These characters belong to the talented Jane Austen. I was inspired by the last scene of the Persuasion (2007) by the BBC. This is my first fan fiction so please be kind.

What a day this was. That morning in front of family and friends, I married my love in the chapel of my childhood. After a lunch at Uppercross, we took to the carriage to set off on our new life. By my side, Frederick looked at me with such affection and joy as I have never seen on his face. Then with a smirk, he removed a handkerchief from his waistcoat pocket and declared that he had a surprise for me. I assented as he gently covered my eyes with the cloth. After much too long a distance, The carriage stopped and Frederick guided me carefully out of the carriage. "I thought you might like to see your wedding present" he said, removing the blindfold.

When I took in the sight before my eyes, joy and gratitude overwhelmed me. Kellynch Hall, my beloved home was now ours to start anew. Here my mother had showered her love upon me and shared her life lessons with me. While she had died many years ago, this place like no other reminded me of her. How could Frederick know how much Kellynch meant to me? And to know that someday our children would flourish within these same walls. Was it a dream?

Laughing, I ran back to my love, jumped into his arms and shared my gratitude with a kiss, as words could not express my love and appreciation. He took my right hand and we waltzed with joy, our wedding dance on the green of our home. Then he picked me up in his arms and carried me over the threshold.

"Frederick" breathlessly his name whispered past my lips. My moment of embarrassment was overcome by passion. Once inside, he put me down. "I would take you further, but I know not which way to go" he realized with a laugh. I took his hand and guided him up the stairs, my gaze holding his own. At the door to the mistress' chamber, I paused and went to him once more. He kissed me ardently and again took me into his arms, gently setting me down on the bed.

Nerves overcame me. "It's the middle of the day, what will the servants think?"

"My love, it's our wedding day. Tomorrow we can think about the servants. Today it's just you and me."