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Chapter One.

The Grid was a hive of activity as the Pod doors opened to allow Malcolm to enter the Grid. Ruth was focused on the computer screen in front of her while Beth and Zaf were huddled around Tariq's desk. There was no sign of Harry, which he supposed had to be expected when the Home Secretary was on the war path; which seemed to be most days since the Olympics had been declared such a success. He shrugged his jacket off, suddenly aware that the majority of the team were no where to be seen.


"In the field." Tariq explained.


"And Harry is with Ros at Whitehall. Lucas and Zoe are with an asset." Zaf stated as he walked towards the older man. "How's Bodie and Doyle?"

"Getting spoiled by Sarah."

"Lucky them." Zaf waggled his eyebrows as Ruth swore. She pushed herself away from the keyboard and left the Grid in a rush. Zaf glanced around and realising none of the other women were anywhere to be seen he followed his best friend.


"Home Secretary." Harry stated as Ros took a seat next to him. The grey haired man stared at them both. Ros couldn't help but think he was appraising them and finding them wanting. Despite the fact the Olympic games and Paralympic games had been a unparallelled success Towers still seemed to think that Section D should be found culpable for some as yet unknown misdemeanour.

"Harry, Ros." Towers glared at them. "Thank you for coming at such short notice." Ros kept her eyes on the man in front of her, desperate to work out what was going on. Even Sophie had been uncharacteristically aloof when they had arrived. The PA was normally so bubbly she boarded on the hyperactive but had been quiet and professional when they had arrived.

"What is it?" Harry cut straight to the chase.

"The Prime Minister was extremely happy with the way the recent Games turned out. Seems we have given Rio something to think on."

"We are not covering their security." Ros deadpanned.

"Indeed." Towers glanced at her and swallowed hard. Harry smirked. Ros had the ability to make any man feel as though they were about to be swallowed whole however powerful they were.

"Home Secretary? Why are we here?" Harry was beginning to think Towers was hiding something. While he knew the grey man in front of him was nowhere near the standard of liar Blake was he knew that Towers could keep a secret when he wanted.


"Christmas?" Ros glanced at Harry.

"Yes." The Home Secretary sighed. "Christmas, religious festival hijacked by the consumerist west years ago."

"I am familiar with the concept." Ros narrowed her eyes. Harry remained silent. For the first time in years he was really looking forward to the festive season. Nick was living with them and now little Gracie aka Squeak would be celebrating her first Christmas. He smiled slightly as he thought of his ten week old daughter. He would not allow Towers to spoil it for them, whatever happened.

"Christmas 1977 you were stationed in Belfast." Towers looked directly at Harry.

"Yes. For two months. Short op." Ros glanced sideways. "I was also there in the early 1980s. You know what happened to Juliet Shaw and myself when we were under the command of Henry Parks. What is this about?"

"It seems a splinter group were also aware of you in those days. Parks has been attacked."

"He's 83 years old." Ros could feel her blood boil. She had genuinely liked the older Geordie man who had popped back into their lives. The former Section Head reminded her of Adam and his ways of letting things just crinkle out. She wondered if that sense of watch and wait had led his team into trouble. She could see why Harry ran Section D so differently.


"What happened?" Harry's voice dropped to a dangerously low-level as he thought of his mentor.

"He's in St James' hospital. He's fine but due to his age they are keeping him in for observation." Towers explained. "It seems the attacker was someone from the Belfast op has come back to haunt you. Parks was found by the side of the Tyne Bridge with this pinned to the inside of his jacket." He reached across the desk and handed Ros a small piece of paper. "The police found it, realised what it means and sent it to me."

"Why didn't they send it to us?" Ros asked.

"Ah." Towers watched as she read the note. Harry's colour seemed to drain from his face.

"Merry Christmas, war isn't over." She turned to Harry. "Any ideas?"

"Yes." Harry nodded once. "In 1977 there was a plot to cause as much mayhem to the mainland as possible. Irish extremists were to blame and were arrested. Most went to serve time in the Maze prison. One or two eluded us."

"And now these one or two want to relive past glory?" Ros shook her head. "That is some midlife crisis."

"Ros." Towers watched as she arched an eyebrow. He knew better than to question her. Ros Myers was legendary in the security forces for more than just her time in Section D. Her father and his crimes was still in the forefront of many people's minds.

"She's right." Harry wanted to scream. He had faced old enemies more than once. People on his team had been hurt. There was no way he was going to let that happen again.


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