The whip's bite seared leaving a bloody trail across his green trainee uniform. A warm liquid filled his mouth as he bit into his tongue to stop the pain filled scream from echoing throughout the room.

Bitter tears ran down his dirt smeared face as he forced his muscles to loosen.

A man with emerald eyes and coal black hair walked infront of him still holding the whip. "Bryan it is our family's honor and privilege to serve the royal family. What you have done is most dishonorable to our family name." The man's eyes glared down at the boy, daring him to appose him.

"I swear it will not happen again, sir." he answered seriously.

"Don't forget Bryan, honor and duty will lead you in all things." the man told him his eyes not even lightening.

"Yes… Father." he answered slowly.

Gradually the memory changed to a different one.

"Bryan, out of all the young men and woman of your age you have been chosen as the guardian of our infant princess. You will be the head of raising her from choosing her classes and training all the way to heading the servants in serving her. Anything that can or will happen to her will be put on your head. Do you understand?"

The nine year old nodded as a woman placed the baby in his arms.

Looking down he watched as the baby reached for his face but when she couldn't reach she began to hit her hand against his chest and began to gargle. He wrinkled his nose as he watched.

"She's so… flabby." he told them as he watched the baby fat wiggle.

"Babies are like that." a woman told him smiling.

Adjusting his grip on her he left the elders, thus starting their lives together.

Waking he found the pain wasn't a dream, a soft groan escaped from his lips as he struggled to move.

"Ssshh…" someone whispered as they placed a cold wet cloth on his forehead. The ice cold water began to sneak down his head and neck onto his shirt that seemed to be plastered to his chest.

Cracking his eyes open he winced, closing his eyes to the bright light. After a few minutes he tried again, this time it was less painful. Once his eyes were adjusted he found he was latched onto a steel chair that allowed little movements… if considering if he could move in the first place.

The numerous piercings from his dangerous outburst to save that stranger… no…Lita … to save Lita; littered across his body. Movement caught his eye as he surveyed his injuries.

The cloth flew from his forehead as his head quickly turned to face the movement.

It was that Rook that tried to help him earlier when Queen ordered him.

"It's good to see you awake Raging Storm." the boy told him as he checked his supply stock. His long black hair swaying in the none existent breeze revealed pointed elf-like ears. His parchment pale skin stood out making his hair look as dark as a black hole.

"So you're Rook?" Bryan asked.

"Yes, when I was recruited I was given the name and position Rook." the boy told him "And to save future questions yes there is another Rook. There are two in every position except in the King and Queen position."


They remained silent as Rook continued working until Rook broke the silence. "You do know you were first person ever to try to say no to Queen, right?"

"No… I didn't know. But my answer is still the same, I refuse to join." Bryan told him as he stared up at the bland white ceiling.

"You don't understand. She'll refuse to give up until you're one of us." Rook told him forcing Bryan to look at him.

"Then she'll be waiting a very long time." Bryan muttered under his breath so Rook couldn't hear anything.

Meanwhile Queen had to make a deal with the devil. Or pretty darn close to the devil.

Her pale hand knocked against the wooden door of a cabin in the middle of a clearing filled with Xenian Flowers. "Let me in you old maid!" she ordered, already irritated from going through the flowers.

The door opened to reveal a woman with wavy dirt brown hair down to her ankles. She wore a sailor suit filled with different hues of greens and browns, but on the edge of her skirt was black. "I'm on vacation." the woman told her irritated.

"I'm sorry Sailor Virgo, but I need you to do something for me." before she could finish Virgo finished for her.

"Let me guess, you want me to help you convince the Raging Storm to be your king." Taking Queen's hand she led her inside to a table

"How did you know?" Queen asked.

"Well I'm the sailor of fate, it's my thing." Virgo told her as she placed a cup of tea infront of Queen. "Now about that favor you want… nothing comes free."

"I'll give you anything. Just give me something to make him more willing." Queen ordered.

"You're not a sailor so… bring me the rare Lunarian Lily and I'll give you what you ask for." turning to a wall Sailor Virgo motioned for it to come closer.

"Where can I find it?" Queen jumped nearly a foot when it literally floated closer until it was beside them levitating in place where Virgo told it to stop.

As she turned back to Queen a delicate silvery white flower appeared in the mirror surrounded by other plants in an exhibit. "It grew naturally in the Moon Kingdom, but after the fall of their last queen they stopped. This is the very first one that has appeared since then. I cannot emphasize enough to not allow any injury to the plant." Virgo explained.

"Why don't you get it in the first place?" Queen sneered but somehow passed it off as lady-like.

