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Chapter 17 - Always look on the bright side of life

Harry didn't know how long he was out for. It could have been days for all he knew, but slowly he started to regain all of his senses. The memories of what had happened came flooding back to him like a missile.

The one question Harry had in his not quite conscious head was:

How did Voldemort reach him?

How did he reach him even when he was in a completely different dimension?

None of it made any sense. For all rights when he travelled to this world the connection should have been severed. Gone. Kaput. Lost with the rest of his early life. It was supposed to be a clean slate where he could start his life all over again as a new person.

But no. Voldemort couldn't just leave him be. He had to take his obsession with him to another level and reach further than any in his world but Harry had reached before.

The strange thing was that after he had gotten over the surprise of coming too he felt lighter than he ever had before. Everything seemed, well, more. He had never been a very optimistic person, mostly looking at the realism rather than seeing the good side of life. But after this particular encounter he found that he could.

His very soul felt refreshed. That got Harry to thinking. Obviously there was something Dumbledore hadn't told him. Yet another important detail that the old man had failed to disclose to him.

Maybe the connection he had with Voldemort went beyond the mind. He would have to talk to Amen. He spent more time in his mind than Harry did, which when he thought about it was kind of weird. This inexplicably caused him to chuckle out loud. Startling Amen who was sitting by his side where he lay. Obviously he was still in his mind.

He opened his eyes and saw that Hogwarts had returned to normal. The bright sun shining over the castle making it glint. Everything seemed as it should be again, homely.

His eyes wandered over to Amen and he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that he wasn't hurt. Who knows what Voldemort could have done to anyone or anything that stood in his way of Harry. He was broken out of his musings by Amen's voice.

"Are you alright Harry?" he asked cautiously. He was obviously still freaked out by Harry's sudden laugh.

"I'm fine thanks" Harry replied. Amen still looked worried but he relaxed a bit.

"What were you laughing at?" he asked curiously. Harry chuckled again.

"Oh, I was just thinking that it was funny how you spent more time in my mind than I do" he replied. Amen looked at him as if he was mad.

"Well you see-" he paused. "Oh it doesn't matter, how long have I been out for?" he asked.

"Couple of hours, your friends are mighty worried about you" he said. Harry sat up immediately.

"Right, I'll talk to you later, it must nearly be time for the finals" he said and just like that he was back in the outside world. His head felt quite sore, like it had been smacked about 50 times. Groaning he sat up.

"Harry!" was all he heard before he was at the bottom of a human pile.

"Guys!" he gasped. "Can't breath!"

They got off him and helped him up. Tea started fretting.

"We couldn't get you up, Joey tried to tell you that it was time to go but when we looked over you didn't move, you were really pale and when we tried to wake you again you just wouldn't wake up, it was so scary, we thought you'd had a heart attack or something" she said all this very quickly. Harry interrupted her by kissing her forcefully on the lips, just to get her to stop you understand.

When he pulled back he could see everyone gaping at him. Tea had turned a spectacular shade of red which forcefully reminded him of what had happened to Ginny whenever he had been around her during the first couple of years at Hogwarts.

He turned to Yugi who, unlike Joey and Tristan who were still gaping, had adopted an expression of enormous amusement.

"Sorry, I hate it when people ramble on like that, it was the only way I could think to get you to stop" he said casually causing Yugi to sweat drop and Joey and Tristan to lose the composure they had gained and go back to gaping.

"Now, the reason I was out for so long is because I had a little encounter within my mind that I would rather not talk about at the moment, shall we get going" he said pleasantly with a smile to them all, then he walked through the middle of them and towards the castle. Yugi walked along side him while the others followed dumbly behind. Tea had a dreamy smile on her face which prompted Harry into thinking that maybe he hadn't chosen the best course of action.

He pushed that thought aside and instead chose to mentally prepare himself for the finals. He had no intention of winning them of course, just to make sure that Pegasus didn't. Which meant Yugi would have to complete his destiny, Harry would be there every step of the way to make sure that happened, Ra had given him a job after all and it wasn't wise to piss off a god, you may end up dead. But like Dumbledore said, 'To the well organised mind death is but the next great adventure'.

Harry wasn't sure that having sarcastic spirits and evil Dark Lords in your head counted as organised so he would rather avoid death for now.

Even as they made it to the castle he was still lost in his thoughts and walked straight into the front door which caused everyone to laugh and him to glare. It seemed they had a while to wait before the doors for the finals opened so Harry decided to go back and join Amen in his mind.

As soon as he closed his eye he was back at Hogwarts. Amen was standing in front of him looking stern.

"What?" Harry asked. Amen face palmed and looked at him incredulously.

"You mean you really don't know?" he asked. Harry shook his head.

"Not a clue….wait, what were we talking about again?" he asked in the hope that it would get him out of trouble for whatever he was in it for. Amen glared at him.

