I guess I've always loved the possibility of mixing and matching different characters and worlds, and to combine all these characters and places into one universe (more or less) I, by necessity had to take certain artistic license with my interpretations, so expect divergences to keep with my goal of setting Silver Age of Comics-esque tone of the world of this fic. And really, this isn't just a love letter to the Silver Age; it's a love letter and celebration of all the fandoms I use. Yeah, it's silly, it couldn't work in reality, but I loved every minute of writing this, and it made my fall in love with fanfiction again. So, yeah, major Rule of Fun and Rule of Cool apply.

~Arthur Drakoni

It was a bright and sunny day in the gleaming modern city of New Avalon, but especially at Bill Nye the Science Guy Elementary School, where the students were in for a special treat as they assembled in the school auditorium. As Ms. Frizzle walked up to the podium, wearing planet-shaped earrings and a dress covered in pictures of rocket ships, the students could barely contain their mounting excitement.

"Good Moring boys and girls! Today we have some extra special guest here to answer any question you have for them! As always: get messy, take chance, make mistakes, and without future delay: I present to you the fabulous Silver Bullets!"

The curtain pulled up and there they were: the crack team science-heroes dedicated to not only keeping New Avalon safe, but solving problems throughout the world; from New York was Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon; from Japan were Kurumu Kurono the succubus, and Mizore Shirayuki the snow-girl; from the world of Amestris were the alchemist brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric; and rounding out the group were the bending brothers Mako and Bolin.

"What's up boys and girls! What am I saying? You know what's up!" shouted Percy as the students all clamored to be first.

"Hey Percy, how long can you hold your breath?" asked a boy named Ralphie.

"I don't need to. I can breathe underwater!"

"Ed, why do they call you Fullmetal Alchemist when only your arm and leg are metal?" asked a girl named Dorothy Ann.

"In Amestris all state-alchemist are given an official codename upon passing their exams, and I guess they meant it to be ironic."

"Kurumu! Kurumu! Are those real or silicone?" asked a boy named Carlos as the auditorium burst into immature laughter.

Kurumu quickly corralled the situation back under control. "You kids! Always saying the darndest things! So, anyone got a more appropriate question?"

"How did the Silver Bullets first from?" asked a boy named Tim.

Suddenly the image of a large letter L projected over the wall behind the Silver Bullets as a voice rang through the loud-speaker system.

"Very good question young man. My name is L, world class detective and founder of the Silver Bullets Initiative; I've been solving case and fighting crime throughout the world for many years, and in that time I decided that there needed to be a better way to combat the diverse threats our world faces. To accomplish this goal I assembled a team of hot-blooded young heroes from across the globe, and even beyond it; each of them has something unique to contribute to the team, and under my watchful eye they stand ever ready to combat evil and injustice in whatever form they might take."

Suddenly the image went static, but it wasn't long before a new image formed; this image was none other than the infamous crime lord (and trading card game enthusiast) Seto Kaiba.

"Greetings you worthless Silver Bullets! I just thought you'd like to know that I, Seto Kaiba, arguably the richest man in New Avalon, have just stolen forty cakes from this elementary school's bake sale! And I did because I'm evil!"

"Forty cakes! That's like, four tens!" exclaimed Kurumu.

"And that's terrible!" added Bolin.

"Well, gotta go kids! But, now that I think about it we have time for one more question," said Percy.

"Why are you called the Silver Bullets?" asked a boy named Arnold.

"Because that's an awesome name, and we're an awesome team!"

With that the Silver Bullets bolted out the doors and towards the parking lot; after searching for a couple of minutes they located their streamlined silver rocket-car. Kurumu turned into her succubus form to fly, and Bolin activated his earthbending powers to "earth-surf" as everyone else loaded into the rocket-car. The rocket-car took off with a roaring bang (as usual) and the zigzagged through traffic with the greatest of coordination, but then, there was a reason why Mako had been assigned as group driver.

"Kaiba was spotted traveling north near Merlin Avenue on a motorcycle," called L through everyone's communication devices.

"So then how's he transporting the cakes?" asked Mako.

"Eyewitnesses mention him towing a cart that appeared to contain them."

"But what if they fall off?"

"I can say with 90% certainty that he has committed this crime for no purpose other than to be evil."

Kurumu and Bolin could maneuver though the tight spaces of the crowded traffic lanes better than the rest of the group, and were quickly able to catch-up with Kaiba. Bolin forced a section of the road upwards, which caused Kaiba to jerk his motorcycle so harshly that it nearly flipped over, but Kurumu was able to catch him before that could happen.

