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Chapter Three

I pause for a second, the words caught in my throat as the memory of throbbing pain resurfaces in my shoulder. I carefully touch the area while making a small, rocking motion in my seated position on the bed, two pairs of eyes staring at me from where they're sitting.

I wish they weren't here, watching me with anticipation like I'm some stupid storyteller. I am spent and have said all that I can say. I've relived too much already, but they expect me to go on and on, to suffer further for something that, I feel, should be put to bed.

"Seth, baby?" My mother tries to encourage me to proceed, but I avert my eyes and look at the bandage on my shoulder, doing anything I can to not have to go through this ordeal again.

A deathly silence lingers in the room, hovering around us as I once again see the faces of the fallen in my mind's eye; silhouettes of those whose stories I have yet to tell. I wish now, more than anything, that none of this had happened, that we could all go back to a time when I was happy just to sit under the hot sun and read a book. Dreams are for people lucky enough to think that there is something better waiting for them around the corner of life. That isn't for me. Not yet, not when I have unfinished business.

I have no choice!

Balling my hands into fists, I proceed with my story for the small audience that's hanging on my every word. "I didn't even know Esme had been shot until I was lying below her, covered in her blood..."

It took me a few seconds to realize that those addictive eyes of his were filled with shock, and not pain. When the shot rang out into the room, I was knocked back by what felt like the force of a speeding truck. My body was thrown to the ground, followed closely by Esme's, who had been arguing with her friend only a few seconds before.

While I had my attention lost in the exquisite, blue pools that lit up his face, I was knocked from my happy place by a flying Esme. A shower of red blocked my view of Emmett, mixed with the blue of his perfect eyes as I fell slowly to the floor, crashing against the wood like the lake outside made its war against the rocks. Panic ran through me at the thought that the blood was my own, closely followed by the raging pain that plagued my shoulder. It took only seconds for me to realize that the discomfort was coming from my right side, while the blood splatter was on my left; the same direction Esme had flown from. The blood was hers!

I had always hated guns, always freaked when I saw someone carrying one, even in movies. As I whimpered below the bleeding girl, I hated them even more. The fact that the bullet had passed through Esme and collided with my shoulder didn't register until a few minutes after Emmett had pulled me from below her. He dragged me into his embrace as he checked my body for any sign of a wound. It frustrated me a little that he was fussing over my small injury when Esme had taken the majority of the blow, but when he refused to let me look back, I feared the worst.

"Is she okay?" I asked, yelling slightly over the screeching that was coming from Alice. Emmett didn't move his eyes from me, simply shook his head before he pulled me into his chest. "Shit!" was all I managed as I sank my face into his body and felt the beating of his heart against my cheek.

Some sick, twisted part of me wanted to look back, to see if she was in fact dead and that this wasn't all some sick joke, but the tightness of his hold had me locked in place and refused to let me move. Tears fell from my eyes for someone that I never really liked very much, but the thought of her death had my eyes burning. How was it that I felt so much for someone who obviously thought so little of me?

Emmett rocked me slowly as we suffered through the sound of Alice's screams that echoed throughout the cabin, the girl who was able to kill her so-called friend in cold blood and react like it was all just an accident.

"It's okay, Seth." Emmett's voice was barely audible in my ear as he held onto me tightly. "I'll get us out of this, don't worry."

I somehow knew that he didn't want her to hear. Something about the tone of his voice told me that his words were meant only for me, and I knew that he was racking his brain to formulate some kind of plan to get us out of there alive.

"Tricks, tricks, tricks." The words escape me as I rock harder on the bed, tears bursting from me as I start to sob. My mother is at my side within seconds, trying to calm me down.

"What tricks, Seth? What happened?" Chief Swan urges me to reply.

My mother snaps her head in his direction. "Give him a minute, can't you see how hard this is for him?"

I shake my head, trying to form the right words before I take a deep breath and continue. "We thought...we really thought..."

My throat tightens as I try to finish, but I have to take a few minutes to regain my composure before I'm able to continue. "We really thought it was Alice. We were... were wrong!"

I ignore the gasps from my mother and Chief Swan as my head returns to the moment that I was on the floor, locked in the loving arms of Emmett McCarty, to the point that I really thought I knew what was happening.

I guess a good horror story means that you never can quite tell, not until the killer reveals the ugly truth.

Alice Brandon had everything, wanted for nothing, but somewhere in her rich-girl life she wanted more. She wanted us dead!

Without even looking I could sense the hard metal pointing from me to Emmett, the tool of our impending destruction in the hands of a crazed killer. My eyes were locked shut, my whole body tense as I waited for the sound of the blast that would end my life. Nothing! The only sound around me was Alice's sobs, and the thumping of Emmett's heart that rang in my ears the minute he pulled my head to his chest.

