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Disclaimer: I do not own the Reba cast or any of the story characters that do not appear in Reba they are my characters. This is all a work of fiction they are not based on real people or events

these are are from hearing stuff from conversations or thinking of it and writing them down. For facts I do research and look things up. this is all fiction.

Chapter 6

Jake was sound asleep in bed when Jessy and Katie turned on his light they put tape over his mouth and tied his hands behind his back

And ran to the foot of his bed "ready okay? Your player of the week and we are here to say that you are being kidnapped so you better obey" they said

Reba ran in "what is going on?"

"Hi I am Jessy Rogers and this is my sister Katie we are here to kidnap Jake for the kidnap breakfast" Jessy told her

"How did you get into my house?"

Katie held up a key "Coach gave us a key"

Reba took it and was going to have a talk with Chris.

"Okay Jake lets go" Katie said ushering him out.

Jake walked into the door after waving good bye to his friends

"Mom I'm player of the week and I want you to make spaghetti cause I like it and I am going to get ready for school" Jake said running to his room to change.

Reba managed to give him a hug before he went to school. She told him how proud she was of him. Jake smiled he was in a good mood.

Chris and Van were in their office talking about the upcoming game. And wildcat breakfast

"Did Jake react okay to Jessy and Kate kidnapping him?" Chris asked he hadn't had the chance to talk to him and Van had talked to him. He reclined on his chair.

Van was about to tell him he loved it when an angry red head came in

"Christopher Mackenzie" Reba said walking in

"Hi Reba" Chris told her standing to kiss her.

"Christopher you gave my key to the cheerleaders?" Reba asked waving around the key

"No I didn't I wouldn't do that." Chris said going to Reba

Van smiled "Mrs. H it was me and thank-you for my key back" Van said taking it from her hand and hugging his mother in law from behind and sitting in his chair

Reba smiled and kissed Chris "Sorry see you tonight" with that she ran out

"Is she always that fiery?" Chris asked

"Yeah if she gets real mad she may smack you upside the head" Van said

Chris nodded and couldn't wait for their date. He smiled and got back to work.

Later that night Chris picked her up. He told her not to dress up. He had a surprize for her. He had made a picnic dinner and was going to have it on the beach.

Chris drove to the beach. He set it up they sat down. They ate and talked .Reba smiled she felt safe in his arms,

"Reba when we marry how would you feel about adopting?"

"Chris I would love to adopt I always wanted to but Brock never wanted to. I was adopted when I was five"

"I was adopted at age sixteen. I always wanted a son like Jake or a daughter."

Reba and Chris talked about their childhood. Chris told Reba about his.

Jake was so excited about his dinner the day had finally come and he was the star for the night. He knew his father would be proud of him.

"Okay Mrs. H you know the drill right?" Van said looking around it looked like it did when he was player of the week. He was so proud of Jake.

Reba nodded

Chris walked in "Reba you look beautiful" Chris told her Kissing her on the cheek and moving aside.

Jake walked in "wow mom it looks great" Jake said hugging her

"Hey Hart quit hogging the hostess" Kevin said

Jake laughed "dude it's my mom"

Soon they all entered kissed Reba and sat down

"Okay everyone I would like to take a moment to thank Reba for hosting this dinner and doing a great job. So I am dedicating tonight's game to Reba" Chris said

They clapped

"I was honoured to do this Jake I am so proud of you" Reba told him

The boys clapped again

"Jake as the coach I am proud of you for getting your grades up and for keeping that B average" Chris told him

Jake smiled that was something his dad would have said. He wished Chris was his father. He wanted him to be around 24/7 he wanted a father. He often felt like he was lower class. Now that it was his mom and him he felt like he was getting the attention he deserved.

Van stood up "Jake I am proud of you too. I know that you want to be the kicker for the team . You're your father would be proud." Van told him

The team clapped

Jake stood " Chris I am happy you are in our lives. Thank you mom for doing this" Jake said

The team clapped Kevin and Scott patted his back.

"Now everyone grab hands and let's pray. Cheyenne would you like to say Grace?" Chris asked

"Lord thank you for the food we are about to receive. Let this nourish our bodies so the wildcats can kick butt amen"

"Amen" everyone said as they started to eat.

