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A/N: A small poem type thing that I came up with that describes the way I think The Doctor felt after Amy and Rory were stolen from his life, and River declined his offer to travel with him.

Alone in Darkness

the night falls with a silent sigh, entwined are we in our loss

The salvation for which you lust has slipped through our fingers,

It flared once, along time ago, but now it is dead,

Crushed by guilt, and grief,

All hope must surely perish.

Your heart desires no more,

How could you abandon me?

Our dark emotions surround us, crying,

We have lost our light.

A shadow of betrayal casts a shadow as we stand,

Our previous perceptions of each other shudder in the heart of time itself,

Once we were together, in what could be conceived as paradise,

So innocent, so young, so childlike,

No more.

Your heart has perished, your love has gone,

It is lost in a sickening fever of broken memories,

Some good, some bad, some truly terrifying.

I walk into the night without you my dear,

Here I shall wait for you, in the hope you'll come back to me,

Generously wishing you'll forgive me and will be my salvation once more,

Offer me some water dear, for my bloodied palms,

Wash away my sins and take my hand in yours.

You left me without looking me in eyes

My ancient eyes, the ones that have seen too much,

Despite your torrent of hatred, despite you not saying goodbye

I hope that one day you'll learn to love me again, as I learnt to love you.

Our love was always backwards, wasn't it?

Once upon a time I didn't know you, but even then I loved you,

You're as beautiful as your soul roaring within you,

River Song here's hoping this isn't the last page for our love,

I hate when things come to an end.

I know I'll be seeing you again though

I'll be taking you to the singing towers

When my tears start falling, don't be fearful

It's only because my salvation will soon be lost for eternity

The last flicker of light in my life will be put out forever

And I will be alone, forever, and in darkness.