A Different Kind of Impact

Christmas Chapter

Disclaimer: As of the time of my writing this, I don't own Evangelion, but it was mentioned that several of the presents were still in the mail...

A bit of a hectic end of the semester, but I found some time to whip up a Christmas special for those few of you reading this. Enjoy!


It was Misato that pointed it out. Everyone expected that Asuka would be the one to act, either to loudly declare it was only an obligation before following through, or to rip the offending plant down and dare the rest of the room to mention it had ever existed.

Everyone was surprised when it was actually Shinji who kissed Asuka. There was a silence in the room... after someone elbowed Misato to get her to stop making catcalls.

Asuka was flushed, but didn't look displeased.

"Baka Shinji. That's not how you're supposed to kiss. Get it right next time."


"C'mon, Rits, you know it'd be funny!" Misato pouted, leaning up against her friend. Ritsuko sighed loudly, massaging her temples.

"Misato, that would be a gross waste of resources."

"And? We need to lighten up around here, it's so freaking grim all the time! That's worth the expense!"

"It would be incredibly awkward to stage in any case."

"How hard could it be to find somewhere empty that still has snow?"

"It's also incredibly tasteless."

"Your point being?"

"For the last time, Misato, we're not mobilizing the Evangelion to make snow angels!"


"MAGI have almost decoded it, sir," Maya said, glancing back at Commander Ikari nervously. The Third Angel had arrived much later than anticipated, on the 25th of December, and it was behaving in very strange ways. It had been screeching something horrible that no one had been able to make out just yet. When the MAGI returned their analysis, the few who had been to a pre-impact America during the Christmas season burst into hysterical laughter, barely remaining standing. The others didn't really get it.

What was the meaning of this messenger, this herald Angel crying out "Hark"?

Special Double Length Drabble: Presents

Gendo threw a fit at the utter failure of the security team to detect the intrusion. They continued to insist that they hadn't known there even were chimneys anywhere on the base, and looking at the schematics confirmed that there really shouldn't have been.

This didn't change the fact that they currently stood in front of a fireplace they hadn't known existed staring at a collection of colorfully wrapped boxes.

After a thorough scan to determine there weren't any hidden biological, chemical, nuclear, or conventional weapons hidden inside of the packages, he relented and allowed these presents from this supposed "Santa" to be distributed to their intended recipients.

Shinji received a new pair of headphones and an upkeep kit for his cello, as well as a set of tapes for his SDAT for learners of German. Misato got nearly two dozen cases of beer and another refrigerator seemingly designed solely for beer cans. Asuka got a beautiful new dress and, oddly, a German cookbook with a note suggesting she help Shinji out with his present. Rei was given a number of common appliances, as well as several vegetarian cookbooks.

Gendo, of course, was given a stocking full of coal.