"Why, Alice?" I found myself asking through locked eyelids and a mouthful of cloth-covered pecks, "Why are you doing this?" My voice wasn't shaky, it was surprisingly calm as Emmett began applying pressure to my shoulder to stop the bleeding that I hadn't even noticed, creating a waterfall of red.

"No, no, no! It was an...an accident!" she wailed, as I listened to the sound of her heels meeting the wooden floor as she paced. "I...I didn't!"

The moment she stopped speaking I felt Emmett's body tense and I opened my eyes, looking up into his reddened face. What I saw in his features was something I had never seen before, not even when Rosalie and I spied on him from the bleachers as he fought his opponents on the field. He always looked intense as he charged through the other players, but his eyes had never looked as full of hatred as they did now.

He bit his lip for a few seconds, gnawed at it as he tried to hold in what he wanted to say, but then it all just burst out, an explosion of words. "Accident! Is that what you're planning on telling the cops? That it was all one big fucking accident?" he demanded, pushing me away as he rose to his feet. "Are you also going to tell them how you made us all leave our cell phones outside in the van, only for them to be smashed and scattered around your boyfriend?"

I followed his gaze and looked at Alice, the gun descending slightly as she processed what he said. "Cops? You're going to tell the cops I did this?" she asked, slightly bewildered.

My head was hurting as I tried to understand why she would do all she had done, then act so innocent when faced with an accusation. Was she really that good of an actress?

Emmett surprised me by laughing, and I just stared at the two of them from my place on the floor, my hand still covering my wound. "What do you want me to say, that it was all just a silly fucking accident, a bad joke gone wrong?"

I forced myself to stand, an act that drew the attention of Alice towards me. At that moment she chose to point the gun back in my direction as she managed to get herself together enough to pass the blame my way. "Him! It's all him! Can't you see that?"

A childish dream of mine, when I was becoming aware of my sexuality, was to have my very own knight in shining armour...someone to take the blow for me like the men did in the old movies. But when Emmett stepped between us, I was just filled with dread. The walls seemed to close in around me as the two of them argued, their words never registering in my mind as I struggled to stop myself from falling over. I couldn't understand why he was so willing to lay his life on the line for me, and as the sound of a heavy click brought me to my senses, I pushed him out of the way.

"No!" I exclaimed, as I grabbed my shoulder and winced from the pain of forcing him aside.

Emmett turned towards me, his hand gently ghosting over my wound. "Don't worry," he chuckled, "she used the only bullet in the gun!"

I then realized that the clicking sound was Alice pulling the trigger of the cold metal, frustration evident on her face before she threw the gun to the floor and bolted from the room in a panic. Before I had even a moment to react, Emmett had followed her out of the room and towards the kitchen. All I could do was slowly drag my aching self after them.

As I became dizzy from the loss of blood, all I wanted was for it to be over; for the storm to clear and for us to get out of there. Part of me didn't even care if it really was Alice who was killing everyone, I just wanted to get back to the security of my home and put the whole weekend behind me.

Catching up with them in the kitchen, I leaned against the door, feeling like I could fall over at any minute from the shock my body was going through from the bullet wound. Eying a towel, I grabbed it from the nearby counter and used it to wrap the gash in my shoulder, a task that was more difficult than I expected.

Surveying the room, I had to rub my eyes and look twice to make sure that what I was seeing was real. Emmett was hugging the girl he had accused of murder just a few seconds ago.

Hope ran through me, thinking that they had called a truce and that this was all going to be over, but what I saw made my stomach do a one-eighty. Disturbing images suddenly filled my mind at the possible thought of them being in cahoots with each other, but when I saw her looking back at me over his shoulder with tears in her eyes and blood pouring from her mouth, I knew I was wrong. I was already shaking my head in disbelief as he let her lifeless body fall to the floor, and just stood there with his back to me, the blood-covered knife still in his hand.

"Y...you saved us," I said, hoping that was truly the case and not what my head was screaming at me, a thought that had every hair on the back of my neck standing up.

Emmett wouldn't do that, not to his friends, and hopefully not to the boy he laid naked with only a few short hours ago. My feet were itching to run, to use the last of my energy and get out of there, but I just stood and watched as he slowly turned towards me.

The first thing I noticed was how his expression had changed, how his soft, gentle features had disappeared, and how malice had set up home in his eyes. As he slowly walked towards me, I ignored all the pleading my body made to back away and just stood there waiting for him, my eyes avoiding his blade.

He smiled at me - no, not smiled, smirked - as he folded his arms across his chest and tapped the knife repeatedly against his shoulder. "Would you believe me if I said that I'm really sorry I have to kill you, too?"

My stomach churned again and I wanted to throw up as tears fell from my eyes. "Now, now, Seth, no tears," he reprimanded, as he advanced towards me and pulled my face into his chest. "Poor little Seth...all he wanted was to play with the big boys and girls. Little did he know that one of them had planned to kill the other fuckers!"

