Glad to see so many of you are still enjoying this. Here's a bit more.

Chapter 11:

Luc and Eddie were still laughing about Liam and the campervan when Luc went to answer the door. He opened the door and came face-to-face with none other than Liam and started laughing again.

"What's so funny?" asked Liam.

"Sorry, nothing" Luc replied with a grin. "Hello Liam. Nice to see you" continued Luc in a more serious tone. "Come on in" said Luc. Liam entered the flat closely followed by his mum. "Hello Mrs KcKee" said Luc as he directed them into the sitting room. "Liam, you can put the bags in Lucas' room for now, its the first one on the left. Your mum will be sleeping in there and we'll sort out your bags later" continued Luc.

Eddie came out of the kitchen and greeted her mother with a nervous hug. "Hi Mum, how are you? How was the journey down?" she asked. However, Jane wasnt really listening but was saying hello to Lucas who was in Luc's arms. Lucas was pretending to be shy and was turning his head into Luc's chest trying to hide his face.

"Say hello to your grandma Lucas" encouraged Luc. "I'm afraid he makes strange with people when he first meets them but he soon warms up to you" explained Luc to Jane.

"Oh, isnt he gorgeous and so big now. He looks so much more grown up than the pictures you sent us" Jane replied.

"Yes, he's getting big and bold alright" joked Luc.

Eddie tried again. "How are you mum? How was the journey down?" she repeated.

"I'm fine thanks luv, just a bit tired from all the travelling. The motorway was very busy, everyone going home for Christmas I guess" she replied.

"Sit down and we'll make you some tea. Would you like something to eat?" Eddie asked.

"I'd kill for a cuppa and a sandwich. And by the way hello sis" said Liam as he entered the sitting room.

"Hello Liam. And you mum?" asked Eddie.

"Yes, tea and sandwiches would be great" replied Jane.

"Tea and sandwiches all round then" replied Eddie as she headed for the kitchen.

"Its nice to finally meet you Luc. I've heard so much about you" said Jane.

"Nice to meet you too" replied Luc. By this time Lucas was starting to get over his shyness and was starting to play with Liam who was making faces at him and trying to tickle him.
"Do you want to take him Liam? I think Eddie might need some help in the kitchen" Luc asked. Liam took Lucas off Luc and sat down beside his mum on the couch. They both started playing with Lucas.

Luc entered the kitchen where Eddie was busy buttering bread. "How can I help?" he asked. Eddie didn't reply. Luc went over to her and put his arms around her. "What's up?" he asked.

"Oh nothing, its stupid" she replied.

"What is?" he asked.

"I just didnt like the way mum ignored me just now" she replied annoyed.

"I'm sure she didnt mean it, she was just distracted by meeting Lucas for the first time that's all" Luc assured her.

"I guess you're right. It's these pregnancy hormones, they're making me oversensitive and I dont like it" she replied. Luc cuddled up to her tighter and kissed her on the neck.

"I know the hormones are driving you mad but they dont half make you look even more gorgeous than usual" crooned Luc before kissing her on the neck again.

Eddie smiled. "I thought you came in here to help. Put the kettle on and start getting the cups and plates out" Eddie ordered.

"Aye aye captain" said Luc before giving her one final kiss.

Chapter 12:

They all enjoyed lunch together. Eddie and Luc filled them in on all of the arrangements for the wedding and about how they had found a house to rent in Leeds for when they moved up there after the wedding. Jane and Liam were happy to find out that the house was only a few street away from them so they would be able to call around regularly. Lucas had taken a shine to his grandma and soon cuddling up to her and laughing at the funny faces she was pulling.

It was starting to get dark when Luc suggested that he bring Liam out to the campervan so that he could show him where everything was and so that Liam could leave out his bags. Luc opened the door to the campervan and handed the keys to Liam. He showed Liam how to use the lights and cooker.

"Are you sure you'll be alright sleeping in here?" Luc asked.

"Yeah sure. At least I'll be able to have a lie-in and wont be woken up by a crying baby" replied Liam.

"Lucas doesnt cry that much anymore. He's quite a good baby in that respect now" replied Luc.

"Yeah, he seems like a quiet child. Takes after me I guess" replied Liam. Luc just grinned at this. He decided to change the subject.

"How's your probation working out?" he asked.

"It's fine. They've encouraged me to go back and finish my schooling. I'm going to be sitting some GCSEs next year" Liam explained.

"What are you going to study?" asked Luc.

"I was thinking about biology, maths and english. I have been thinking about becoming an ambulanceman when I finish my exams. Go into the family business as it were" replied Liam.

"That's brilliant. I know Eddie and I would be very proud of you if you did that and we'd support you all the way with any help you need with your courses. You'd make a great ambulanceman" replied Luc.

"Yes, well as long as mum stays on the straight and narrow and doesnt mess things up for me like she has done before" replied Liam.

"She seems to be really trying hard to straighten herself out from what Eddie tells me. I know Eddie is still worried about her but at least you'll have us around for support from now on" replied Luc.

"Yeah but how long will that last once you find out what mum's really like. What's to stop you and Eddie just upping sticks and running off?" asked Liam.

"Liam, we're not planning on going anywhere. Moving to Leeds is going to be our final move. Besides, its not going to be that easy for us to move when we have a couple of kids in tow is it?" asked Luc. "Liam, we're in it for the long haul. I have no intention of ever leaving your sister or our children and I'm not going to let Eddie run out on you or her mother either. From next week you'll all be my family for better or worse" continued Luc in a heartfelt tone.

"I wish I could believe that" replied Liam.

"Believe it. Trust me" replied Luc.

Liam thought about this for a while. "Ok, I believe you. But dont you let me down" he replied.

"I don't intend to" replied Luc.

"Boy, you are a glutton for punishment, taking on the mad McKees like this. You must really love my sister" Liam said.

"With every atom of my heart. She's the best thing that has ever happened to me" replied Luc slightly embarassed.

Liam and Luc left the campervan to go back into the flat. "Now, what's that you were saying about children. Have you and Eddie got something to tell us?" Liam asked.