The cheerleaders did their cheer

Chris took a deep breath he walked over to where Reba was sitting he got down on one knee

" Reba will you marry me?" he asked holding up the ring

Reba smiled "Yes Chris I will marry you"

Chris put the ring on her finger and kissed her. The team cheered and applauded. And congratulated their coach.

Chris pulled Reba into the kitchen they started kissing

Reba and Chris were in the kitchen kissing.

"Uh Chris sorry to interrupt but you have a game to coach"

"Yeah uh be right there Van"

Jake walked in "AH my eyes"

Chris laughed and kissed Reba one last time and left.

Kyra and Cheyenne walked in

"Mom congratulations" Cheyenne told her giving her a hug

"Yeah Chris is cool"

"Mom do you still think Chris is dad?"

"Help me clean and no"

Reba told them about everything

"Mom he is cooler than dad. Jake really likes him. I do too. Mom maybe if you met him before he wouldn't have left you. He doesn't seem like the type that would cheat on a woman. I can tell you he is defiantly not dad" Kyra said

"Yeah one he is quiet and doesn't talk much only when he has to. Two he doesn't care about the scars even though you can't notice them and three he wears hearing aids dad wouldn't wear hearing aids. If he did he would make sure they were hidden and Chris would rather be with you than play golf

Reba nodded they finished cleaning up and went to the game.

Chris was in the change room before the game he was about to give the team the pep talk he collapsed to the ground

Matt ran to him

"Chris" Matt replied as he tried to make sure he couldn't hurt himself. He talked to him and soothed him. Chris stopped and had another seizure. Van called 911

Chris was rushed to the hospital. He was treated for stress. He was told to take it easy,

Chris and Reba planned the wedding or Reba did. Chris just nodded and agreed he was getting better the medication was working again. He was grateful for Reba.

He was living on his own again.

Chris walked into Reba's house "Reba the team is waiting on Jake"

"For what?"

"We have a game in Florida and then we are taking the boys to Disney world for a mid-season party he said he couldn't go"

"Jake why did you say that?" Reba asked turning to Jake who was at the table

"You were busy with Cheyenne and I kept asking you to sign "Jake told her smiling at Chris and mouthing thank you.

Chris smiled at the boy and nodded at him.

"Reba I have one here" Chris said pulling the form out of his pocket

Reba signed it as Jake ran up to get his bag he had it packed

"Chris I am sorry things have been chaotic"

"Don't worry I was ready to sign but I'm not his legal guardian"

Jake ran into the kitchen

"We will be home around 11 or 12 tomorrow night" Chris said as Jake hugged her

Reba nodded and watched Jake and her fiancé leave she prayed they would be safe driving.

"Everything okay?" Chris asked once they were in his truck driving to the school.

"No everything is always about Kyra and her band I matter for a bit then I don't. Before it was all about Van and Cheyenne and I never got much then they all moved out and it was just me and mom and then dad died and they moved back home and then out just before you came and Kyra is having trouble in school so my mom has been helping her. And then Lizzy has been coming over lots cause Van works with the team and Cheyenne is going to school to be a social worker"

Chris looked at Jake

"Sorry pal"

"Yeah I am glad you're marrying my mom. I miss my dad but I think he was a jerk for leaving my mom and marrying BJ"

"Who is BJ?"

"My dad's dental hygienist he got her pregnant in 2001 and they had a son named Henry. While Cheyenne got pregnant and married Van they had Elizabeth"

"Wow!" Chris said

"Yeah I wanted my dad to get back with my mom but it never happened and he never liked me anyway"

"Who your dad?"

"Yeah "

"I'm sure he did"

"No he was too busy with Henry and he never did stuff with me. If he did it got interrupted by something. We did do stuff before Henry was born after he was born we didn't do much. He forgot about me. I know he was proud of me and I miss him. Chris I am glad you came into my life."

"I'm glad you're in my life. You're a good kid. You're the son I always wanted"

"Why didn't you have kids you would make a great father"

Chris smiled at Jake "Well I was always afraid of handing epilepsy down to my kids. I never wanted them to be ashamed of me when I had a fit."

"Chris if it makes a difference I would be proud to call you dad. And I had nothing to do with you looking like my dad. You're a good guy and I like being with you, you talk to me like I'm somebody. You treat me like I matter. I'm not ashamed of you when you have a seizure. It's something you can't control. I don't see you any less."