When he released me from his vice-like grip I backed into the wall, my body shaking violently. "Why...they are your...your friends!" I said, my head still trying to process what was happening.

"Friends? FRIENDS!" he shouted, which caused me to jump, forcing my body further into the wall. "Those people cared nothing about me, only the money that my fucking family has! Why would you ever want to be a part of this?"

His features softened slightly as his hand gently caressed my cheek. "I really did like you, but you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time!" He chuckled before he plunged the knife into the wall at my side and quickly locked his hands around my neck. "Say goodnight, Seth, time to watch the light go out in your eyes, too. That's my favorite part!"

I always wondered what ran through a person's mind as they stood on the brink of death, and as he constricted my intake of oxygen, only fear consumed me. My own hands locked around his and I unsuccessfully tried to release myself. He was too strong, and I couldn't move him even an inch.

Emmett had his tongue locked between his teeth as he concentrated on ending my life, a smile plastered on his face as I struggled against his grip. It was only when I thought I couldn't hold on any longer that I remembered the knife in the wall by my side. After fumbling to find it, I yanked it free and forced it into his stomach.

It had the desired effect and I buckled forward, gasping for air as he stumbled back, but he came at me faster than I had anticipated. That was the moment I became the person I never thought I could be, surprising even myself by using my smaller size to my advantage and dodged his attack, my blade plunging into his neck.

That was how I had killed Emmett McCarty, how I had become the only survivor of my own horror movie.

I didn't wait around to think over what had happened, I grabbed a coat by the door and used my remaining strength to walk through the storm that had finally eased up. There was still enough rain coming down to wash some of the blood off of me, plaster my hair down on my face and cleanse the tears I let run down my cheeks. I kept looking back over my shoulder, afraid of a final blow, one I overlooked...but nobody could survive a knife to the neck.

I walked back up the road until I thought I couldn't walk anymore, relieved when a passing truck stopped to pick me up. I didn't say much to the middle-aged man at the wheel, didn't tell him anything about what had happened back at the cabin that we drove away from; only that I had had an accident and needed medical attention. That was how my weekend ended, how I returned to safety.

My last thought as we arrived back to civilization was that I never wanted to be popular. I just wanted to go back to being one of the unknown kids.

After finally being released from both the hospital and Chief Swan's questioning, I was driven home by my mother. She didn't try to talk to me as she drove, didn't speak to me at all until I was out of the shower an hour later, looking at my reflection in the bathroom mirror.

She knocks at the door and comes in, once I confirm that I'm decent, and looks at me for a few minutes before she finally finds her voice. "I am a bad mother." Her words surprised me and I look at her, confused. "A good mother would believe her child when he says that he survived an attack, but I don't! Something tells me that Emmett didn't do any of it, and that maybe my baby boy could have," she pauses and looks at me for a minute. "Why do you think I'm questioning this?"

I look at my mother and smile at the only person left in this world that knows me so well. I breathe and look at my reflection again, smiling at the boy who fooled them all, tricked everyone except for the woman who gave him life. "I told you I would avenge him, that I'd kill those people who killed Edward, didn't I?"

My confession doesn't make her shudder, doesn't affect her at all as she walks towards me and pulls me into her embrace. Her affection is enough to have me crying, and I finally mourn the boy I have now avenged. These tears are true ones, not the fake tears I perfected at the cabin. "Tell me everything, baby."

I follow my other to the lounge and sit beside her as I finally tell her what really happened, about the real showdown between Alice, Emmett and I.

"Everything I told Chief Swan, up to the point where I stood at the kitchen door, was true. I just left out a few major details," I began, going over the weekend again, this time actually telling her the truth about everything.

I was over-exaggerating the condition that my shoulder was in, which was nothing more than a graze, letting them think I was worse off than I really was. Like I had said, Alice was pulled into Emmett's embrace with blood pouring out of her mouth, and as she fell to the floor he turned towards me, shaking from the shock of killing someone.

I watched as he looked at his blood-covered hands, the knife falling to the floor beside the now- dead Alice. "I had to...I had no choice, she was going to kill...to kill us," he stammered.

As I walked towards him, I collected the knife from the floor while trying to hide the smile that wanted to emerge on my face. No words left my lips until I held him, as he sobbed into my shoulder. "It's always hard the first time, but then it gets really kind of fun!" On my last word I plunged the knife into his stomach, finally laughing as he crumbled to the ground.

