Emma really really didn't want this to happen. She knew it would have to happen eventually but she'd been trying to do everything she could to put it off. Of course, she'd failed, all because of the stupid pirate who wouldn't leave her alone.

Why oh why did I agree to that date? Well it isn't really a date, just a night out for drinks. Urgh, who am I kidding, it is a date, she thought exasperatedly.

Anyway, the stupid jerk was here, as she was dropping Henry off for school.

Could his timing be any worse? She desperately hoped that Henry wouldn't notice him, but of course, as fate was against her, he did.

"Hey mom, why is Captain Hook walking towards us?"

Sure enough, much to Emma's annoyance, Hook was headed straight towards them and had started to smirk when their eyes met. That bastard. Emma thought furiously. A sexy bastard, her brain whispered and she grudgingly agreed.

"I'm not sure Henry, why don't you head off to class while I deal with him" she said hastily.

"But Mom, I want to meet him! He's a pirate, how cool is that!" Henry exclaimed, with a huge grin.

"Yeah, very cool" Emma mumbled with irritation.

"Good Morning, Miss Swan how are you today?" asked Hook with a hint of mischief in his eyes.

"Fine, just tell me why you're here and get on with it," replied Emma.

"Oh my, someone's grumpy this morning," answered Hook cheekily.

"Hook, I'm waiting…" Emma's patience waswearing thin, she did not want to be in this situation, especially with Henry around.

"Ok ok, calm down love, I just came here to ask you what time you wanted me to pick you up for our date tonight". He said with a grin.

"Date? What date?" asked Henry, his face no longer cheerful.

"Its not a date Henry" Emma hastily reassured him.

"Well love, according to what I've heard, when a man and a woman spend time together because they've got feelings for eachother, it is known as a date" drawledHook with a smug smile on his face.

"I don't -" Emma is cut of by Henry.

"Wait! Are you taking my mom on a date?" Henry asked while looking at Hook skeptically, his grin long gone.

"Well yes, she finally agreed to one," Hook replied, now looking at Henry.

"But why?" Henry persisted.

"Uh... well, look kid. I really like your mom… and I want to get to know her better," answered Hook warily, looking between the two.

"Oh" Emma and Henry said together, both looking at him with incomprehensible emotions in their eyes. With a nod, signaling they wouldtalk about this later, Emma broke her gaze.

"Come on Henry its getting late, I should drop you off to class" She told Henry putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Ok mom" he replied as they headed towards the school, leaving Hook to watch their retreating forms. Just as Hook was about to turn away, Henry looked back and their gazes locked. Henry gave a slight nod and looked away, leaving Hook lost in his own thoughts.

This boy reminded him of another one, long ago. He was also the son of a woman he had come to love. He just hoped the ending wouldn't be the same this time.