Sorry for the long wait. Writing lemons are never easy and I couldn't get into the mood to write it, but I finally did, so here it is. I tried my best. I have never been good at writing lemons and haven't written one in quite a while. Hope you enjoy!

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Akashi bridal style carried Kuroko into the bluenette's bedroom and dropped him onto the queen sized bed. The redhead tore off the other's clothes, before he climbed over the smaller boy on all fours and purred, "Tetsuya, get ready…"

A shiver ran down the phantom player's spine from anticipation at what the words could possibly bring. Akashi slyly moved his fingers and began rubbing the perk pink nipples. A cute mewl escaped through the bluenette's lips, causing the redhead to smirk devilishly. "Do you like that Tetsuya?"

"M-more Akashi-kun! More!"

The bed rose upwards and the comforting warmth from the person above was no longer present. Kuroko glanced around slight confusion, still slightly breathless from the previous interactions. He could see Akashi moving to retrieve the bag that he had dropped off before the party. "Akashi-kun…?"

The redhead picked up the bag and walked over there with a seductive smirk. "Tetsuya, let's play."

Kuroko asked with confusion through lust-filled eyes, "Play?"

Akashi said commandingly, "Yes. Now get on all fours."

The bluenette listened to the other's request. Before he could ask what the redhead wanted, a thick white rope bounded his wrists to the backboard. The phantom player gasped in surprise and turned backwards. "A-Akashi-kun?"

A smirk was returned as an answer. Akashi leaned forward and began to nip lightly at the pale neck, leaving love marks in his trail. As Kuroko drowned in pleasure, the devil sneakily pulled a cock ring from his bag and placed it around Kuroko's profusely leaking member. A small, needy whimper escaped the angel. "Akashi-kun! Please! I want!"

"Beg Tetsuya…Let me hear how much you want it. Tell me how you want me to dirty you," Akashi whispered alluring and low. He moved his fingers and pressed it against the pink puckered entrance, evoking a wanton moan from the dominated boy.

Kuroko pushed back onto the fingers, wanting them to penetrate him. "Please Akashi-kun! I want you stick your to hot cock into me! I want you to ram it up my ass and fuck me mercilessly! Please! I need you!"

A low chuckled passed through the other's lips. "Hmm… Not yet…" Akashi removed his fingers from the boy's entrance and squirted lube onto his fingers before pushing one finger into the ridiculously tight anus. "M-AH! More! Nnnn!"

"Just a little more, my angel," The redhead whispered. By now he had three fingers pumping into the bluenette.

"Mnnn… Ahhh! Akashi-kun! Deeper!" The devil watched lustfully as his angel writhed beautifully under him just by mere fingers hitting and rubbing his prostate. Akashi's smirk grew wider, knowing the effect he had on the other. He removed his fingers, earning a whine from the bluenette. He retrieved a thick, long vibrator from his bag and rammed it into Kuroko's ass with the vibrating setting at the highest. In jerky motions, the redhead rocked the vibrator hard and deep into the bluenette, who moaned and writhed uncontrollably.

"A-akaNNN! shiiiAHH! MORE!"

Akashi loved how responsive Kuroko was during intercourse. When they had sex or more appropriately, made love, the phantom player expressed his emotions and could not keep a blank face. He screamed in loud pitches, which was utterly sexy and cute.

The devil stopped moving the vibrator in Kuroko and just sat back and watched his angel writhe and moan wantonly at the constant vibrating against his prostrate, while he disposed of his own clothes.

Kuroko begged, "Akashi-kun! Please! I want your cock in me! This isn't enough! I want your cock to fuck me hard and deep!"

Akashi licked his lips at the erotic sight before him. He moved forward and loomed over bluenette and whispered, "How could I ever refuse you?" He moved back and rubbed lube all over his member. Once he was done, he attempted to take the vibrator out of Kuroko, but was met with strong resistance. He slapped the other's ass and the firm hold around the sex toy was gone, which allowed him to remove it. Swiftly, Akashi grabbed the slender hips and slammed his cock deep into the needy boy. He moaned in bliss at the wonderful tightness that surrounded his cock. He had missed this so much.

Akashi began to thrust his cock hard and deep into Kuroko at a quick pace. He knew by heart where the bluenette's sweet spot was and repeatedly slammed there, getting him loud moans and mewls from the submissive phantom player.

"H-harder! A-akashi-k-kun! F-faster!"

Akashi complied with the other's request and increased the pace and harshness of his thrusts. The redhead leaned forward and pressed his slick chest against the other's back. He murmured against the bluenette's neck. "Remember, I will never allow anyone to take you away from me. Your mine and this is a sign of it." He received a loud mewl in response as he slammed particularly hard into the other's prostrate. Akashi began to nip the other's neck once again, only to add more dark red love marks to the collection.

"Please let me come! I need to come! You make me feel so good! So please, take the cock ring off of me!"

Akashi chuckled breathlessly, tickling the other's neck. "Of course, my angel." He removed the cock ring off of Kuroko and at that moment, an ear-piercing scream released into the air and silvery webs of semen painted the blue sheets beneath them. Feeling the walls become tighter than before, the redhead could not hold off any longer and ejaculated deep into the bluenette, who moaned at the wonderful feeling of being filled.

"Please untie me, Akashi-kun…" The phantom player murmured tired. Kissing the other's neck as an answer, the captain of Rakuzan unbounded the wrists and rubbed them gently. "Are your wrists okay?"

Kuroko nodded as an answer. He yawned cutely and muttered, "Good night, Akashi-kun. I love you." The bluenette closed his eyes and drifted into the world of dreams.

Akashi smiled lovingly at his precious angel. "I love you too, Tetsuya. Sweet dreams…"

Hope you liked it!