Chris looked at Jake." Thanks buddy. If I had a choice I would choose you for a son"

Jake nodded both men were happy. They talked more about Disneyworld.

They got to the school

The boys cheered as Chris drove up he parked he and Jake got on the bus "Thank you, thank you I will be here all week" Chris joked with the boys

They laughed. Chris did a roll call all the boys were present and accounted for. Chris took a seat by Van

The driver took off

"Are you alright?" Chris asked Van

"Yeah Jake and I used to be so close" Van said

"Van I can tell you why you broke apart"


"You were trying to be his dad. You're his brother in law not his father. Be a friend to him not a father. Plus you hurt him with being a kicker"

Van nodded and thought for a moment he turned to look at Jake he was sitting with Kevin they were playing some sort of game it looked like two Nintendo DS's Van turned back around.

"Chris, why did you want to be a coach?"

"Well I wanted to help kids and do something to mentor them. I had two great people in my life who mentored me and got me through till I was eighteen. They took me in two days before my sixteenth birthday and well they helped me go to college and paid for me to do so. I decided being a coach was the best thing to do I am also a golf Pro. I will teach golf soon but right now it is football. Why did you become a coach?"

"I have a condition called Spinal Stenosis "

"So you became a coach after that?"


"God will never close one door without opening another" Chris told him

"Reba said the exact same thing to me after it happened. Then about a year ago I was contacted to be assistant manager for the wildcats"


"Yeah it is"

Chris and Van started talking. After the conversation he was also convinced he wasn't Brock.

"This is so cool" Jake told Kevin as they were in the hotel room

Kevin nodded

In the other hotel room Chris was on the phone while Van and Craig waited

Chris hung up the phone.

"Well we made a trip for nothing. The team we were supposed to play got suspended for torching their coach's car"

"Then let's spend two days in Disney world" Van said

"We can't the passes are for tomorrow" Chris replied

"Okay well let's just do nothing or go sightseeing and take advantage of being men in Florida"

Van and Chris looked at each other

"Uh Craig I am married with two kids. No" Van said

"I am engaged and I will not do anything like that to Reba. I have waited a long time to find a woman like her. "Chris said

"Just think five days from now you will be married" Craig replied

Chris smiled and nodded

They gathered the boys together and told them the news. They all went sightseeing. Van went with them

Chris went to his hotel room he removed his leg and sat on the bed and called Reba they talked for a bit. Once they were done Chris hung up the phone and turned on the TV.

"Come in" Chris told the person at the door the door opened in walked Van and Jake

"I thought you two went out"

"We did but felt bad you were here alone" Van said

"I was just resting my leg"

"Will you be okay?"

"I will be fine Van"

They sat and watched TV

"What was Brock like? And why did all of you think I was him?" Chris asked after a while of silence

"Well you look like him and when you came into the picture we all missed Brock like crazy. And we all hoped you were him. Reba more so Brock was her first real love. She loved him. She was married to him for twenty years. And I think deep down they both had feelings for each other. Chris you aren't Brock. We all know that. And Reba truly loves you"

"Van my dad was a jerk. How could he leave mom for BJ I don't understand that. I wish Chris had been my dad then I wouldn't have had to deal with losing him twice. And if dad is alive then I still will hate him for leaving mom. He had no right. She cried herself to sleep so often after he left. "

"Jake I am honoured that you wish that but. You dad did what he thought was right. "

Jake nodded and smiled

"Brock was vein. He liked to tan"

"He would do anything for Cheyenne and Kyra" Jake said

"He gave me advice about my marriage" Van told him

Chris nodded

"Other than Brock's looks do you think of me as Brock?" Chris asked

"I never did your so different from my dad. I like you for who you are" Jake told him

"I honestly wish your mother felt that way"

"Give her time she was married to Brock for twenty years." Van told him

The rest of the day the three of them talked and enjoyed being together the more time Jake spent with Chris the more he realized he wanted him as a father.

Reba called and told Chris to keep Jake at his house when they came home.

Chris agreed.

Chris and the team were on the bus going home.

Chris was feeling sick

"Van, I think I'm going to have a seizure" Chris told him

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