Prompto drummed his fingers on the glass table of Noctis' father's meeting room.

"Come on!" Prompto said aloud. He sat in one of the soft, cushioned chairs that circled the large table. The blonde wore a black T, a leather jacket, jeans, boots, black angel wings, and black eyeliner.

Prompto had been waiting for Noctis to finish what he had described as 'business' for the last half hour. It was October 31st- Prompto's favorite day of the year- and he most certainly did not appreciate being told to wait while there was free candy being distributed to any kid that simply dressed up. Noctis had strongly objected that the two teens go trick-or-treating simply because of their age- but Prompto honestly didn't give a damn about that. All he cared about was the candy.

The blonde was bored out of his mind and finally decided to see what was taking his best friend so damn long.

When Prompto eventually made his way to Noctis' room after traveling dozens of long corridors that were just becoming familiar to him, he poked his head through the crack between the door and the wall to scope out the situation.

Noctis was sprawled out on his bed and appeared to be napping. Napping.

"Why the hell is he sleeping on Halloween?" Prompto thought to himself. "This shit ain't gonna fly."


About 15 minutes later, Prompto was driving down different roads searching for a neighborhood with a captive and unhappy Noctis in the backseat. The blonde had somehow convinced the other teen to change his clothes into something more 'Halloweenie'. You could say Noctis either wasn't in the mood to argue, or he had just come to terms with the fact that he most certainly was going trick-or treating with Prompto- one way or another.

The Prince wore a cape, a mask, and claimed to be Batman. Prompto hadn't said much in response to the other's 'costume', he just mumbled to himself about how Noctis was such a deprived child. The duo now sat in the car, the only obvious noise was the humming of the engine caused by Prompto's reckless driving. Noctis broke the silence.

"Where are we going?"

"Rich neighborhood, they have the king size candy bars and the bowls that say take one- which no one ever listens to." Prompto responded happily. Noctis groaned.

"How long are we going to be doing this?"

"As late as we want." Prompto grinned. "Then we'll start with the toilet paper and eggs."

"Do I want to know?" Noctis questioned, not liking where this was going at all. The blonde grinned wider as they pulled into the neighborhood he had been searching for.

"Let's just say your daddy definitely wouldn't approve." Prompto grabbed his candy bag and stepped out of the car and Noctis followed suit.

"As long as I don't get arrested, I think he'll live." At this, Prompto cracked up in laughter.

"Then he'll have a coronary."

"What?" Now Noctis was confused. Prompto is trying to get arrested?

"Breathe, buddy!" The blonde swung his arm around the Prince's neck and yanked him down. "Live a little."

Prompto released the brunette after he showed slight irritation- Prompto flashed him a crazy grin. "Now, the last one to that house with all the decorations is downing two of those rotten eggs."


After Noctis' refusal to eat two raw eggs and at least three hours of trick-or-treating, the boys began the 'trick' part of the night.

Prompto was absolutely correct about one thing, King Caelum did have a coronary- and the two teens spent what was left of the month of October in a jail cell.. for egging the police commissioner's house.


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