"Monster, I am"

I have seen hundreds of souls waste away before me, staring at their deepest desire with greedy eyes. And I remember every last face and each desire. Because the spell that made me, cursed me as well.

My own creator was the first to perish before me. He was enchanted by the beauty of a long life with his love. But that never came true because his covetous eyes would not look away from me. He was the first; he was the beginning.

I, unwillingly, take lives and dreams away from those who stand before me. I try to warn these people, but I cannot speak therefore I cannot warn them. It makes me a murderer, a monster without aspiring. And I cannot control it because I am merely glass.

How many more souls do I have to pillage before I can cease this murderous behavior? How many people must die before they realize what I do to them?

But Albus Dumbledore knows me; he knows me well. He is not fooled by his heart's desire because he knows it can never be. Speaking for me, he warns off the other lost souls that want to glance into me, effectively saving their wandering spirits.

I am no longer a monster, because he watches out for me. Because of the knowledge that he instills, people that walk before me eventually leave with their hearts heavy, but they still have their lives. I am forever grateful for the man that would not allow his longing to overcome his logic because I am no longer ashamed of myself.

A/n – I wrote this a while ago, decided I didn't like it, then came back to and liked it. Dwelling on Dreams by my better half inspired me to write something about the Mirror itself.

A million thanks to kci47 for beta-ing this for me!

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