He didn't know why he came back to this place, especially considering the pain that was associated with this particular Black Hole but, return yet again he did. He'd watched the former solar system's sun die on one such visit long ago. And, in the aeons before that, he had watched it slowly burn out before going Nova like billions of stars before it had done.

In a time that was now long forgotten by virtually every being in existence, in the days when the Black Hole before him had been a brilliant young yellow star, this place had been his first home. The third planet that had orbited the former star had been his birthplace as well as the birthplace of the now long-dead species whose form had been forced upon him the day he'd failed to save his sister in the One-thousand Six-hundred and Ninety-third year of a dating system that now meant nothing to anyone except him.

Despite the fact that he had forgotten much over the aeons he'd existed, there were two things he knew for a fact: 1) He'd once been a human boy named Thackery Binx, and 2) He would curse the name Sanderson for all eternity.