Feh. Don't think I did it for you," InuYasha said, "Because I didn't. I only did because you had the same smells of Kagome's time that Kagome did."

"What are you, exactly?" Alois asked. He was as stunned as Ciel was.

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