"Fools! You may have stopped me, but you have failed to save the cakes!" taunted Kaiba. Indeed, the cakes were splattered all over the ground, completely ruined and unsalvageable.

"No. It can't end like this. We can't let the kids down," whispered Mizore.

"Hold on Mizore, all might not be lost just yet," said Al as he and Ed started drawing a transmutation circle around the cakes.

"Yeah. You know what they say; alchemy was born in the kitchen. How hard could it be?" said Ed as he clapped his hands together and touched the circle with Al.

At the command of the Elric brothers the circle began to glow blue, and after a brief flash of blue light the cakes were returned to normal; just as perfect as before they had been splattered. The Silver Bullets loaded the cakes into the rocket-car and quickly sped back to Bill Nye Elementary, where they were the kids were eagerly waiting to celebrate yet another victory of justice. After posing for some photos and enjoy some of the cakes they had worked to save, the team headed back to Bullet HQ.


Bullet HQ stood proud in the heart of New Avalon as a gleaming modern symbol of truth and justice. It from here that the great detective L guided the team on their missions, and he was currently in the recording studio, which was set up to look like an average Virginia home, so that he could record videos under his secret identity of Todd in the Shadows. It was all part of an elaborate scheme to keep his identity hidden in case he needed to make public appearances, though the Silver Bullets didn't exactly understand the though process, but then, L was far from conventional.

"Great job team, and Ed epically," said L as he emerged from the shadows wearing his signature hoodie and a mask to cover the top-half of his face.

"Look if you're still going on about that one time…"

"More like five times," remarked Mizore.

"I only waved my fist at them! And they were totally asking for it!" objected Ed.

"Yes. However, it was your metal fist, and things could have gone worse due your "Napoleon Complex," L replied.

"Are you inferring…"

"It's implying, and we all know you're insecure about your height."

"What did you say!? Say to my face!" snarled Ed as he yanked L by the collar of his shirt, completely throwing him off balance from his crouched position.

"Don't be so sensitive Ed! After all, hugging you wouldn't be nearly as much fun if you were taller," said Kurumu as she hugged Ed, and in the process smothered him with her (rather large) breasts for the umpteenth time.

"I can't breathe!" said Ed.

"Oh, and before I forget, the video game company sent a package today. However…" but it was too late, for before L could finish what he was saying, the Silver Bullets were already racing towards the recreation room.

"I hope it's got a Wii version!" said Percy.

"After all those TVs you broke last time? Forget it!" replied Ed.

"I bet the graphics are amazing!" giggled Bolin with glee.

"I hope it has a yaoi option!" exclaimed Kurumu, practically foaming at the mouth.

When L had first assembled the Silver Bullets he was more than aware that teenage crime-fighters were bound to have certain needs, with recreation and relaxation being prime among them; to this end he had commissioned the Media Room as part of Bullet HQ. The Media Room included huge TV screens, the latest in video games, maximum massage recliners, snack and drink machines stocked with everyone's favorites, a healthy movie/TV show collection, and many other things that the Silver Bullets could need. However, when they got to the room the Silver Bullets found their tutor Tenzin, the master airbender, waiting for them.

"Tenzin, my man! Lookin good in the neighborhood!" said Percy, but as he reached for the video game Tenzin swatted his hand away.

"Now I know you're all eager to plug into the latest addition of the idiot lantern…"

"Uh, they're called video games, dude."

"The point is I'm concerned about this team's imbalance of intellectual endeavors. Alphonse, Mizore, and Mako all demonstrate a desire to learn and keep up their studies, but the rest of you are severely slacking off!" scolded Tenzin.

"When's any of that gonna matter anyway? I never went to school, and look how I turned out!" Ed objected, but unfortunately he chose to motion with his automail arm, which kind of undermined his point.

"Okay, kind of a bad example, but Ed's right. When are we honestly gonna need to know any of this school stuff for being science-heroes?" asked Bolin.


Meanwhile at the elementary school it was recess and the kids were discussing how much they had enjoyed the Silver Bullets' visit.

"Gee willikers! It sure was swell that we got to meet our city's hot-blooded young crime fighters!" said Arnold.

"Arnold, you talk like my grandpa!" exclaimed Keesha.

"Hey, what's that van doing over there?" asked Wanda.

