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Chapter 5

2:30 AM... Later that night...

"We should probably go inside," I manage to gasp in-between frantic kisses. We've been at it for what feels like five minutes against the door of my place, his mouth deliciously traveling from my mouth to other areas of skin like my neck. I'm consumed with wanting him around me, on me... in me.

"Are you inviting me in?" he asks gruffly, his breath hot and awesome against my ear. I make a noise, but I can't tell if it's actually a word or not. He stops kissing me, and I whine. I don't like this stopping the kissing thing. Must keep kissing.

But he looks at me and, forehead against forehead, his green eyes eradicate the last of my resolve.

"Bella. Are you inviting me in?" he asks slowly with purpose, our lips a breath apart.

Am I? Yes. Sure as fuck I am.

"Yes." I nod frantically and he kisses me again. I push him away to find my keys and somehow manage to unlock my door, but before long I'm grabbing him by the V of his shirt and pulling him inside.


11:00 PM... Earlier that evening

After introductions are made and Alice lifts an intrigued eyebrow in my direction while eyeing Cullen, we settle into small talk and awkward silences. Fifteen minutes of secret staring and mutual avoidance from the both of us, Edward sits next to me in the booth the whole group has moved to. He smells incredible. I want to curl up in his lap and sniff his neck... among other things.

"So..." Edward begins.

"So..." I mimic, finally glancing at him and noticing just how close he is.

I glance around, watching my friends chat and laugh away, realizing no one's really paying attention to the tension between us.

"How's it healing?" I gesture to his newly inked arm.

He tilts his head after taking a swig from his beer. "Just fine, thanks." He stares at his bottle as his long fingers rotate it slightly from one side to the other. The movement is mesmerizing, and after starting my second pint, I start wondering what else he can do with those fingers.

"Swan. Can we start over?"

Okay. So much for small talk. He wants to dive right in. I still want to test the water with my big toe.

"What do you mean?" I ask innocently.

"I mean." He breathes heavily before continuing. "I'd like the chance for us to start over. You don't work for me, and I'm not your boss..."

"But I am, and you are," I interrupt.

He groans in frustration, raking his fingers through his hair.

"I know that. But I just want for us to be easy around each other, to forget we are those things from nine to five, five days a week. It's just a job, Swan. Being CEO doesn't define me, and you being my PA doesn't define you. So why should it define us?"

His green eyes are dark under the dim lights of the bar, but they give off a deep intensity when he looks at me.

"Because, Cullen, whether you like it or not, we're different. You think that our mutual appreciation for ink and a couple of moments that got away from us mean that we can somehow forget the other stuff?"

Flashes of what happened earlier in the back room flood my head, and I remember what it felt like for him to pull away. Suddenly I need a break.

"I'm sorry, I just need a little air." I stumble to stand as I see Leah and Jasper zone in on the scene. Jasper knows something's up.

I feel the warmth of Cullen's hand gently grasp my wrist, forcing me to look at him.

"Where are you going? Don't leave." He's looking a little like Intimidating Boss Cullen, which just fucks this situation up even more.

"She's just going to the ladies room, right, Bella? I'll go with you," Leah pipes in, already leading me towards the other end of the br. Edward's fingers linger on mine as I pull away.


2:35 A.M.

Edward shuts the door with his leg, his lips never leaving mine as his hands grasp at my waist, fisting the material of my black tank top. I blindly walk us to my bedroom, dark save for the sliver of moonlight coming in through my window.

My hands explore every inch of him as our tongues delve into each other's mouths, frantic like it's never enough. It's not. It's not enough.

We can both pretend the alcohol is somehow to blame for this rush of lust, that this is all a mistake, but we'd both be lying. It's not a mistake. This is, and was always inevitable.

When his mouth descends on my neck and chest I gasp at the feel of it, hot and electric. I grab his fantastic hair and pull, arching towards him for more.

His hands grip my top as he drags it up my sides in a silent plea to remove it. I help him. Once it's off he stares hungrily at my black lacy bra before placing his hands on my boobs and squeezing, his mouth following suit as his hands travel to my back to undo the clasp.

"You're fucking beautiful, Bella," he says against my skin, guiding us to my bed and almost throwing me on it. I bounce lightly, gasping in sudden surge of lust nears it's boiling point when he pulls his shirt off in one swift move over his head.

More ink. Holy shit there're more. I knew it. It's dark, but my eyes are slowly adjusting and I can see the swirls of color on his chest and down his torso.

We make quick work of the rest of our clothes and there he is, in all his fucking naked glory like some technicolored angel with his gorgeous cock at full attention as he hovers on top of me.

He pauses and stares, eyes roving over my body before they stop at the place I figured he'd notice sooner or later. His fingers trace the pattern on my torso and his eyes darken before he leans down and does the same thing with his tongue.

Aaannnd, I'm dead.


11:43 P.M. In the ladies' room at Spike's

"You alright there?" Leah eyes me intently, looking at me through the reflection of the bathroom mirrors as I regulate my breathing and splash some water on my face.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"You don't look fine. So what gives? Did you have sex with him?"


What? It's a perfectly reasonable question judging by the way you two were looking at each other. And the chemistry, Jesus Christ, I'm surprised you weren't humping each other right there in front of everyone." She primps her hair like what she just said doesn't make me flail into a confused mess.

"Leah, I don't know what you think you saw in there, but I'm not having sex with him..."



"What?! Oh, my God, fine. You wanna live in this little delusional world and pretend he doesn't want to take you up against a wall right this second, you go right ahead."

"You sound like my friend, Rose." And I sound defeated as I thump my head against the mirror.

