Author's Note: Hey guys! It has been too long since I submitted fan fiction on here, not to mention too long since I have actually written any fan fiction. With my current interest in Rise of the Guardians, I decided to give it another go. Reviews with critiques are welcome! NO FLAMES please.

"What makes you think I wanna be a Guardian?"

The winter spirit sighed as he walked along the dimly lit sidewalk, thinking about what had happened earlier in the day. For the first time, the Guardians had welcomed him to the North Pole- well, rather kidnapped him and then welcomed him. Needless to say, the whole situation was new and strange to him, and he was conflicted on how to react to it.

Am I happy the Guardians were finally acknowledging his existence? Definitely, overjoyed actually. But the thing that keeps nagging at me, is why now? Why now, out of the blue, when I have been around for three hundred years?

After the confrontation with the Guardians, Jack flew out of the North Pole as soon as possible; he needed time to think. He flew to his favorite town to visit, Burgess. Why was it his favorite, he wasn't sure, but he felt most at home here. The children were actively paying in the snow during winter, and so he made sure the town got plenty of snow days much to the adults displeasure.

Now however, it was lightly snowing, Jack Frost being deep in thought.

Maybe they all had to agree on it. I'm sure Bunnymund would've taken some great convincing, though he still didn't seem too happy with the idea, Jack rolls his eyes and laughs, The Easter kangaroo still has that grudge against me for the blizzard back in '68. Not that I blame him, I was pretty wound up that day and the blizzard wasn't kind. But you think he'd overlook it by now. I wonder if he'll ever-

The young immortal was brought out of his thoughts when he noticed the dark shadows beginning following him. He stopped, adjusting his staff in his hands. The shadows seemed to crackle and laugh.

Jack looked around cautiously, tightening his grip on his staff. "Who's there?"

"I see the Guardians didn't tell you everything when they dragged you up to the Pole, hmm?"

Jack jumped around and came face to face with a tall dark shadow, leaning over him with a mischievous smile that revealed his small, curved, pointed teeth. The boy looked on in almost disbelief.

"You're- You're Pitch Black. The Nightmare King!"

Pitch smiled again, and leaned back, chuckling. "Ah, so you have heard me. Not that I doubted you did." He disappeared into shadows, and reappeared behind Jack again. "So, the Guardians have finally met up with you? How was it?"

Jack tensed up. He turned around to face Pitch again. "What does it matter to you?"

Pitch closed his eyes and shrugged. "Oh," He said chuckling, "Nothing really. I simply like to keep tabs on potential enemies," His eyes opened, and he put an arm around Jack's shoulder, and smiled. "Or potential allies."

Jack quickly brushed Pitch's arm off him and stepped back. "Whoa, no thanks."

Pitch's expression phased a bit, but he quickly recovered. He laughed softly. "So you have joined the Guardians then?"

"Well, no…" Jack looked away from the dark spirit. "I mean, I am considering it-"

Pitch appeared next to him again, startling Jack. "Why? Don't you find it odd that they only want you to join now?"

The boy turned away again. "Sort of."

Pitch smirked. "I mean, they have known about you for, what, is it three hundred years now? How many times have you tried to get them to acknowledge you?"

Jack looked at Pitch, wondering at what the shadow man was trying to do. He sighed. "A lot. But they always would ignore me," Jack walked away from Pitch again, leaning on his staff. "In fact, a few times North's yetis actually threw me out of the Pole." He added under his breath.

"What about the Tooth Fairy? Or Sandman? Or Bunnymund?" Pitch slithered up to the boy again, his fearlings hidden in the shadows around them.

"They all ignored me," Jack sighed, but then a small smile crept on to his face. "Although, I did manage to catch Bunnymund's attention for a while back in '68."

Pitch chuckled. "I believe I heard about that incident. How did the rabbit take it?"

Jack slouched against his staff, glancing at the ground as a heavier snow began to fall. "Badly. I can't even get into Australia anymore without being attacked with eggs. Not that I really want to, too hot for my personal preference."

"Well, considering all of that, why do you think they want you to join them? Change of heart? Or is it because they simply need you? They don't want you; they only know they need your help in defeating me. And that is because the Man in the Moon told them such."

The wind speed suddenly picked up. Jack's head shot up at to look at Pitch, processing his suggestion. It made a lot of sense; he almost didn't want to believe it. I'm just something they need right now? What if they won't need me anymore? The possibility of being abandoned frightened Jack, the ground around him became layered with ice. He stepped away from the dark spirit as a sudden thought occurred to him.

"Why are you telling me this?" Jack spat out angrily.

Pitch's smile faded. "Why Jack, I simply want what is best for you. Besides, I believe we have much in common."

Jack narrowed his eyes, and the temperature dropped at least twenty degrees. "I am nothing like you. Why should I help you? You want to hurt the children!"

The Nightmare king frowned. The fearlings began to creep out of the shadows, moving towards Jack. "These children?" The man raised his arms, motioning towards the surrounding buildings. "They are simply getting their hopes up to fail. Everything they believe in dies out eventually. Why not get it over with now? In a way, I'm saving them, Jack. From themselves-"

Pitch was cut off when a blast of ice flew came flying towards his head. He barely dodged it, and it hit the ground, shattering. He looked menacingly at the young spirit.

Jack's eyes pulsed with a blue glow. "You're not saving them! Their dreams are what gives them hope! Hope when things aren't going right, why do you want to take that away from them?"

The darkness surrounding the two immortals seemed to intensify, sending chills up Jack's spine. Pitch simply stepped back from the boy, eyes dark and emotionless. His face was tensed up, as if he were about to reply to Jack's question, but turned away and closed his eyes.

The fearlings now surrounded Jack, and the winter spirit realizing the danger her was in, looked for a means of escape when Pitch finally spoke. Jack couldn't help but turn to face him.

"My apologies for offering you a place next to me, I thought you would consider it a bit more. We could have worked very well together Jack, you and I. We could be unstoppable you know. But alas, I respect your decision in declining." The man snapped his fingers, and a Nightmare snatched Jack's staff out of his hands. Jack, shocked by the sudden loss of his weapon, reached out for it.

Pitch took the opportunity to give his command, "Kill him."

The fearlings immediately lunged towards Jack from all sides. Quickly thinking, Jack jumped for the Nightmare, ripped his staff from its jaws, and began blasting the shadows creatures surrounding him. The winter spirit was greatly outnumbered, but still fighting. Pitch looked on at the scene playing out in front of him. He thought about how to re-approach Jack, closer to the time of action, and smiled. The dark shadow conjured up a bow and arrow in his Nightmare sand, and aimed it at the boy. He released it, and laughed just loud enough to draw the boy's attention. Jack turned his head just in time to see the arrow explode around his head, encasing him in darkness.

"See you in your Nightmares, Frost."