After that one dream that woman never appeared again, but Bryan and the creature always stayed there in the center of it. Although the creature never stayed the same, its eyes did. Slowly Bryan grew skinnier and weaker in cage, while what ever form the monster took grew stronger and bigger. It tore at Lita how pathetic he looks now compared his glory of when he saved her during those countless times.

The pouch's mystery seemed to increase as time passed by; it comforted her when she needed it, and was an over all good luck charm for tests… to tell the truth, she seemed to remember the answers better when she had it with her.

Meanwhile with Bryan it felt like it's been an eternity since he started his search for his "Lita". Going from Lita to Lita in the city he could swear he must have visited over 200 of them; and none of them resembled her in the least. Now that he thought about her she resembles his princess a whole lot… oh well.

Finishing his soda he tossed it over his head into a trash can nearly six feet away. An eruption of claps came from behind him, turning he found that he had a group of boys following him.

"Can we have your autograph?" one of them asked as they held out their note books, their faces filled with awe.

A teardrop ran down his head as he took out his pen and signed their papers. As they raced off he mused what he would be like if he had been reborn here. Shrugging it off he looked down and found he had one Lita left that wasn't crossed off.

Silently praying he followed its address to an apartment; to his surprise it was the same as his princess. Then it hit him, slowly their two images merged into one and the same girl. Slowly a dark and devious plan formed in his mind causing him to let loose a low chuckle. "I will see you very soon my lady." and with that he slunk away to put his plan into action.

About five hours later the senshi noticed that something's astray.

"Where is everyone?" Serena asked looking around.

"I don't know Serena…" Lita told her as she looked around the empty street.

"I think I know…" Amy told her pointing to a poster. It read "FREE MONEY AT"… "FROM 3-6!"

"Wow!" Serena exclaimed "Free money! Lets go!"

"Wait." Raye told her, her arm stopping Serena.

Pulling out her cell phone she dialed a number just to hear "The number dialed is no longer in service…" and at that point she closed it.

"Something doesn't add up." she told them.

"Let's go investigate girls." Luna told them. Nodding they ran through the streets towards the location, all along the way they never saw another soul, not even a hobo.

But when they found it Osamu and Darien waiting for them "We're not going to miss all the fun." Osamu told Raye a smile on his face.

Upon entering the building they found it surprisingly empty "This way please." it was like the seven steward grade women appeared out of no where and began to guide them to separate rooms despite their protests.

Once Lita was forced into an office she could hear a bolt driven into place along with the click of the doorknob locking. Trying the doorknob she found it was definitely locked. "Hello Princess… no, Lita."

Spinning around she found Bryan sitting leisurely on the desk.

"Bryan?" she whispered hopefully. Standing his eyes flashed in the faint light, what she saw made her step back.

It was the eyes of the creature…

… and with that she understood her dreams. While she was still in shock he walked forward and forced her against the wall, simply kissing her. It felt forbidden and dark, oh the sparks were certainly there but was completely against what she knew Bryan to do.

Quickly though his mouth retreated, his eyes quickly flickered to that of Bryans but then returned to the beast. "Do you know how much I missed you Lita." he rasped.

"What happened to everyone!" she demanded shoving him off.

Taking a few steps back he told her "Oh they're being kept busy… in their dreams." Just as he finished the door bust into flames, crackling for their attention.

"Lita!" she could her friends calling for her past the door. As she tensed herself to burst through the door she could feel Bryan clutching her arm. Turning to face him she was surprised to see a dark loneliness in his eyes that was quickly extinguished and replaced with anger.

"Don't you dare… you'll get hurt." he told her his eyes flickering back and forth between the beast's and Bryan's in the light. Tugging her arm out of his grasp she lept through the burning wood, to her surprise she didn't feel any burning around her but could smell burning flesh.

Opening her eyes she found her friends all around her worried. "What's that smell?" Lita asked covering her nose with her hand.

"I believe that is Bryan." Osamu told her motioning over to a heap of flesh that was moved the side.

"He lept in front of you just in time and shielded you from most of the damage." Amy told her as tears fell from her eyes.

"Bryan…" Moving over to him despite her injuries she turned him over to find that he was way beyond burnt. Sobbing her tears landed on his hand which twitched in response. "Bryan?" she repeated tearfully.

"I'm okay…" and with that he laughed softly "Ironic isn't it? Until this point I wished for death but now that I might actually have it… I don't want it." he told her smiling.

"You don't have to." a voice echoed in the room causing almost everyone jump.

The pouch at that moment began to glow. Grasping it's ties she once again tried to open it, this time it opened easily releasing it's swirling contents.

As it swirled and twisted until it formed a long haired female in a fuku standing infront of her. "Forgive me for not appearing in person Sailor Jupiter." the figure told her as its head tilted slightly to the side. As it presented its hand a light appeared "Let me share my power this once Jupiter, use it to save your soul mate."

Without thought Jupiter clasped its hand with her own; the pollen and seeds slowly began to drift around Jupiter and gradually began to go faster and faster. When it finally dispersed Jupiter's hair was longer, her fuku was the same except for at the ends there was a thin band of black and the green was darker.

When she opened her eyes they seemed more intense… experienced almost. Standing, she looked regal as she looked down at Bryan she whispered "Return" That single word sent out the power they felt around the Princess Serenity.

Hacking, a colorless liquid emerged from his throat and finally what they saw appear at the exhibit flew from his mouth into Jupiter's hand.

With a sigh Jupiter collapsed as the power left her. The pollen and seeds once again formed the woman, turning towards Serena she bowed "I can't wait to meet you in person little Princess." With that she came apart, the particles swirled and covered Bryan.

The voice appeared for hopefully the last time "I'll clean up your mess this time Sailor Scouts, but don't make a habit of this…"

At that person after person appeared on the street and in their cars. Waking they looked around and continued with their lives.

Turning around they found Bryan fine but stiff as she knelt by Jupiter, holding her as he waited for her to wake.

"Bryan?" she muttered.

"Princess…" he told her not meeting her gaze but there was a content look on his face. As she opened her hand he nearly dropped her as he retreated. "Burn it please!?" he begged her as he pressed himself against the wall in an attempt to get away from it.

"Allow me." Osamu offered holding out his hand, which Lita gave him happily. Closing his fist around it they could smell the smoke as he disposed of it.

Months flew by in a blur as Bryan and Lita tried to mend their cracked relationship. Now they're boyfriend and girlfriend even though Bryan still refuses to look her in the eye

He has been recruited as a singer and actor under his name. Despite to his huge fan base, Lita is obviously his #1 fan; he makes it known to them all that he's not looking for a relationship because he already has one with Lita.

Despite how busy he is with his line of work he always makes time for Lita, even though it drives his manager crazy when he'd randomly disappear.

This is one of those times…

Hiding in the bushes he waited with Lita for his manager to pass by cursing under her breath. Once they could hear her leave they snuck off the set. Smiling they held hands as they walked though the crowds.

"Wait here, I'll buy us some ice cream." he told her kissing her on her forehead as she nodded. Walking over he bought their usual flavors, as he passed by a little girl selling flowers he couldn't help but buy a rose from her.

Once he returned he found her sitting there nervously as she waited. Placing her ice cream in front of her, he knelt on the ground in front of her. At once the paparazzi went crazy as he held up the rose "Will you give me the honor of giving the most beautiful woman a rose?" causing her to laugh and blush as she accepted it.

"Yes." all around them females nearly swooned at the thought of him doing that to them.

Sadly at that point his manager found him and began to drag him back to the set while threatening to put a tracker inside him. While he sent a special look he always reserves just for her…