My year of planning was coming together perfectly, and I wasn't going to let him ruin anything by getting the upper hand, so I sat on his chest and plunged the blade into his side again. His screams were like a perfect symphony as I kept him down on the floor with my weight. "Who knew this could all be so easy?" I asked, as I wiped the blade over my chest. "Jasper was the easiest and the most fun, he screamed like a fucking baby when I crept up behind him in Rosalie's costume. Of course I had to roll up my pants and quickly change my shoes when I got back inside, I didn't want anyone to notice that I had gone out. Luckily, I'm a quick thinker and fed the girls some crap about not wanting to trip over Rosalie's costume."

Emmett tried to struggled below me, so to keep him in place I stuck my fingers into one of his wounds, enjoying the sound of his wailing. "Bad Emmett, you need to listen so at least one of you fuckers understands why I did all this," I told him.

I raised my blood-covered fingers to my face and wiped it over my cheek. The hurt in his eyes as he glared up at me made me feel bad for a minute, but then Edward's face appeared and I let the anger fill me again. For the past year I had been bottling up all the rage I felt towards them all, and now was the chance to let it all out.

"Poor Jasper didn't know that going out to calm himself down was actually helping me out, giving me time to start my rampage. Have you ever slit someone's throat, Emmett? It really is quite beautiful!"

Emmett coughed below me, his body moving toward its end and I stood up knowing he wouldn't have the energy to overpower me. He dragged his body to a semi seated position against the wall. "W...why...why are you doing...this?" he spluttered.

I smiled down at him, basking in my own glory. "Why? WHY?" I screamed, kicking him in the stomach before continuing. "Because all of you killed Edward! My Edward!" I snapped.

Emmett shook his head as he tried in vain to stop the bleeding. "We...never!"

Moving my body into a crouched position in front of him, I lowered my face close enough for our noses to touch so I could look at his almost-dead eyes. "The boy in the road...the one you all fucking ran over like he was road kill, and then left for dead!"

My blood boiled as I saw realization hit his eyes, and I moved to stand again. "How do...you..."

"How do I know?" I growled, as I gripped the knife tightly in anger. "Rosalie! She, like all of you, didn't even know he went to our school, let alone that I was in love with him, and I caught her sobbing in what she thought was a deserted classroom. I had gone there to be alone and hide when she and Esme entered. They were arguing about it, said it was an accident and the police would never find out. I guess I was in the right place at the right time."

Emmett coughed up blood from his place on the floor and I just ignored him as I jumped to sit on the countertop, and continued my story. "Poor Rosalie actually wanted to go to the cops, and when I got her drunk that first time, she told me everything...told me how Alice was driving while the rest of you sat in her car and drank. She told me that you all knew she shouldn't have been behind the wheel, but you let her drive anyway!

"I do feel bad for Rosalie, she was the only one who showed any remorse... but she had to die, you all have to die."

I told a dying Emmett how I had added my own pepper shaker to the table, knowing how much she loved it and how oblivious she would be to the fact that I had added ground-up nuts to the mix. "The hardest part was going to be hiding her medication bag, but I managed to get into her room and throw all that shit out the window."

Emmett gaped at me in surprise, which did nothing but make me smile. "I planned all of this perfectly. I was even the one that gave Tanya the bad chicken, to give her food poisoning and make sure she was out of the way, so I could guarantee my invitation. Who knew I could be so good at being so bad?"

I shook the knife his way so that he was splattered with his own blood, which he cowered away from. "I even fed Rosalie lies about false feelings I had for a certain football star, knowing all too well she would tell you." The shock in his eyes was intoxicating, absolute perfection. "I have to say that you didn't disappoint and, under different circumstances, maybe we could have had something... but you were nothing more than a decoy!"

"A...Alice...was...right about..." his voice trailed off as his head began to hang.

I jumped from the counter and moved towards him, slapping his face to keep his eyes open. "Hey! No dying until I'm done!" I commanded. He struggled with the call of the reaper, but he managed to stay with me long enough to finish. "That's better! Rosalie said that you were a heavy sleeper, and you really were! I managed to sneak out of the room, go to Nettie's and trick her into opening the door by saying we were leaving, gut the bitch, and even redecorate the bedroom. And all you did was sleep."

He tried to look away from me, and I pulled his face back to mine. "You and Alice did the rest for me, thank you, baby," I said, moving in to kiss his lips one last time. "Goodbye, Emmett, time to die." He didn't even have a second to react as my blade pushed into his neck, the fucker finally dead.

I look at the burning fire dancing in the alcove of our wall and my mother sighs beside me. I sit there just looking at the burning embers, frowning slightly at the air of disapproval in her sigh. "Oh Seth!" is all she says before she gets to her feet and looks back at me. "I told you to kill them, not torture them!"

I hang my head dejectedly. "I'm sorry, mom," I said, before looking back up at her.

"It's okay, baby, the fuckers got what they deserved," she replies, and we rise to our feet, both of us just standing there, smiling at my accomplishment. "I'm so proud of you, baby."

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