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'This isn't fun anymore' Rachel was getting up from the bed but it took like an hour to get out since she was now 8 months pregnant and she was about to explode 'I'm pretty sure this size isn't normal' she looked at her babybump, she couldn't see her feet anymore and her babybump was so large you could put a plate on it while she was standing

'Love, I'm so sorry I did this to you if I could take any of the discomfort away I would' said Finn and helped Rachel out of bed. He put his hands on her stomach and felt their baby kick 'She's very active today'

'HE is happy to hear your voice' said Rachel smiling 'Do you have to go? I'm not feeling well, I've been having pains in my stomach since 5 am and my back hurts'

'Why didn't you tell me? Is there something wrong with the baby?'

'I don't think so it's just really uncomfortable'

'I'm sorry I have to go darling but it's just for a couple of hours, I'll be back at 12 okay?'

'Okay... are the others home?'

'No Sam and Mercedes are out today and Kurt and Blaine are working'

'Looks like I'll have to entertain myself today'

'Just until 12 then I'll be back' he put on his clothes and Rachel waddled to the kitchen to make him some breakfast. Whule she was busy she suddenly felt two strong arms wrap around her from behind and two big hands rest on her babybump as she felt two soft lips kissing her neck.

'Darling you have to go to work' She turned around in Finns arms and placed a soft kiss on his lips and handed him his breakfast, he quickly ate it

'I love you'

'I love you too and you too little princess' he kissed Rachel and her babybump before heading out to Burt's tireshop to work. Rachel sighed, after the baby was born they would move to New York and start a new life there. She couldn't wait. She suddenly felt the sharp pain in her stomach again and sat down on a chair holding her stomach. She looked down at it.

'Hey you in there be a little gentle for mama' She smiled when she put her hand on her stomach and felt soft kicks against it, this baby sure was a kicker. She yawned, she had been up since 5 because of the pains in her stomach and she went to the bedroom to take a nap.

At 10 she woke up because the stings were getting worse, she moaned in pain and helt her stomach. Then she suddenly felt something wet between her legs, she didn't know much about giving birth but she had been told that when you felt something wet between your legs it meant your waters had broken and that the baby was on its way. She panicked, she still had a few weeks left until this baby was supposed to be born and Finn wasn't there. She held her stomach tight and cried out in pain of a constraction. She lay in bed crying in pain and prayed for Finn to be home soon.

When Finn got home he heard screaming coming from the bedroom and he rushed in. He saw Rachel lying in bed holding her stomach and crying in pain. He rushed to her side

'Rachel, what's going on?'

'Finn! The baby I... I think it's coming'

'I'll get a doctor right away' he kissed Rachel before rushing out to find a doctor.

30 minutes later he came back with the doctor and he didn't hear screaming anymore. He went to the bedroom and saw Rachel lying in bed breathing heavily, her forehead wet in sweat. The doctor quickly examined her

'She's 7 centimeters dialated, when she's 10 centimeters she can push' Rachel noded and cried out when another constraction came. Finn sat down on the edge of the bed and kissed her forehead

'You can do this Rach, you're strong and I believe in you' he kissed her lips gently

After 4 hours of screaming, crying and breathing it was finally time to push.

'Okay Rachel when I say push you need to push as hard as you can' Rachel grabbed Finns hand and sat up

'3, 2, 1 push!' Rachel pushed hard and cried out in pain


'You need to push harder Rachel' she pushed harder and screamed as she squeezed Finns hand. She kept pushing and pushing and pushing until she was completely exhausted

'One final push Rachel' she nodded and sat up again, she pushed as hard as she could and fell back on the pillows breathing heavily when they heard a beautiful soft cry

'Congratulations it's a girl' said the doctor and Rachel cried from happiness, Finn had tears streaming down his face as well

'You did such an amazing job my love'

'We have a daughter'

'A beautiful daughter' Finn kissed her softly. The doctor cut the navelcord, cleaned the young girl, wraped her in a blanket and gave her to the proud parents.

'She looks just like you Finn' she smiled at the babygirl that lay in her arms

'She's beautiful, I have no words...' he kissed the babygirl's little head softly

'Does she have a name?' Rachel looked at Finn and he nodded at her

'Yes' said Rachel 'Sarah Ava Hudson' the doctor wrote it down and then looked under the covers between Rachels legs

'You have 5 minutes to rest, the other one will be out soon' they both looked up at him

'Wait what?' Finn looked confused

'It's twins... you two didn't know?'

'We've never been to a doctor... I did find my size odd but I just thought it was a big baby'

'Well it's two babies' Finn looked at Rachel

'We're having two babies...'

'I'm sorry Finn'

'Don't be sorry I... I couldn't be happier, I don't care that it will be more complicated with two babies I'll love both so much' he looked at Sarah who slowly opened her eyes. Two of the most beautiful warm chocolate brown eyes were revealed and she looked at her parents with huge eyes.

'She has your eyes Rach'

'She's gorgeous' she tapped Sarah's little nose and the little girl smiled at them.

'Okay Rachel give Sarah to Finn, it's time to get the other one out' Rachel handed Sarah to Finn and sat up once again

'Okay push Rachel!' She pushed with all her might

'It's a small one, but it looks healthy so far I need you to push harder' she pushed with everything she had and after a few more painfull, exhausting pushes they heard another cry

'It's another girl, conratulations. She's a little smaller than usual but she's healthy' the doctor cut the navel cord, cleaned the baby, put her in a blanket as well and handed her to Rachel who was breathing heavily and crying yet again at the sight of her other babygirl. This little girl looked like Rachel, same face, same nose.

'She also so beautiful, thank you my love thank you for giving me these amazing girls' Finn kissed her again and looked at both of his girls

'And what's her name?'

'You name her Finn' Finn thought and then looked at the doctor

'Isabella Maria Hudson' he looked at Rachel

'Sounds perfect' she stroke both of her babygirl's heads

'We're a family' she cried again

'A perfect little family' Finn kissed her again