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A man stood alone in a battlefield, all around him dead bodies littered the ground. The figure picked up the only one still alive and said in a menacing voice dripping with disdain and hate: "Don't ever insult my princess again." Terrified, he shook his head that he understood "Good…" the figure dropped the body and walked off towards the nearest city on this dry planet.

Reaching his destination he stopped in a bar. Walking in whispers in hushed tones followed him to his stool.

"It's him! The Raging Storm!" someone whispered nearby.

"I heard that he killed a whole army because they got on his bad side!" another one whispered."

"How scary!" someone answered.

Sighing, he brought his drink to his lips and began to drink.

"Hey big boy…" Someone cooed next to him.

Looking over he saw a woman showing way too much cleavage flashing him with what he guessed to be her best smile.

"I can show you a good time…" she told him, wobbling a little and showing him that she was way too drunk.

"I'm not interested Celesian." he told her.

"Huh?" she asked obviously confused.

"You're a Celesian… been layed fifteen times, and obviously wanting to add me to your list." he told her taking another swig. "If I guess right, you move in acting drunk and vulnerable to get what you want." he told her.

"How?!" she demanded straitening up and glaring at him.

"I've heard of your kind before. Every time you get laid you knick you ear a little to show how many men you've corrupted..." he told her paying his tab. "…and you do it to collect their energy." he finished and started for the door.

Hearing a scream, he turned to see some men messing with a girl. Eyes flashing, he drew his sword and got between the men and the girl. "Now, now gentlemen…" he told them "… be nice to the nice lady."

"GET OUT OF THE WAY!" the men screeched as they came at him…

"Thank you… What's your name?" the lady asked him. The men's bodies lay on the ground stunned.

"You can call me sir." he told her .

"Thank you sir." she told him and handed him a piece of paper and left.

Looking at it he found it was her number. Sighing, he crumpled it up and threw it away. As he left he found a man in a black cloak with a crystal ball on the side of the road.

Stopping, he looked at the man "Who are you?" he asked him.

"I am Wiseman… do you have a question for the crystal ball?" he asked.

"Where can I find the best fight?" he asked.

"You can find the best fight on the planet Earth…" Wiseman told him "That is where the Sailor Scouts live."

Thanking him, the man gave Wiseman some money and launched himself into the galaxy heading towards Earth 'Who is it to claim to be the Sailor Scouts?' he thought angrily 'The true Sailor Scouts died during the Silver Millennium.'

A flashback of a young girl with brown hair tied into a ponytail holding a bouquet of flowers "Don't you think they're pretty?" a voice filled his mind as he flew on.

Another one showed up of the same girl but she was crying on the ground "You're so mean!" and his own deep voice came up.

"Princess! It is your duty to serve the Moon princess! You need to become stronger!" he told her helping her up.

Wiping her eyes she answered "Yes sir!"

Tears began to fill his eyes but he wiped at them furiously as he zoomed past the (mini) planet Pluto.

Another one filled his mind.

"Wow! You're so strong!" the girl looked up at him in admiration "I wish I was that strong!"

He was lifting a meteorite to free the young girl's legs. Launching it back to the meteor belt he lifted the small girl in her arms.

"Hey!" she protested. He silenced her with a look.

"Your majesty…" he told her as he shifted his grip "… you're hurt! I am taking you back to get you medical help."

"Oh… Thank you!" she flashed him with her smile. Almost against his will a twitch of a smile appeared on his face.

"Hey! You're smiling!" she laughed as he blushed… and hurried to the castle leaving dust in their wake.

Ever since she was gone he never smiled, never laughed, never did anything but fight.

He could see the blue and green ball below him. A sneer formed on his face as he looked at the planet. It looked too innocent with its little lights dancing across its face… even though it killed his princess. His arms began to burn with strain as rage rushed through his veins.

As he entered the atmosphere, he could feel the friction of the gases rubbing him leaving a tingling burning feeling racing across his skin. Looking down he found a storm approaching his quickly. A smirking grew across his face as he dropped into it.

Crack, he could sense all the lightening around him dancing to their own beat, giving him shivers as they beckoned him to join them.

Grey slowly moved aside to show him a churning sea leaving him almost breathless at its beauty. Closing his eyes he waited for the inevitable pain of impact.

He could feel every inch of his skin as it seared his burns leaving him gasping when he finally reached the surface.

"Thor!" [Translation: Thor!]

Using his strong arms he pushed and pulled the water to turn his body to find the voice's owner. He found a man with a face filled full with character with grey hair to match it in a simple fisherman's boat.

Reaching out he grabbed a hold of the rim of the boat and effortlessly pulled himself into it without upsetting the boat.

The man began to speak reverently in gibberish to him to his dismay. Placing his hand onto the older man's shoulder he motioned with his other hand to the land in the distance. Nodding the older man began to row them closer to shore. Motioning for him to stop he jumped and swam the rest of the way.

The older man threw out his nets just for them to fill with fat fish; his face rose and began to laugh at his fortune. He hadn't caught a single fish all week and he just happened to find a good spot. "Takk skal du ha Thor…" [Translation: Thank you Thor…] he muttered as he looked to the direction where the other man had headed off to.

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