A/N: Happy Halloween everyone! Right now, i'd be trick or treating, but, due to the hurricane we had, halloween is postponed until November 7th, which is gonna be awkward going out that night. So, in honor of halloween, I wrote a halloween Underworld story! Enjoy! No flames!

Eve sat in her room on Halloween night, completely bored out of her mind, as, once again, she wouldn't be going trick or treating...unless she wanted the food to poison her. The only plus side to staying home would be scaring the little kids that came by since she was on "candy duty".

"Eve, you in there?" Mattie asked, coming into the luxurious bedroom.

"What is it Mattie?" The young hybrid asked.

"Guess who got the two of us invited to a halloween party tonight? Ryan Jacobsen invited us!" (A/N: Completely random name! Has nothing to do with the movie HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET. Just saying)

Eve sighed, "I'm NOT going to some stupid party full of stoned, drug addicted, perverts! Remember what happened last year when we went to a christmas party at his place?"

"Oh yeah, his older brother got wasted and tried to grope your "non existent" breasts! Oh I love his older brother." The red head explained.

Eve rolled her eyes.

"Please? I already asked your parents and they said that you could go! We just have to bring David with us!"

"Fine! I'll go, but when I want to leave, we leave! No buts!" Eve exclaimed, Mattie nodded and dragged Eve to her bedroom for them to pick out some costumes.

"Mom, dad! We're leaving!" Eve called, for the party she was dressed as the little girl from the movie, "ORPHAN"

Once at the party Eve was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of people that were there. She didn't like being around large crowds, she didn't like it at all.

"Hey! Glad you guys made it!" Ryan said as he greeted them at the doorway.

"Wouldn't miss it! We brought along David, I hope that's okay?" Mattie asked.

"It's fine! Everyone's welcome! Would you guys like something to eat?"

They shook their heads, "no, we can't have any of this food...Allergies." The thirteen-year-old hybrid lied.

Ryan nodded, not at all convinced and went to go talk with his friends, not taking his eyes off of Eve.

Eve found that she actually enjoyed the party. She made a lot of new friends that she never made when she was at school. The girl and Mattie usually kept to them selves at school.

"Ready to go?" David asked, speaking for the first time since arriving at the party. The two teenage girls nodded and said goodbye to Ryan and his older brother.

They got back to the mansion just passed midnight, unaware that they had been followed on the way home.

"Let's get to bed Mattie, we got school tomorrow." The young hybrid explained to her friend, who nodded.

The two girls and David weren't even up the stairs before the lights flickered and went out.

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