Summary: A collection of prompts covering a wide range of genres focusing mainly on McKono as well as other pairings upon request.

Summary of Prompt: Steve and Kono spend their day off together.

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"Kono, just choose something. We've been walking around aimlessly for two hours now," Steve complained like an impatient child.

"First of all, we've been walking around for thirty minutes tops. Second of all, I have no idea what to get for Alana…maybe you can help me out?" Kono said turning to look at Steve but the glare she received made her change her mind. "Okay, never mind. Forget I asked."

Steve sighed loudly as Kono continued to look at the window displays, dragging him along by the hand.

"There's a cute little jewellers just around the corner that I've heard Alana gush about, maybe I can find something there." Kono then rushed along, dragging Steve along behind her.

"Hopefully," Steve muttered under his breath as he followed after her.

Kono found some nice jewellery sets, four of them, but she couldn't choose one to get for Alana. She had been trying to decide between them for about ten minutes but it felt like more than an hour for Steve.

"I still don't understand why you're making a huge deal out of this; you've already got her two other presents."

Kono sighed in exasperation before she replied, "It's a big deal because she's my childhood best friend and she is turning thirty!" Steve gave her a puzzled look; he didn't understand what the big deal was about turning thirty, he had already turned thirty and it wasn't that big a deal for him. Kono tried to explain, "You know the big three-zero…" Steve still looked confused so Kono decided that it wasn't worth trying to explain to him. "Forget it. Anyway, I was saying that one of her presents is just a photo album with pictures in it, I can't give that to her on its own. The second present is lace lingerie which Harry will probably appreciate more, so it's not really something just for her."

"I'd certainly appreciate lace lingerie," Steve said, eying Kono with a dirty grin as he pictured her in black lace.

"Steve!" Kono glared at him. "Not the time."

Steve stepped closer to her and moved his hand to her shoulder which was exposed by her strapless sundress. He moved his fingertips up from her shoulder to her neck before gently brushing the shell of her ear with a feather light touch.

"Sorry," Steve murmured in her ear before he moved his hand back down the same path.

"Doing that is not going to make me hurry up so we can go home, you know," Kono said with as much conviction as she could muster up but the slight tilt of her head to expose more of her neck to his touch said otherwise.

Steve continued to skim his fingertips across her neck and left shoulder, occasionally brushing them across her collarbones.

Kono had all but forgotten about choosing jewellery for Alana, Steve's touch taking all her attention. They got carried away, forgetting where they were and why they were even there.

The high pitched scream of a woman brought them back to their senses and caused them to automatically switch to cop mode.

They heard a male voice shout, "Shut up!"

Steve went to reach for his gun in his holster but was met with nothing but the belt of his jeans where the holster would usually be. He had forgotten that it was their day off and Kono had said no to him carrying weaponry when they were going shopping; he made a note to say "I told you so" to her later.

Steve immediately grabbed Kono's hand and gestured for her to stay quiet. He slowly made his way to the edge of the partitioning to peek around the corner and he saw two guys with womens tights over their heads. One of them had a pocket knife whilst the other had a revolver, a Smith & Wesson model 340, Steve figured.

Steve resisted the urge to laugh out loud when he turned back to Kono behind him. These guys were definitely amateurs. They were probably some kids with no jobs, in need of some money.

"Hey, you two!" One of the goons shouted after spotting Steve ad Kono. "Sit down there with everyone else. Say one word or make an attempt to get help or be a hero and you're dead."

Steve and Kono moved to sit down on the floor with everyone else.

"Put all your wallets and cell phones in this bag. Refusal to hand it over will have consequences."

"Let's cooperate with them for now. When I give you the signal, you go for the guy by the door and I will take the one with the gun," Steve whispered quietly into Kono's ear.

"Hey! What are you two up to? Shut up!" The guy with the knife shouted at Steve and Kono.

"I'm sorry, man. She gets these panic attacks, I'm just trying to calm her down by reassuring her this will be over very soon," Steve said as he patted Kono's shoulder in a supposedly comforting gesture.

"If you all cooperate this will be over very soon, okay?" The guy said as he crouched in front of Kono. Kono played the part of the scared victim pretty well and nodded her head hesitantly, even though she was very tempted to punch his face.

"Hey, brah, what's taking Kai so long back there?" The guy by the door asked.

Steve sighed quietly at the realisation that there was a third one. "I'll take that guy as well," he whispered to Kono.

"No," Kono whispered back.

Steve glared at her, hoping that his death stare would be enough to make her let him have his way. It never worked; it was still worth a try though.