Sure enough there was a white van with the words "Totally Not Villains!" printed on the side. Though the kids couldn't tell it from where they were standing, inside the van Light Yagami and his shinigami sidekick Ryuk were making the final preparations to set their dastardly plan into motion.

"Got that perception-filter the boss sent?" asked Light.

"Yep! Only you and the kids will be able to see me!" chuckled Ryuk.

Light adjusted his carnie hat and activated the van's loudspeaker system. "Introducing the world's newest, silliest, and hamburgereattingest clown: Ryuk WacArnold!"

"Hey kids! Aren't those WacArnold's hamburgers delicious?" Ryuk asked as he gleefully tossed hamburgers, which had come from the shinigami realm, to the kids.

"Ms. Frizzle says never talk to strangers," said Phoebe.

"Well your teacher's right as always, but you can trust me! I'm Ryuk WacArnold!"

"Yuck! These burgers are dry and flavorless!" exclaimed Ralphie.

"Step right up folks! We've got much more delicious hamburgers in our enchanted fun van!" called Light.

As the kids were growing increasingly suspicious, and as Light was growing increasingly inpatient, Ryuk decided to drop the ruse and started grabbing the kids and tossing them into the back of the van; after having captured about eight bewildered children Ryuk slammed the back doors shut as Light activated the ignition.

"Boys and girls, you get to ride with me! We're gonna have so much fun!" chuckled Ryuk.

"I knew I should have stayed home today!" whimpered Arnold.


Back at Bullet HQ everyone was listening to a joke that L was telling to try to lighten their moods after the confrontation with Tenzin.

"And then the dad says, The Aristocrats!"

Everyone just stared blankly at L, and wondered how much soap they were going to need to feel clean again. Suddenly the alarms blared loudly and flashed bright red; this was code for L's assistant Watari having an urgent incoming call.

"On screen!" commanded L as a giant letter W (for Watari) formed on the screen.

"Silver Bullets and L…"

"We've been over this Watari, you're to address me as Todd," L chastised.

"My apologies Todd; I've gotten a tip that eight students from Bill Nye Elementary have been kidnapped!"

"Any eyewitness testimony or photos from the scene of the crime? Anything that might clue us in to the identity of the kidnappers?" inquired L.

"Unfortunately no, but I'm now sending you a list of the students reported missing," replied Watari.

Everyone gasped in shock as soon as the list of students and accompanying photos appeared on the screen.

"Holy clichéd catch-phrases! It's the kids from the assembly this morning!" exclaimed Bolin.

"Did you give them Junior Bullet Club badges?" asked L.

"Yeah, why…"

"Found them!" said L after typing some commands into the computer. "They appear to be located near Old Santiago Warf downtown, and the vital sign monitors I installed in the badges indicate they're still alive."

"Where do you find the time to come up with these things?" asked Kurumu in bewilderment.

"It was really quite simple; just a slight modification of those tracking chips I had installed in the seven of you."

"Come again?" asked Mizore.

"Old Santiago Warf? Isn't there, like, and old underwater World War II base there?" asked Percy.

"And that's where you'll start. I've got the rocket-car prepped and ready in the hanger. Good luck, Silver Bullets," said L.

The Silver Bullets loaded into the high-speed pneumatic elevator, and before long they were in the hanger, the underground bunker L keep all the team's transportation stored in. The rocket-car had been converted to flight-mode to avoid the afternoon traffic rush; with everyone loaded in Mako pushed the ignition button, and the rocket-car shot up one of the ascension-tubes; before long the Silver Bullets were cruising high above the city. Mako switched the rocket-car to submersible mode as soon as it got within range of the underwater base.

"I've asked the local nereids to help cloak us from whoever's controlling that base," said Percy.

"Good to know. That looks like an open entrance up ahead; I'll take us through," said Mako.

The undersea base was fairly utilitarian; a rusting dome-shaped structure with segments jutting out from it like spokes on a wheel, or arms on an octopus. Mako piloted the rocket-car through one of the access ports; after a few tense minutes in the dimly-lit tunnel the rocket-car surfaced in one of the base's docking bays.

"Okay, L we're in," Mako radioed.

"I'm detecting a small group of life forms heading your way. Be on guard," advised L.

The group made a quick survey of the room; it was deserted save for a few tables covered in scattered papers, lamps hanging from the ceiling, and some metal barrels here and there. However, if the Silver Bullets had learned anything from fighting criminals, it was that they worked best with minimal spaces and materials. Mizore sent a slow moving wave of ice across the floor; as soon as the ice coated the barrels a team of warriors, dressed in what appeared to be metallic Aztec armor, burst out of the barrels.