"Your friend is a fucking genius then."

"Leah, he's my boss."

"Yeah, I know. Jasper told me. He also told me he thinks you guys got something goin' on."

"Him too?!" I pivot my head towards her, still attached to the mirror.

She snorts. "Honey, I think everyone can see it." She finishes up and leans her hip against the sink, arms crossed. "What's the big deal? You said yourself this job was temporary."

And for the first time, I can't give a good enough reason.


2:40 A.M.

Edward's tongue traces the delicate black lines of my tattoo while his hands anchor at my waist. God, the feel of him right there is almost too much, but I'm too horny and I want more. My hands find his hair and tug hard until he groans and lightly bites at my hipbone.


I can feel the grin against my skin. "Oh? You like that," he taunts, "I'll remember that."

"Shut up and get up here!" I pull on his hair until he abides, his face inches from mine before he devours me in a heated kiss. I can feel his erection right there, and then I can feel his fingers... right there too. He groans.

"Fuck, Bella. God, I want you," he groans again against my neck as his fingers do magnificent things to my clit and my entrance. They enter me: one and then two, until I'm a hot mess of fucking hormones and desire.

"Ung! Edward, please," I say desperately into the darkness.

He doesn't waste time.

"Do you have anything?"

"Top drawer towards the back."

Before I know what hits me, he's sheathed and prodding against me, teasingly gliding through my wetness before finally pushing into me.

And if I wasn't dead before, I certain as fuck am now.


12:00 A.M.

Another round of beers is already at our table, and I decide to sit next to Leah this time, hoping no one notices as glance towards Edward.

He's chatting with Jasper and Mitch, but they all look over when they notice we're back.

"All good now?" Jasper asks, eyes narrowed and knowing.

"Yes, Jasper, I'm fine. Thanks for the beer," I say, clinking bottles and glasses and taking a sip.

Music suddenly gets louder, thumping through nearby speakers. Spike's tends to get a little rowdy around this time of night, and a makeshift dance floor usually develops. It's something I usually love, and I decide it's the perfect distraction to get myself away from Edward and just let go.

Apparently, he has other ideas.

As Leah and I settle into our corner of the floor and dance, I feel familiar hands wrap around me. By this point, the alcohol is dulling my inhibitions so I lean back into him. God he feels good, strong and warm. One arm wraps around my middle, and I can feel his mouth and breath on my neck. It's heaven. The heady mix of him and the music and the darkness and the beer renders me useless. I just feel.

We say nothing. He doesn't try to talk again while we're in this little bubble. My hands rest on top of his at my hips, and his hot breath is making me even more inebriated than the liquid courage.

One song morphs into two, then three. We silently take a break, staring at each other as we chat with our friends and drink some more. And then we're back at the dance floor, using the music as an excuse to touch each other. We still don't speak. I think we both know by now what the other is thinking. I just don't know if I'll have the courage to take the next step and just fuck it... or him.

By one forty-five in the morning, we're all very happy and fully buzzed. Edward and I have become much more physical, never really ceasing from touching in some way. We stopped drinking about an hour before, but the euphoria is more about his skin on mine than anything else.

We say our goodbyes to Jasper, Alice, Leah and the birthday boy before heading out into the night air. I'm about to walk away when Edward grabs my hand.

"I'll take you home."

No. This isn't good. This can lead to things.

"No, it's okay... I only live a few blocks away, I can walk."

"The hell you are. It's two o'clock in the morning, I'm driving."

"You drank..."

"Two beers."

"No, I saw you drinking the whole night."

"I nursed them. I'm fine. Let's go." And just like that he's pulling me in the direction of his sporty Audi. It hits me then that all his actions were sober. He wants me, and isn't afraid to show me.

He opens the door for me, and I settle in his plush leather seat, breathing in his scent that fills every inch of space here as he closes the door and settles into his own seat.

The ride is quiet and quick, and after I give him directions, he parks his car in front of my place.

We sit in silence for about thirty seconds before we swiftly lean into each other and meld our lips together in one searing kiss that makes my body thrum.

We sit there like a couple of teenagers kissing, touching, grabbing, breathing heavily before he breaks away, our foreheads touching.

He doesn't say a word as he exits the car, opens my door, and holds my hand, leading me to my door. His deep green eyes lock on mine for a split second before he pushes me against the door and kisses me again. I happily grab on for the ride.


2:43 A.M.

"Oh! Oh, God! Yes! Right there!"

The sounds that are coming out of this room, dear God.

His hands grip my ass, raising me higher for him to push even deeper as the angle suddenly changes. I want to feel him everywhere, but I try to avoid touching his bandaged arm.

"Fuck, Bella... Fuck!" He grunts over and over again into the crook of my neck, and the sound is so incredibly arousing, I'm a panting mess within minutes. But he knows what he's doing, and he makes it last.

I suddenly feel his thumb right where I want it, pressing, rubbing, circling in all the right ways.

"Oh my God... Edward... Oh!"

It's too much. It's all too much and I explode around him; bright white lights spotting my vision.

"Yes. Fuck, yes, that's it, baby. Damn..."

He thrusts hard and erratic, deeper and deeper as he comes with another grunt before kissing me senseless.

Everything slows down to a languid pace as his tongue meets mine and his body relaxes on top of me. I love the feel of his weight, but after a few moments he rolls over onto his back and takes me with him. I nestle into his side and wrap my arm around his torso, dosing off to the feel of fingers lightly tracing my back up and down.

I'm almost in dreamland as I hear him.

"This changes everything."

I fall asleep before I can reply.




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