Eve cautiously went into her bedroom and pulled out her knife that she kept hidden from most of the coven, and only used for emergencies. She didn't want to admit it, but she was truly frightened and was getting really scared. The coven only had power outages when security was breached, and even that was rare.

"Sorry Eve! I stepped on your foot." Mattie apoligized, Eve looked at the red head.

"What? No you didn't?"

"You didn't feel it?" Mattie asked.

Eve nodded, "I don't really feel pain...the only pain I feel is emotional."

The young hybrid abruptly stopped talking when she heard a window break, it sounded as though it was coming from the basement.

"Who wants to go and see what it is?" David asked.

"Really? The man that saved me when lycans almost killed me, is scared? Some vampire you are!" The young hybrid scoffed.

Harshly, she pushed him out of the way and went into the basement. The only way to turn the power back on was to go into said basement because the fuse box was down there.

The thirteen-year-old smelled the fresh scent of blood, and a lot of it. Not just any blood however, a humans blood. Her eyes turned into their usual black and blue color as she found the switch on the box, it took awhile to get it to turn, seeing as it hadn't been used for years. Finally the lights turned on, and Eve let out a huge sigh of relief.

"Eve?" An unfamiliar voice said behind her, Eve screamed and pointed her knife at the stranger, her skin turning into the gray-ish blue tint, her heart caught in her throat when she saw it was Ryan, the boy who's party she had attended and saw he had a gash in his forehead.

Later in her room as Eve watched Olivia stitch Ryan up, Eve started interrogating him.

"Why did you follow us home?"

"You were acting strange, I just wanted to get to know why." Ryan answered, his brown eyes boring into Eve's blue ones.

"You can't tell anyone, we'll all be killed." Mattie told him.

Ryan nodded, "your secret is safe with me, don't worry."

"Good, do you know what will happen if you tell and we find out?" Eve asked him.

Ryan gulped and nodded, leaving the room, and eventually left the house.

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