"How could you wake up after something like that and just leave me in hear alone while your out there and not particularly sane, do you know how much angst rubbish you kissing Tea is going to cause later on, did you even think abo- Ooph!" he said as his head went sideways after a particularly hard slap.

"What was that for?!" he asked angrily. Harry smiled innocently.

"Well it was either that or I kiss you and I don't think that would be very fun for either of us" he said, cringing as he imagined him doing just that. Shaking his mental head (he didn't really know how to explain it either) he refocused his attention on Amen who was gaping at him in a similar way that Joey and Tristan had earlier.

"I'm starting to wonder if you have literally gone insane?" he said. Harry just shook his head.

"No not insane, I just feel so light and happy at the moment, no idea why but I'm just going to roll with it" Harry replied. Amen looked at him strangely before adopting a serious expression. Harry sighed, he was dreading this conversation.

"Do you know how Voldemort got to you?" Amen asked finally.

"No I do not," Harry replied "but I have a few theories which I would appreciate your help with verifying"

"Go on" Amen said curiously.

"Well, my first thought was that I had strengthened the connection by coming to talk to you" he said.

"Not possible, one because it has never caused a problem before and two my mental shields should have been enough to protect both of our minds" Amen replied counting off his fingers.

"Which is why I scrapped that theory and came to a conclusion that Voldemort and I may be, or may have been more thoroughly connected than I had thought" Harry continued. Amen sighed.

"That has been my only logical conclusion as well" he said "which I came up with during the time you left me alone while you were off kissing girls and running into doors"

"Hey, I had to go, they might have shipped me off to a funeral directors believing that I was dead, and those things that you mentioned were mistakes that were in no way my fault" Harry defended himself.

"Oh yes, because Tea definitely leaned in first" Amen said, now more amused than angry.

"She was annoying me" Harry replied. Amen nodded sarcastically before returning to serious mode.

"All joking aside I dug a little deeper while left to think, you know the history of the Millennium Items yes?" Amen said.

"I do" Harry replied a little confused.

"Well, you know then that it has been possible to trap souls in items yes?" Amen responded.

"Yes, otherwise you wouldn't be here" Harry replied carefully, as if speaking to a toddler, Amen ignored it and carried on.

"Well, I went digging and I have found residue of a different organism, don't ask me who it was very difficult, but it is there, and it is dark, evil even"

"So that means Voldemort put part of his soul into me?" Harry asked in horror. No wonder he felt lighter, Ra must have severed the soul piece and killed it.

"Yes, but it is gone now and nothing to worry about, that is why you feel lighter and more carefree" he finished. Harry sat there for a moment.

"So, he was in my body" he said. He immediately threw up (mentally of course) all over Amen who jumped back with a yelp.

After a minute of that Harry got his stomach under control but the thought would not go away. He said a quick goodbye to Amen and returned to the real world.

"You alright Harry," Joey asked "you look a little green"

"I'm fine, just learned some disturbing news from Amen which I never want to hear said by anyone or anything ever again so no I'm sorry I won't tell you what it is" Harry replied quickly. The others nodded in understanding, albeit reluctantly.

"So, how long till doors open?" Harry asked in an attempt to break the awkward silence that had followed his previous statement.

"Not long" Yugi replied. Turned out he was right, not a minute later the doors swung open and a guard stood and greeted all the finalists, who had arrived whilst Harry was talking to Amen, Tea and Tristan. They walked into the building and they all marvelled at the size of it. All except Harry of course who thought that Hogwarts could beat this for looks any day of the week.

Entering what appeared to be the dining room Harry saw them man he'd been waiting to meet since he arrived in this world. Pegasus. He was sitting at the head of the table, observing the new arrivals with a keen interest. Finally once everyone had taken their seats he stood.

"Welcome one and all to the pinnacle of your Duel Monsters career, the height of glory, the finals of Duelist Kingdom!" he finished dramatically. Harry barely hid a snort of amusement when he realised that when Pegasus was being dramatic his hair would stand up at the back which made it look like he was performing the Peacocks mating ritual. Luckily Pegasus didn't notice this and continued his speech.

"In this round you will be facing the other finalists in an old fashioned duel, no field bonuses, no nothing, just your skill and your will to win, now that we have our finalists here why don't we get to know each other a bit better before competition begins eh?" he said. Harry almost groaned. This would be a long night.

So over the next 2 hours the spent the time meeting the different finalists. It really was a waste of time because there was only four of them. Harry, Yugi, Joey and Mai Valentine. But they co operated if only to not anger Pegasus before the time was right.

After the meal Pegasus randomly selected the first duel.

"The first duel of the Duelist Kingdom finals will be…"


"Mai Valentine vs. Yugi Motou!"

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