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Disclaimer: I do not own the Reba cast or any of the story characters that do not appear in Reba they are my characters. This is all a work of fiction they are not based on real people or events

these are are from hearing stuff from conversations or thinking of it and writing them down. For facts I do research and look things up. this is all fiction.

Chapter 1

Season 7- 2007-2008

Brock 50= Barbra Jean-40


Reba Hart-48

Cheyenne= Van-26

Elizabeth -7

Joshua -2



Christopher Mackenzie-50 -Brock's identical twin-looks like Brock did in the first season

Brock and Barbra Jean left for little rock with Henry.

Brock was in a car wreck, lost his memory, he sustained a severe life alerting brain injury. Barbra Jean was by his side. Brock never remembered his life with Reba. BJ did not want to hurt the family so she acted as if he was dead. They lived their lives together with Henry

In Fort Worth Brock's identical twin brother was in a car accident he sustained injuries As well only his wife was trying to kill him.

Both have never met Brock lived his life and Chris lived his

Reba got over loosing Brock she moved on she never remarried she raises Jake and looks after her grandkids she still misses Brock. However, she does not let it show. Jake has taken up football he is a freshman on the varsity football team. Van is the assistant coach he his sort of the head they are looking for a replacement after the other had a heart attack.

Cheyenne is a happy stay at home mom.

It has been a full year since Brock's accident and death.


"Van what was the new coach's name he looked like my dad"

"I know only his hair is short, and he isn't tanned; he had behind the ear hearing aids a limp. He had a scar on his neck. In addition, he had a very noticeable scar along his cheek. Jake your father would try to cover it up" Van said pulling into the driveway.

"So how do you think I did?" Jake asked changing the subject.

"Jake you were awesome your one out of two freshmen who made the varsity team"

Jake nodded and walked inside the house.

"Hi how was football?" Reba asked

"Cool. We have a new coach, and he looks like dad. Only he is blond going gray and has behind the ear hearing aids, he isn't fake tanned and he has some scars," Jake said.

"His name is Christopher something," Van said.

Jake nodded he was sure it was his father he wanted to spend more time with him he had to find out who the look alike was. On the other hand, if he was his father he would know the questions being fired out at him. Either way he was going to find out. Who Chris really was.

Reba nodded and said good-bye to Van, who went home. She smiled it was nice it was her and Jake. Van and Cheyenne finally had a home Joshua was now two, Cheyenne was expecting again. It upset her Brock wouldn't be around to see his grand children born. She closed her eyes. She opened them and looked at Jake who responded, "It could be dad no one knows what happened to him?"

Reba rubbed her forehead Jake still wasn't over Brock's death she had told him over and over Your father is dead it is time to move on. Not this look alike was in town reba had to meet him Reba spoke to Jake, "Jake your father is dead. I know we both want him back. We need to face reality. He is dead," Reba, told him they had taken it hard when they heard Brock was killed in accident Jake nodded and headed into the kitchen for a snack.

The next morning Reba went into work. She was finished work at five she was showing 3 homes in her neighbourhood a man knocked on her door he had on a pair of black track pants an orange Westchester High long sleeve and Jacket

Reba looked up, she gasped and looked at the man he did resemble Brock, and he looked how Van and Jake described him. She noticed the scar on his neck and cheek right away.

"Brock!" Reba screeched it took everything in her might not to get up and hug her best friend.

Chris looked behind him he shrugged his shoulders and spoke to the red head in front of him "Sorry I am late practice ran late and I didn't have time to change are you Reba Hart?"

"Yes and you are?"

"Christopher Mackenzie. Everyone calls me Chris," He said extending his hand Reba took it and shook it.

Reba was shocked in how much this stranger looked like her ex husband

"So what kind of housing did you have in mind?" Reba asked still a bit embarrassed she called this stranger Brock. He was so different form Brock he was quiet and almost shy.

"Whatever is available a two maybe 3 bedroom home with a nice kitchen. I'm not fussy. And maybe no stairs" he said

Reba nodded and printed him off some brochures for houses and motioned for him to sit.

"Is Jake Hart Your son?" he asked sitting on a chair and looking at a photo of him on Reba's desk

Reba nodded "It has been hard on him his father moved away and he was killed in a car accident."

Chris nodded.

"Sorry to hear that. Your son is a good football player"

Reba nodded he was getting better after Van had taught him. He had taken it up just before Brock passed away. She handed him the brochures. "Take your time looking at them" she told him.

"This house looks good," Chris told her quietly.

Reba looked at it" This home is down the street from me"

Chris nodded.

"Would you like to take a look at it?"

Chris nodded, "When you're ready"

Reba smiled she liked this guy he was a quiet, kind and gentle guy.

Reba drove him to the home.

Reba showed Chris the home she noticed he walked with a noticeable limp.

"Have you ever been married?" Reba asked

"Uh "Chris replied going to the steps.

Reba nodded as Chris went up the stairs he returned down the stairs

Reba noticed he had a hard time going up and down the steps

"I like it but too many stairs. I live in an apartment across town I can stay there. Reba I am sorry I wasted your time"

"No you didn't I'm sorry I didn't realize you had a problem with the stairs. I do have another house I could show you it is just across the street it is for closed by the bank so it will go cheap."

Chris nodded, "Okay it can't hurt to check it out"

Reba took Chris to the home she wasn't sure if he was Brock he was so different he looked so much like him. However, he wasn't the same in any way.

"Okay here we are" Reba told him as they walked in side

"It is a Ventura style, Approx. 1882 square feet, it has five bedrooms one master and four additional bedrooms, two car garage "Reba told him

Chris looked around he returned to Reba "This is perfect I will take it"

Reba nodded "Okay you will need to sign some paper work and then we will go from there."

Chris nodded s nodded and quietly followed Reba out to his car

"So do you have a dental practice set up yet?"

"No I am not a dentist. I coach football and Basketball and a Master Golf Teaching Professional I have been for twenty years"

"Oh sorry I don't know why I thought you were a dentist," Reba told him okay one step he isn't Brock she said to herself.

"That's okay." Chris told her quietly

Reba nodded maybe he wasn't Brock .she was still determined to find out. She would strike up a conversation. Chris was quiet and shy like. He would nod or use one or two words.

"Chris do you have friends here?"

"No uh I don't. Making friends doesn't come easy to me," He told her quietly

"Well you have just made a friend," Reba told him

Chris smiled and nodded

They drove in silence the rest of the way back. Reba oddly enough felt like she knew this stranger and felt close to him. She felt safe around him. Was he really Brock? Did something happen to his brain? Why did he walk with a limp? Didn't he care about the scars? Reba shook it off and continued to drive. She was going to find out about Chris Mackenzie. She now had doubts Brock was dead. Should she call BJ? She was going to do something.

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