"Hey, I know you guys! You're from that bizzaro universe where the Aztec Empire never fell," said Kurumu as she changed into her demon form.

"Foolish demon! Yours is the world that diverged!" shouted one of the Aztecs as he charged at Kurumu.

Kurumu easily dodged the attack, and with a swipe of her claws put the warrior in his place. Percy couldn't summon water without flooding the whole base, and Riptide was completely useless against mortals; likewise, Bolin couldn't earthbend because the base was pure metal, and the two soon found themselves surrounded. Fortunately, Ed and Al quickly came to their rescue, and fused the Aztecs' metal boots with the floor, pinning them in place.

"Uncivilized barbarians! We still have…" but the Aztecs found that their laser lances had been frozen solid by Mizore's ice powers.

"Now then, are you gonna cooperate and tell us where the kids are, or are we gonna have to do this the hard way?" asked Ed as he pounded his automail fist against his flesh and blood hand.

"Okay, I'll talk," said one of the warriors.

"That's good. Do you have a name?" asked Al.

"Please, call me…Monty."

"Alright, Monty it is. Tell us everything you know."

"Well, there were only four steps left, and then it all went south, and not just south, we're talking into a huge mess here. Give me a moment to catch my breath, I'm exhausted."

"There are a statistically questionable number of directional words in those sentences," said L.

"I knew it! They're selling us out!" said Ed as he transmuted his automail arm into a blade.

"Hold on Ed! Their body language indicates that they're sincere in what they say, and it would seem those directions were meant for the seven of you."

"But why would they want to help us?"

Monty gave a stern look to everyone. "Unlike in this world, slavery is still common place in the Aztec Empire we hail from. It was in the Great Market of Tenochtitlan that we were sold as slaves to someone from this universe; he called himself Light Yagami."

"That's horrible! But what would Light want with a bunch of second graders?" asked Al.

"He is planning to drain them of their knowledge, completely destroying all the hard work they put into gaining it!"

"Then there's no time to loose!" said Ed as he released the Aztecs.

"Good, but there's one thing you should know first: I lied!" said Monty.

Before the Silver Bullets could react the Aztecs jabbed them with electric batons and sent hundreds of bolts coursing through their bodies, and before long the Bullets had completely blacked out. When everyone regained consciousness they found themselves chained to a wall, with Light and his Aztec mercenaries standing in front of them.

"Monty! How could you lie to us!" exclaimed Al.

"Mr. Yagami pays me too, and I'm evil like that!"

"Let this be a lesson to you Bullets: don't assume things are as innocent they appear to be! Now then, you should consider yourselves lucky; you get front row seats to see me drain these children of their knowledge!" cackled Light.

The eight elementary school students were strapped into glass tubes, with metal helmets connected to hoses attached to their heads. Light tapped a few commands into the control console before returning to the captured Bullets.

"Almost finished! Nothing can stop me now!"

"Except a magic school bus!" chuckled Ryuk.

Light frowned. "What are you…"

Before Light had time to finish the doors to the loading bay opened, and in bounded The Magic School Bus itself; the bus skidded to a halt and out hopped Ms. Frizzle, Tenzin, Watari, and Major Alex Louis Armstrong.

"Well, well, well; did dinner theater let out early?" laughed Light.

"No, Light-kun, we've come to rescue the captives and demonstrate the importance of good teachers to the world!" declared L via the laptop Watari was holding.

Light snapped his fingers, and soon the small band of educators was surrounded by a swarm of Aztec mercenaries. Major Armstrong cracked his knuckles.

"For your first lesson I'll demonstrate a technic that's been passed down the Armstrong line for generations!"

Using a cinderblock and his signature contact-alchemy, Major Armstrong knocked the Aztecs out of the way like bowling pins; meanwhile, Tenzin used his airbending to fend off the second wave of Aztecs.

"Hey! Forgetting much?" called Kurumu.

"On my way!" said Ms. Frizzle cheerily as she casually strolled to the control panel.

After typing a few commands Ms. Frizzle had freed the Silver Bullets and released the captive students, but Light was taking off with a container of the students' knowledge.

"Hey Light, guess what? Bananas are epic!" said Ryuk as he scarfed down yet another banana and discarded the peel.

