When you're blind, it can be hard to tell when you're asleep. Of course, any confusion can be cleared up when you see the metal man known as Megatron spear another metal man from a distance. I thought these dreams were vivid enough, but tonight I could almost feel the metal under my feet. Jolting awake I decided that I really needed to check about those painkillers.

Considering woke up suddenly I could find no apparent reason for it. I rolled over to check the time and was informed it was quarter past eleven. The sound of heavy footsteps outside of my window made me freeze. I could hear someone hissing and I gulped. It sounded like Sam. My fingers reached out for Boo's scruff as I got to my feet. Heading towards the garden probably wasn't going to be the best idea, but Boo could be way more terrifying that Mojo. I reached the door to the sound of Sam scolding Mojo and the television still blaring in the living room. "Sam?" I called out and tension suddenly filled the air. "Sam, is that you?" I heard Sam curse softly and I frowned, taking a small step towards the wooden steps at the end of the patio. "Are you okay? What's going on?"

"Who is this?" I jumped at the deep voice that came from above me. "Is the femme an imposter? Does she need terminating?" I jumped shook my head violently, trying to locate the source of the second voice as Boo growled softly beside me.

"No!" Sam said hurriedly and I heard him running towards me and his arm draped around my shoulder. "This is my cousin, Tamara. She lives with me."

"Sam, what's going on?" I demanded. "Who are you talking to? Why are their voices so far up?" My mind flicked to my dreams but I brushed it off. Acting crazy wouldn't go down well with Sam in front of his friends. But before he could reply, someone else butted in.

"What does she mean by that?" The voice from earlier, the one who implied I needed terminating, demanded. "Can't she see us?"

"Ironhide." Another voice snapped. "There appears to be something wrong with her optics. Look at them compared to Sam's."

"If you mean my eyes then yes, there's something wrong; I'm blind." I replied, trying desperately to keep sarcasm out of my voice. "And what are optics? And what type of name is Ironhide?" I trailed off as I was metaphorically smacked in the face with a brick. "O- Optimus Prime?" I asked without thinking and Sam froze up next to me. Well bloody done, Tamara! I scolded myself.

"That is I." A deep, baritone voice replied from somewhere infront of me. He had to be kneeling or something because there was no way he could be that short. "How do you know of my existence?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." I replied weakly.

"Sam?" I started as a girl called across the garden. "Glasses?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry!" Sam dropped his arm and I heard the door behind me swing open then return to the latch. The garden was left in silence except for the soft growl of Boo.

"Calm down." I told her sternly, to which she did. "Who are you?" I called out, hoping the girl was still there.

"Mikaela. I didn't know Sam had a cousin."

"Yeah, well, I 'ruin his rep' or something. How many, uh... I'm sorry. I don't know what you're called."

"Autobots - Autonomous Robotic Beings from the planet Cybertron." Optimus Prime replied.

"Uh, yeah. How many of you are there stood in my back garden?"

"Five." I heard Mikaela's footsteps on the new pavement and I heard her come to a halt in front of me. "Bumblebee included."

"Bumblebee?" I questioned there was a chirp from my right and I jumped violently.

"Sam's car." Well, that was a little bit ironic.

"You got my name right... little duchess." I frowned at the sound of the radio being flicked on and off and mashed together. "This is how... I …. do it." I supposed his voice box was hurt or something similar.

"And the glasses?"

"Sam's Great-Great Grandfather's. They hold the key to the world or something."

"Oh, so no pressure then."

"Time is short." I jumped slightly as Optimus' voice appeared close to the decking. I heard Mikaela squeak slightly and she fell silent. "She has gone to help Sam. Are you able to?"

"Close your eyes and tell me." I muttered. "I'm sorry, I don't do well with new people." To support my point Boo started to growl again. "Oh for Heaven's sake." I muttered.

"Is there something wrong with your pet?" Optimus asked and I bit my lip.

"Can you hold out your hand for me?" I asked sheepishly. I held out my own and something cold touched my fingers. I wrapped my fingers around it and smiled. It was a finger and it was easily the size of my hand. Boo stopped growling after that.

"Excuse me, but time is short." I heard a whirring and clicking sound which indicated Optimus moving away and I patted Boo's head.