"Because I made a deal with Queen Serenity, the last queen of the Moon Kingdom, that I would leave Earth and the rest of her solar system and not return unless asked to by any of her descendents." Virgo answered her glare ready to kill.

Huffing Queen stood and left with a slam. "You should try going into drama… you'd be good at it." Virgo's voice wavered behind Queen.

Catching her ride, Queen sat in silence thinking of a plan… or any plan to get that plant away from the humans.

Meanwhile with our favorite sailors…

"Cheer up Lita." Raye told her as she handed her a box of Kleenexes.

"Yeah! There's a flower exhibit coming through that has never been seen before flowers. See?" Mina forced the paper into Lita's hands. On it flowers of various kinds exploded in their ad leaving no doubt about what was there.

"No thanks." Lita moaned as she tossed the paper across the room.

They all stared at her in shock. Lita… turned down the chance to see rare flowers? Not possible.

"And why not?" Serena demanded getting in her face.

"He would have loved it…" Lita muttered hiding her face in her pillow.

In unison the group sighed and began to forcibly drag Lita from her bed.

"What are you doing?" Lita asked when they finally accomplished their mission.

"Good friends don't let friends waste away in the dark. We're going to that exhibit." Mina told her happily as she chucked some cute clothes to Lita.

Slightly smiling she got changed and began their journey to the exhibit.

Paying for their tickets they entered the rather plain building and gasped in amazement at the colors. There were pink flowers, red flowers, heck there were flowers of every color and even some that were colored in colors that seemed out of this world.

They spent plenty of time at each exhibit admiring what was displayed. Soon they came to the end of the row of exhibits. At the end there stood a murmuring crowd trying with all their might to be infront.

"What's going on?" Serena asked clueless as ever.

"According to the pamphlet it's called the Moonlit Lily and it's the main attraction." Raye told her as she looked at the pamphlet. "It looks like it was found less than a year ago, too."

"Wow." jumping they tried to look over the crowd.

As they jumped over a glitter caught Lita's gaze, turning her head she found it. It gave off a silvery white light and seemed to shine in the fluorescent light.

When she landed on her feet again she was dazed "So beautiful…" she muttered.

"Did you see it?" Mina asked out of breath "I couldn't see over all the people."

"I remember it… from our previous lives." Lita finally answered after a few moments of silence.

They stared at her in disbelief. Immediately they began to edge forward in the crowd to see for themselves.

Once they saw its delicate petals they couldn't speak but looked upon it in awe. As they stood there in awe a scream began to echo and soon there was compete chaos; glass shattering, plants being thrown to the ground, children screaming… the works.

Running they hid in an abandoned hall and transformed. When they were finished the entire building was empty, except for one tiny figure at the Moonlit Lily.

The figure shifted her weight from foot to foot, her black long hair swaying with her.

Approaching they placed a hand on the girl's frame "Are you okay?"

"Yes." The girl answered "But there's one thing you can do for me."

"What is that?" Venus asked softly kneeling beside her.

"You can go die." And with that a black staff appeared in the girl's hands and she whacked Mina in the chest.

"What the?!" Jupiter exclaimed as she dragged Venus away as she wheezed for breath.

Hitting her staff against the ground the building began to shake, causing the remaining objects to fall to the ground causing a great crash. The girl caught the Moonlit Lily as it fell making sure that there was no damage to it.

"Who are you?!" Sailor Moon demanded her stance completely tense as she tried to remain standing.

"I am Rook; dog of the Queen, trained in the art of chikyuu." with a gesture of her hand a wave of earth lept off the floor and flew high speed at our heros. Leaping into the air the dirt just missed them; as they fell silently to the floor (except for Serena), Rook stamped her staff again causing earthen golems to appear out of the dirt.

"Keep them busy." Rook ordered and knelt making markings in the spilt soil, placing the Moonlit Lily onto the sign. In a burst of light it disappeared, within seconds a crystal with a piece of paper tied to it dropped where the flower was before.

"Use it wisely." a calm voice echoed in the room sending a feeling of serenity.

"We will…" the child answered tightly clasping the crystal in her hand.

"'Til we meet again Sailor Scouts…" lowering her head she waved her hand disappearing in a dust cloud leaving them with the golems.

AQUA RAPSODY Mercury's cry was muffled by the crumbling of the plaster building.

"The place is collapsing! Everyone get out!" Venus screamed over the noise. Racing they barely made it out of the building before it was on the ground.

"What… was… that… thing?" Moon gasped as she tried to catch her breath.

"I… don't know." Mercury answered as she stared over the rubble.

Author: Here's a picture of Bryan on Jupiter