Light slipped on the banana peel and sent the knowledge jar sailing into the air; Light had accidently pressed to button to open the jar, and it did just that as it reached maximum high, drenching Light in the collected knowledge. Light just sat there for a moment, staring blankly into space, but then he spoke.

"Hey everyone, what has four wheels and flies? A garbage truck!"

"Liiiiiggghhht!" groaned everyone in unison.

"According to my research, after chewing comes swallowing!" declared Light.

"Mr. Yagami, are you okay?" asked Monty.

"Is it just me, or was stealing the knowledge of second graders not the smartest idea in the world?"

"Of course it wasn't. True learning and education aren't something you can simply download; they must be earned through hard work and dedication, just like how I earned the sculpted physique you see before you!" said Major Armstrong.

"Oh this is bad! What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? At my old school we… I knew I should have stayed home today! I…I…ice cream," stammered Light, and with that he collapsed to the floor.

With all opposition defeated, everyone loaded onto the Magic School Bus, and made ready to bring the evil doers to the nearest police station.

"Well the kids are safe, but unfortunately there's no way to replace the knowledge Light stole from them," said Tenzin.

"That's okay, because they're all bright students who are always eager to learn something new! And, they've got and excellent teacher: me!" said Ms. Frizzle with all her usual cheeriness and optimism.

"I feel funny," groaned Tim.

"Is this really happening?" asked Carlos.

"I have two…I have three…I have…ahhhh!" shouted Wanda.

"I'm never gonna feel normal again," whined Phoebe.

If Al still had a human face he probably would have frowned as he looked at the kids. "Wait a minute; five, six, seven. We're missing one!"

"Oh my! It appears that Edward is so short we must have mistaken him for Arnold!" chucked Ms. Frizzle.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A TINY LITTLE BEAN SPROUT THE SIZE OF A GRAIN OF RICE!?" snarled Ed as Al and Bolin desperately tried to hold him back.

"No big deal, we can always turn around. Right?" asked Mako.

"You could, but the Aztecs are under strict orders to start the self-destruct sequence and lock the base in the event of our capture!" chuckled Ryuk.

"There has to be some way in," said Mizore.

"There is, starboard side access hatch, but you've got five minutes at most and you'll at most be able to get two people through," said L over the laptop.

"Mizore, you in?" asked Percy, his hand on the bus door.

"Let's go!"

Percy and Mizore easily exited the bus, which they thought was odd considering the (presumably) significant pressure difference, and the fact that the bus didn't instantly fill with water, but then again it was a magic school bus. Percy formed an oxygen bubble for Mizore, but it wasn't going to last long, and they'd have to work fast to getting into base; fortunately, they soon reached the access panel.

"Okay, now, it's going to ask you a question," said L over the communicator-link.

"Which of Newton's laws of motion does this describe: for every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction?" read Mizore.

"Oh come on! You're seriously telling me that stuff we learn in school actually applies in science-heroing?" exclaimed Percy.

"Third Law," said Mizore.

As soon as she pressed the button the entry hatch opened just long enough for the two of them to be sucked into one of the loading bays. Quickly scrambling out of the water, Percy and Mizore made their way past the panicked hoards of Aztecs, who were all running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Almost instinctively Mizore dove for a filing cabinet just big enough for an eight-year-old boy to hide in, and indeed, that's exactly where Arnold was.

"Willikers, Mizore! How'd you know where to find me?" asked Arnold.

"Takes a misfit to know a misfit, now let's get out of here."

Most of the Aztecs had loaded into the base's escape pods and evacuated, save Monty and the trio of heroes.

"The way I see it there are four of us and only one escape pod. Therefore, I should be the one who gets the escape pod!" declared Monty, but as he tried to buckle in he noticed that Ryuk was already sitting in the escape pod.

"But, weren't you just in the Magic School Bus?" asked Mizore.

"Did you really think I could be held by such simple means? Besides, I always wanted to ride an escape pod!" chuckled Ryuk as the pod door slid shut.

Monty stared in disbelief as the escape pod shot out of the tube, leaving him completely stranded. Meanwhile, Percy and Mizore were staring at the glass dome, trying to determine how far it was to the surface.

"I'd say Riptide should be able to break through it," said Percy.

"I can send some ice shards instead, probably work better that way," said Mizore.

"What are you two talking about?" asked Monty nervously.

"Holy socks! They're gonna break-through the glass dome and send us rocketing to the surface life a Mentos in a bottle of soda pop! Oh my lucky stars, I'm sure glad I didn't stay home today!" said Arnold.