"See? Not that bad." I doubt I'd be saying that if I could actually see them. There was no doubt that they were different from the figures in my dreams. They had to be, right? The sound of Optimus' clicking and whirring was joined by more sounds and the yard soon fell silent. From above me I heard Sam saying something about the garden not being a truck-stop before saying something about Aunt Judy's flowers.

That was when the Earthquake hit.

Although I was pretty sure Earthquake's didn't have alarms like a rescue vehicle's. "Tam? Tamara!" Aunt Judy called from inside the house and I turned, slipping inside and leaving the Autobots to pick up whoever fell down. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just let Boo out to use the bathroom." I heard the two move swiftly towards the stairs, exclaiming something about a light. I guess the fallen Autobot took out the lights. "Boo, Sam's bag. Go fetch." I said in the voice reserved for telling a dog to do something. Another tremor shook the house and I groaned. It was a good thing Uncle Ron didn't pay attention too much. I smiled as something heavy was dropped at my feet. "Good girl." I patted Boo's head before rummaging through the bag, grinning triumphantly when I came up with the glasses. I pocketed them before pushing Sam's bag to the side as the four descended the stairs. Not a moment later and there was a knock at the door. "I thought it was late." I muttered. To which Sam replied it was half eleven. Uncle Ron moved to answer the door but I didn't pay attention to the conversation. Boo would 'lend a hand' if need be. "Got the glasses." I said quietly but before I could hand them to Sam, someone was pulling me back. Due to lack of protest from Boo I assumed it was Sam or Aunt Judy

"What is it?" Sam demanded as I fell back into a smaller frame. Hello Mikaela...

"How you doing, son? Is your name Sam?" The man who asked had the type of voice which made my skin crawl. It screamed 'jerk' ten times over.


"You need to come with us." At this I heard both Aunt Judy, Uncle Ron, Mojo and Boo object.

"Whoa, way out of line." Uncle Ron faux laughed and I was pushed back further towards the kitchen.

"Sir, I am asking politely. Back off."

"Who the hell are you?" I demanded but got no reply, only unwanted attention.

"Who's this? A sister, girlfriend, an amigos?"

"Cousin." I spat. "Boo!" I called. "Boo, come here!" I repeated when she didn't appear.

"Golden retriever? State property." The man replied.

"You can't do that!" Sam objected for me. "That's her guide dog." If the man registered the words he didn't respond to them.

Ass hole...

"You're not taking my son." Uncle Ron snarled. "And that dog can come back too. My niece needs her."

"Really?" Again, I had the feeling that this was aimed more at the part about Sam's dog. Mojo barking from my ankles made me wonder just why he hadn't been snatched yet. Bloody little rat. "You gonna try to get rough with us?"

"No, but I'm gonna call the cops because there's something fishy going on around here."

"Yeah. There's something a little fishy about you, your son, your little Taco Bell and Golden Mutt and this whole operation you got going on here."

"What operation?"

"That is what we are going to find out."

Mikaela seemed to know something I didn't as my sunglasses were pushed into my pocket and a stick pushed into my hand. I grimaced. I did not like that guide stick.

Sure enough, a quiet voice spoke up and confirmed that we weren't staying in the house for much longer. "I think direct contact."

"Son?" The snarky man addressed Sam. "Step forwards please." There was an electronic clicking and that probably had something to do with the Autobots. I was willing to be that Mikaela and I would also have the same affect on the machine. I looped the guide stick's strap over my wrist and fastened it. I wasn't going to be completely blind, no pun intended. "Fourteen rads. Bingo! Tag 'em and bag 'em!" Someone grabbed my arms, pulling the stick from my grasp and replacing the strap with cuffs.

"Hey! I need that!" I objected. I got no response as I was half marched half dragged from the house.

"Make sure blondie keeps her stick." The man ordered. "But do not let her have it until it's been checked." What? Did they think I had a knife hidden in there? Or that I could wield in dangerously? Either way, I was bundled into the car after Sam and Mikaela, Uncle Ron and Aunt Judy being dragged somewhere else, yelling something about a lawyer. It was silent in the car until the creepy man spoke up again, his tone making my flesh crawl. "So, LadiesMan217." I snickered at the name. Sam obviously had no idea when it came to internet names. "That is your eBay username, right?" Sam muttered something about a typo and I chuckled. "What do you make of this?" The man asked and Sam's voice ran through the car.

