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Six months pass before I give in and tell Edward I want the space. He knows. He always knew I'd take it, smug bastard. The space has all the bells and whistles— outfitted specifically for a tattoo studio. During those six months, Edward would come in on weekends when I was working and I marked him as promised. Adding swirls of musical manuscript, his song for his late mother. the music wrapping around his forearm, entwined with red roses and lilies.

He also requested another tat. A matching celtic swan over his heart.

He was rewarded handsomely that particular evening.

I gave my two weeks notice about two months later at Cullen Energy, and Jasper through me a going away party at his studio.

Alice and Jasper ended up surprising all of us and coming back from the tattoo convention in Vegas with matching inked left ring fingers. Eloped. He landed the girl of his dreams.

Swan Ink opened it's doors soon after, complete with a huge grand opening, and a proposal from Edward.

Yep. Asked me to marry him in front of fifty of my closest friends, coworkers, present and future clients. I wanted to kill him.

Then jump him.

I said yes.

Because duh.

And here we are four years later. This studio is home, a hub to everyone we care about. Little Lily came into the world three years ago and filled the last space in my heart I didn't know was missing. She spends her days with me in the studio, in her little we set up for her when she told me she wanted to paint. So there she goes, her little corner of artistic heaven, drawing pictures of mermaids and doggies and pictures of mommy and daddy, patches of color on their skin.

The door dings while I'm with a client and I know it's him. I'm smiling as I hear Lily squeal and run screaming "Daddy" to the top of her lungs and I stop and turn to catch my favorite part of the day. I watch him, sleeves rolled up and showing his ink to the world, pick up his daughter and swing her in the air amid her giggles. I cannot contain my heart in my chest. He locks his green eyes, Lily's eyes the same shade, and strides over with our little girl in his colored arms and plants a loud smacking kiss on my neck.

"How are my girls?"

"Your girls are just fine. I think you should roll up your daughter's sleeves up, though."

He eyes me dubiously, and does as requested. Up and down her arms, Lily has painted intricate pictures with her washable markers. He smiles, more pride in that smile than from any big corporate deal gone right.

"Wow, Lilly, we might have to hire you. You wanna work with Mommy?"

"Silly, Daddy. I woak wid Mommy evwy day!"

"Damn skippy. You tell him, sweetie."

"Yeah yeah yeah. You ready for me?"

"Yeah, just finishing up with Ryan here."

"Looks badass, Bella," my returning client says. He's got a massive back piece I've logged countless hours on already, but he's paying me big bucks so I'm not complaining at all.

"After I patch him up and he's gone, Lily goes back to her corner and I work on my husband. He's adding another piece to his swan. Lillies coming in and out of the knotting and framing it, the date of our daughter's birth scrolled within the petals. It's gorgeous... if I do say so myself.

As I work, Edward still gives me that heated stare that makes my lower regions feel like they might explode. I've lost count how many times we've sneaked into the back room after hours.

"Are you happy?" He asks as I work. I stop and meet his eyes.

"Ridiculously so. All this is more than I'd ever hoped for. I'd give this whole shop up though. This is cake. You and Lilly... you guys are it for me."

Edward smiles warmly and leans forward until our lips meet sweetly.

"Love you."

"Back at ya, Mr. Cullen."

The End.




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