"How about, first one to take down their goon gets to go after the other guy," Kono said with a mischievous smirk, which was both exasperating and so adorable that he couldn't help but smirk along with her.

"Follow my lead," Steve said as he scooted closer to Kono, wrapping his arms around her in order to pull her closer so she was practically sitting in his lap. "Hey man, her panic attack is getting bad. I'm trying to calm her down but it's not working," Steve said, putting a tone of worry and a bit of panic into his voice to make it more convincing.

The guy who was keeping watch at the door walked over and crouched next to them before saying, "Tell the bitch to calm down or she's dead."

"That's no way to refer to a lady, now is it?" Kono said before launching a well-aimed right cross to the centre of his face.

The goon stumbled back, covering his nose that was now throbbing with pain and starting to bleed courtesy of Kono Kalakaua's fist.

"What the heck are you doing?" The guy with the gun came closer, holding up the gun at Steve and Kono. Although he tried his best to appear confident and intimidating they both didn't miss the tremor of the hand that was clutching the gun.

Steve pushed Kono towards the other goon who had recovered from his punch and was getting up then took a step forward towards the guy before upper cutting him with a fist, causing him to lose his balance, allowing Steve to snatch the gun out of his hand as he stumbled trying to regain his footing.

When the guy regained his footing he put up two clenched fists as if he were prepared for a fight. "You have got to be kidding me," Steve said before simply kicking him in the midsection, causing him to collapse onto the floor.

Kono waited for her guy to try and get back on his feetbefore she delivered yet another punch to his face, followed by her signature roundhouse kick to take him down. She looked over to Steve who had also taken down his guy and they smirked victoriously at each other momentarily.

"Do you have anything I can use to tie him up?" Steve asked the store owners, gesturing to the guy on the floor.

"I think we may have a bit of rope behind the counter," the man said holding his wife, who was still overwhelmed by everything.

Steve hopped over the counter to search for the rope they had. He found it and was just about to toss it over to Kono when the third guy, who had come into the main part of the store, shot at the counter.

Kono grabbed the gun dropped by the goon that Steve took down and shot Kai in the knee cap without hesitation, causing him to fall to the ground.

Steve jumped over the counter to Kono and stepped close to her before saying, "Are you okay?" in the quiet tone he used whenever he was worried about her and they were out in public and not in the comfort of their own home.

"The guy was aiming for you, idiot; I should ask you that," Kono said as she took some of the rope out of his hands.

"I can move them all into one place, give me the rope and I'll tie them up. You get your phone from that bag and call HPD," Steve said, taking the rope out of her hands before she had even realised.

When HPD arrived they untied the rope before cuffing them again and leading them out.

"Hey, I'll just be a sec, you can go and give your statement," Steve said, gently squeezing Kono's shoulder.

"Yeah, I don't think they were after anything specific. When we took off the tights they had over their heads, we realised that they were probably college students who needed a bit of cash," Kono said to the cop taking her statement just as Steve approached them.

"Thanks. I think that's all we need for now," The cop said before walking away quickly upon seeing Steve; Kono had to hold back a laugh at how much Steve intimidated everyone.

"The owner just wanted to have a few words with me; he says you can pick up some things for free as a thank you for saving his and his wife's lives."

"Come on," Kono said grabbing his hand to drag him after her to head back into the jewellers.

When they walked in to the shop, Steve let go of Kono's hand and looked around for something to entertain him whilst Kono stood around choosing which jewellery set to get for Alana.

He was looking at their engagement rings when Kono approached him. "One of these things costs about a year's worth of my salary and that's for the cheapest one," Steve said, feigning a tone of distaste when she was close enough. He didn't want her to realise that he was looking for a ring for her in case it freaked her out.

Kono just laughed at him before saying, "I've chosen a set so we can go."

"That was quick," Steve said with genuine surprise.

"Well, it's been a pretty tiring day off and I just want to go home, eat and get into bed," Kono said as she sighed tiredly, stepping closer to Steve to rest her forehead on his shoulder.

"I agree wholeheartedly," Steve said, turning his head slightly to press a chaste kiss to the top of Kono's head. "Come on."

"Hold on a sec," Kono said before walking to the owner to thank him once again which just led to him and his wife thanking Kono and telling her how much they owed her.

When they got home Steve went to the kitchen to sort out dinner for them whilst Kono went to have a shower.

Once Steve was done cooking dinner, he realised Kono still hadn't come downstairs after her shower so he went upstairs to see if she was okay.

He was greeted with the sight of Kono lying on their bed in her dressing gown, fast asleep. She looked comfortable so he decided not to bother her.