"My name is Sam Witwicky, okay? And my..." The recording stopped.

"Is that you?"

"Yeah, that sounds like LadiesMan217." Mikaela replied haughtily.

"It's just a name." I snapped. "Sam's high-strung and you have no right to judge."

"Last night at the station, you told the officer your car transformed. Enlighten me." Internally, I face-palmed. I couldn't actually carry out the action for fear of giving it away. That and my hands were cuffed behind my back. A minor set back. I heard Sam let out a small, nervous laugh and I knew that there was no way out of this.

"Well, here's what I said, okay? 'Cause this is a total misunderstanding that my car had been stolen."


"From me, from my home."

"Early hours of the morning. Totally caught us by surprise." I added, knowing that we were all screwed anyway. "I mean, it's a hunk of junk, right?"

"And you would know this... how?"

"I'm blind not deaf. Idiot." I muttered the last part under my breath so that he couldn't hear me.

"Yeah, but it's fine now because it's back! It came back!" I wanted to smash my head against the window. Well done Sam...

"Well, not by itself, of course, because cars don't do that because that would be crazy." The creepy man and the other two teenagers faux laughed in the case of one, and nervously in the case of the other two. The creepy man cut off abruptly.

"So what do you kids know about aliens, huh?"

And there was the million dollar question.

"Oh, you mean, like a Martian? Like what, E.T? No."

"It's an urban legend."

"Yeah." Well, I'd give the two eight out of ten for their lying. It wasn't perfect but it wasn't bad. Unfortunately, those two points mattered the creepy guy.

"You see this?" I was tempted to reply as the creepy guy nosily withdrew something from a pocket but I kept quiet. "This is an 'I can do whatever I want and get away with it' badge. I'm gonna lock you up, forever."

"Oh, God. You know what? Don't listen to him." There went sweet little Mikaela and here comes the bitch. "He's just pissy 'cause he's got to get back to guarding the mall."

"You, in the training bra, do not test me. Especially with your daddy's parole coming up."

Sam and I spoke at the same time. "Parole?"

"It's nothing." Mikaela said hurriedly but her voice was catching in her throat. It was obviously a sore spot.

"Oh, grand theft auto, that ain't nothing."

"You know those cars my dad used to teach me to fix? Well, they weren't always his. Sometimes we couldn't afford a babysitter so he'd have to take me along."

"She's got her own juvie record to prove it!" Next to me Sam groaned quietly. "She's a criminal. And criminal's are hot."

"Oh dear God!" I spluttered. "How old are you? You sound like a perverted eighty year old."

"Listen, sweetheart. I can get you killed and dumped in the lake for treason with the snap of my fingers."

I snorted. "That would be your first achievement in your pathetic life then." I spat. I didn't hear his angry reply as the machine from earlier that emitted the beeping sound flickered into action sped up. My heart sped up with it. Something inside of me screamed that it was the Autobots. I tensed my legs against the seat in front of me with no way to warn Sam or Mikaela. I clenched my teeth as we slammed into something and went from fast to a stand-still in the sound of crunching metal. A scream ripped from my throat as I was slammed forwards. I was thrown to my left a second before I felt the door buckle and press against my leg.

"Big! It's big!" The person in front, the driver, yelled. I heard the sound of heavy metal on concrete and wondered which of the Autobots had both come to our rescue yet, from what I could feel, totally trashed the car. The windows smashed and I felt Sam's cheek on the top of my head, pushing my chin into my lap. I screamed again as the car rocked back and forth and I got the feeling of being lifted up. Whereas I had just screamed 'ah!' the others were actually screaming sentences.

"I can't see it! I can't see it!"

"Shift your weight towards the front!"

"All right! All Right!"

It was good to know that at least three brains were functioning properly. The sound of groaning metal and a snap gave us a few milliseconds warning to the car slamming back onto the road. We were shaken violently in our seats and I bit back another scream, replacing it for a pained moan. I definitely had whiplash. There was the sound of tinkling glass and the roof being thrown away and a heavy, awe filled silence settled over us. Oh, I would've paid to see the scene that was unfolding.