"But I…"

Before Monty could say another word Mizore sent a volley of ice crystals towards the glass dome; before long the cracks on the dome's surface could expand no longer and water burst in, completely flooding the base. Percy grabbed hold of Mizore and Arnold, and he willed the water to bring them (and Monty) towards the surface; almost instantaneously they burst through the surface, and lifted into the air before slowly arching back down towards a large surfboard.

"Nice of you to drop by. Now hang ten kahunas, surfs up!" said L as he adjusted the motion of surfboard as it rode waves resulting from the destruction of the underwater base.

"But I can't swim!" whimpered Monty.

"Then hold on tight, dude, we're going into the tube!" said Percy as he willed the wave to expand and hold its shape to prolong their ride.

The ride through the tube at high speed, with water surrounding them on all sides, beat any theme park ride Percy and Mizore had ever encountered. Arnold and L were enjoying themselves as well, but the same couldn't be said for Monty, who was clinging to the board for dear life.

"Get me out of here! I want out!" shouted Monty.

"What's that? You want us to drop you in the water? Well if you insist," said L.

"No! No! Take me to jail! As long as it's on dry land I'll willingly go, no questions asked!"

"See? Was that so hard?"

L brought the surfboard out of the tube of the wave, and towards the dockside, where the police were waiting with the other Silver Bullets as the Aztec's escape pods broke through the surface. With the help of Percy's water powers, he, Mizore, L, Arnold and Monty were lifted onto the dock.

"Who would have guessed L was a surfer-boy all this time?" whispered Bolin.

"Considering how little we know about the guy, who would have guessed anything about him?" remarked Ed.

Before long the police had fished the last of the Aztecs out of the harbor and were carting them off to temporary detainment before deporting them back to their own world, while Light was being taken to the Caligari Penitentiary for Science-Villains.

"Well goodbye Silver Bullets. I'd rue my defeat, but we all know I'll be out in, what? Two week from now? See you then!" said Light as he was loaded into a police car.

"So, Percy, I hear you got quizzed on this mission," said Tenzin, a knowing look on his face.

Percy put his hand behind his head nervously. "Yeah, but at least I phoned a friend, right?"

"But suppose Mizore hadn't been there, you might not have been able to save Arnold in time! Look, the point I was trying to make earlier is that the reason I'm always on you seven about your studies is so you can be science-heroes because that's what you chose, and not because you can't get a career otherwise."

"Gotcha, Tenzin! So, uh, anyone up for hitting the books when we get back to HQ?" asked Percy.

"See Percy, education can lead to great things! That's the way brother and me became such great alchemists," said Al.

"Glad you feel that way Alphonse-kun, because I got an old teacher of yours agreed to come help keep you Silver Bullets educated," said L.

"You didn't!" exclaimed Ed, his hair standing on end from fright.

"He did!" said Izumi Curtis, who was standing directly behind Ed and Al.

"Izumi, would you do the honors of teaching my students something new?" asked Ms. Frizzle.

"Certainly. Children, do you know what time it is?"

"It's PSA Time!" declared Major Armstrong, accompanied by his signature pink sparkles.


Everyone had gathered back at the recording studio in Bullet HQ, and were about to address you, the audience, as part of their contractually obligated public service announcement. This was all in an effort to keep things at least somewhat education in compliance with federal guidelines for works involving teenage science-heroes.

"Hello boys and girls! Today's public service announcement has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations!" declared Major Armstrong as he flexed his muscles.

"Thank you Major Armstrong. We sure learned a lot about how important staying educated is, and how you should always pay attention in school, but you don't have to take my word for it," said L.

"I learned that everything in school has a purpose, no matter how pointless it may seem!" said Percy.

"I learned that learning is a lifelong process that never truly ends!" said Al.

"And I learned that…wait a minute, I didn't learn anything!" exclaimed Kurumu.

"Then I guess you could have learned to pay better attention," chuckled Tenzin.

"But that thing with Percy was, like, so random it's hardly counts as an example of how education is truly important, even to average civilians."

"She's got a point, and you never really defended what counts as education, or ways the audience can educate themselves and stuff," added Ed.

"You are in so much trouble when this PSA is over!" whispered Izumi.

"Er-that's all we have time for this episode! Join us next time for more fun and adventures!" said Tenzin, trying his best to salvage the rapidly deteriorating situation.

"See you soon!" said Bolin.