"You A-holes are in trouble now." Sam said from beside me. "Gentlemen, I want to introduce you to my friend, Optimus Prime." So that was the name of our saviour.

"Taking the children was a bad move." He rumbled and I had to fight to hold back a smile. Leader of an alien race with the voice of what Sam often referred to as a 'female's dream guy'. I sank back into the seat and the sound of guns being readied all around the vehicle. "Autobots, relieve them of their weapons." The was the sound of heavy feet running and hitting the pavement and I wondered how the driver hadn't noticed them before.

"Sam?" I whispered. "Is there a bridge behind us?"

"About fifty yards back." I nodded. That explained that then.

The sound of something spinning and powering up was joined by Ironhide's 'Freeze' and someone, or rather somebot, saying 'give me those'. The sound of metal on metal indicated that the surrounding men and or women no longer had their weapons. There was the sound of pistons and compressed air and I had the feeling that Optimus Prime was once again at our level.

"Hi there." For once, the creepy guy sounded somewhat unsure of himself.

"You don't seem afraid. Are you not surprised to see us?"

"He sounds like he's about to wet himself." I muttered but I wasn't sure if Sam heard or not.

"Look, there are S-Seven protocols, okay? I'm not authorised to communicate with you except to tell you I can't communicate with you."

There was a moment of silence filled only with the heavy breathing of the scared people around me. "Get out of the car." There was no asking twice. Sam moved from my side and I felt him pulling me across the seats and out of the vehicle. It was somewhat closer to the ground than before. The creepy guy was saying something about being grateful we weren't killed but I was more interested in the sound of clicking from Sam's direction and then from my wrists. It was explained when the metal cuffs fell from my wrists.

"Thanks, 'Kaela. If I can call you that." I added and I heard her confirming hum.

"You weren't supposed to hear all that." She said and I spun in a small circle, not listening to her explanation to Sam.

"One of you S-Seven jerks had better give me back my stick or I'm gonna beat you stupid with it." I threatened. It was hurriedly pressed into my hand and I tapped it on the ground. I started as someone grabbed my hand but relaxed when I felt it placed in the crook of their arm. It was only Sam.

"Big guys. Big guys with big guns, huh?" The creepy guy was still talking. I sighed and tapped my stick cautiously as I moved forwards.

"Shut the hell up. Seriously. Just stop talking." He paused talking and I smirked. "Good. Now you're going to tell me what Sector Seven is or you're going to find that I have rather good aim. Well?"

"I'm the one who asks questions around here. Not you young lady!" I raised my stick and I smirked as I heard him take a step back.

"There we go. Now how'd you know about them and where is my family? And my dog?"

"Classified. Classified. Classified."

"No?" Sam dropped my hand and I heard him move forwards.

"Hey! You touch me, that's a federal offence."

"Oh, get over it." I muttered. "If he's got your badge then you're screwed. Where's Sector Seven?" I repeated slowly.

"Wouldn't you like to know." I opened my mouth to retort but was yanked back. I protested but shut up when I heard water falling where I'd been stood. I grinned.

"Who's peeing on him?"

"Bee." Sam replied and I was sure I heard a little bit of pride in his voice.

"Bumblebee, stop lubricating the man." Optimus ordered.

"Sam, any change of getting these A-holes all in one place?" I asked and there was a moment before Mikaela replied.

"Line up. I want all your handcuffs on the curb, now." There was a moment of silence before anyone moved and the sound of metal hitting concrete could be heard. I stood awkwardly where Sam had left me for a few minutes as he and Mikaela left to carry out her plan. "All right, tough guy, take it of." She ordered a few moments later. "Your clothes. All of it. Off."

"For what?"

"Threatening my dad." I couldn't help but snicker as I heard the guy undress.

"Oh, I wish you could see this." Sam mumbled as he came to stand next to me again.

"Little lady, this is the beginning of the end of your life."

"Oh God!" Sam laughed next to me. "He's wearing a vest with S-7 on it and his boxers are white and pink." I laughed as Sam turned me away from the group.

"I will hunt you down. With no remorse!" Simmons called after us, his driver repeating him. "We have got to alert everyone." I heard him mutter.

"They already know." The driver replied and I stopped walking. "Speaker."

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